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One Direction's Harry Styles Is 'All Good' With Taylor Swift's VMA Slam

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taylor swift harry styles

The VMAs were super fun, but they weren't without their awkward moments!

For instance, Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble acceptance speech totes seemed to call out Harry Styles as the inspiration for the breakup song.

But the One Direction singer took it all in stride. In an interview following the fateful evening, he admitted:

"It's alright. She likes a joke, so… I like a joke as much as the next guy, so it's all good."

Harry isn't just saying that either! He really put his money where his mouth was- or rather he put his mouth where his mouth was, going out for drinks with Taylor and buddy Ed Sheeran afterward!

Classy move, Styles! We love a couple that can stay friendly after writing breakup songs about each other!

[Image via Instagram.]

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18 comments to “One Direction's Harry Styles Is 'All Good' With Taylor Swift's VMA Slam”

  1. 1

    Taylor's attitude is so annoying. She is not very likeable these days. She's the reason I stopped using Cover Girl products. I don't listen to Tegan & Sara anymore either. F**king sellouts.

  2. pon says – reply to this


    He should be happy to have a taylor song about him.

  3. jay says – reply to this


    Taylor is so beautiful. I think im in love with her

  4. swiftand1dfan says – reply to this


    Yeah that's good I definitely think taylor intended it to be a joke and not a huge deal. I think everyone needs to lighten up

  5. says who says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift has the same amount of class that Kanye West had when he interrupted her speech.

    For her to try to call Harry out at the VMA's just shows her to be a tacky bitch. Writing songs to get even is one thing but to try for public humiliation is mean spirited and evil. She is immature and spiteful.

  6. whatever822 says – reply to this


    man, cant she give her exes a break? they are in the past, so leave it that way..

  7. voice of reason says – reply to this


    Sheep will believe anything they are told, she thanked the person who she wrote the song about. The tabloids tell you its about Harry not Taylor. Why would his fans argue its about Harry when Taylors fans know its about John Mayer. If you read the lyrics it describes a cheater who was a few mistakes ago. So his fans are saying its describing Harry so does that mean they think he is the person in the song?. If 1d fans had any brains they would say it s not about Harry its about Someone else

  8. rb says – reply to this


    VMA=video came after they broke up! She got the award for the video, not the song!!

  9. 9

    Love how all the morons believe the media, none if this is true, and Harry needs to grow up and let it go, it wasn't even directed at Harry, I Knew You Were Trouble was written and recorded in October it was being released already, Harry and Taylor became a couple in November. It's about John Mayer or Jake, you peeps are pathetic, grow up.

  10. 10

    Re: SmartTroll – He did let it go, didn't you read the quote?

  11. donna says – reply to this


    adele actually did reveal who her album was about, and thanked her ex in an award show speech, and publicly trash talked him, and discussed why their relationship ended in interviews, and said unfeminist things in song lyrics. but no one gives a fuck… when it comes to taylor though, everyone is awful.

  12. 12

    Everyone needs to stop hating on Taylor Swift. Now I'm not a Swiftie, or a Directioner. I am both. And seeing DIRECTIONERS hate on Taylor Swift, calling her a "slut", just agrivates me. What if you were in her position? What if Taylor Swift actually goes on here and reads all of your hateful comments? Who wants to go on the Internet and read bad stuff about themselves? And DIRECTIONERS, if you're just calling Taylor Swift bad stuff because she was once in a relationship with Harry Styles, then that just makes no sense! Because when they were together, shouldn't you have been happy for them? Instead, you just hated it. If Harry really loved Taylor, then be happy for him!

    I don't know why people hate these days. It's terrible, a terrible thing to see. So go on if you want and hate on me. I don't care.

  13. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Taylor has changed so much over the years. I like some of her music but the one thing I can't stand about her is her attitude.

  14. Haley says – reply to this


    I cant believe any of you gullible shits believe this hogwash. NOW THAT IS IMMATURE.

  15. kelly says – reply to this


    I like them both as artists however, SmartTroll says Harry needs to let it go…uhm? To this day, Harry has never said anything bad about any of his exes let alone taylor. He was asked in a interview what he thought of taylors speech, and he answered it in the most mature way possible. Then there is taylor, who's constantly never letting go.. hence the reason she always makes songs about boys who "break her heart", refuses to be sat near one direction awhile back, mocks her boyfriends during her performances… I like her music, but I'm getting sick of the poor me act, clearly 10 relationships can't all be the guys fault, maybe make a song on how it could possibly be you taylor.

  16. Are you serious? says – reply to this


    Re: SmartTroll – Uh, he "let it go" the day they broke up. Are you kidding me? Harry has literally never mentioned her unless someone asked him about her first. He's been mature throughout this whole ordeal, never saying anything bad about Taylor. Her, on the other hand…

  17. John Jacobs says – reply to this


    Re: says who – She wasn't even referencing Harry. I Knew You Were Trouble is about Jake Gyllenhaal. She's said before that treacherous and ikywt are about the same person and Treacherous is about Jake therefore so is ikywt. Aka the media is just doing what it always does and trying to make something out of nothing when the dig wasn't even at Harry.

  18. 1D LUVER says – reply to this


    Re: pon – shut the fuck up and suck your ass