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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Had 'Super Awkward' VMA After Party Run-In!

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taylor swift harry styles run in vma after party

So much for making amends!

Even though Harry Styles claimed it was "all good" between him and ex GF Taylor Swift, sources dish there was plenty of trouble between them at a VMAs after party on Sunday.

YUP! The same shindig Taylor and Harry were photographed at together.

However, what turned out to be a "super awkward" encounter could've been WAY worse if it wasn't for sweet peacemaker Ed Sheeran.

One source spilled:

"Ed made sure to keep them separate."

Phew!!! Thank goodness for Ed!

We just wish that a whole seven months after their split would mean these two could stand to be in the same room without their friend playing Switzerland.

They're both superstars so there is NO QUESTION that this won't be last time they brush shoulders.

Can't we all just play nice??!

[Image via Instagram.]

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33 comments to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Had 'Super Awkward' VMA After Party Run-In!”

  1. pal says – reply to this


    A source? Always sources . Leave them alone

  2. leo says – reply to this


    Taylor looks stunning. Shes beautiful

  3. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    it wouldn't be awkward if she hadn't let him tap it. fkn talentless ho! thats whats happens when you sleep around/sing about it and run into your victims afterwards you whore!

  4. SidK says – reply to this


  5. 5

    Oh my goodness, they dated for like a month…she got an chart topping song out of it, more money, and won an award, can she just chalk that up to a success and get over it. She should legitimately be thanking him all snark aside and realize that he has the right to not want to date her.
    She needs to stop taking dating so seriously.

  6. kat says – reply to this


    She's such a slut!!

  7. bbhood says – reply to this


    Oh, whatever. We all know Taylor Swift is a professional beard.

  8. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    Re: SidK – thanks, Taylor was my inspiration but I won't ever be as big a whore as she is; or your mom for that matter…..

  9. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    Re: bbhood – she keeps our nation's gynecologists in business, fkn whore

  10. SidK says – reply to this


    Re: Taylors Used Up VaJJ – you should be more like my grandma. she used to be the main whore of her whore house. we all look up to her.

  11. 11

    Re: kat – Hahahaaa to call her a slut would mean she actually has sex, considering she it still a virgin that is a great trick

  12. Taylors Used Up VaJJ says – reply to this


    Re: SweetSummerNight – if you really believe that whore is still a virgin, then i guess everything our government tells us IS ACTUALLY TRUE! lol taylor's a ho. i bet sex with her is like throwing a hotdog into the Hudson Tunnel!

  13. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Taylor is such a publicity whore wiuth her new paid boobs hanging out and such a nasty bitch.

  14. 14

    Re: Taylors Used Up VaJJ – Hilarious & oh so true!!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    is it just me or does that ed guy seemed extra pervy ?

  16. swifty says – reply to this


    Omg I love how everyone is calling her a slut/ whore. What about the guys she's dated? I'm sure they're just perfect… :eye roll: What about how guys trick girls and tell them lies to get in their pants. That DOES happen. I totally relate to her. She's growing, learning from her mistakes and she'll be fine. You're all just jealous because she's beautiful and talented. Sounds like you all need to get laid.

  17. Taylors Wrecked PuSSua says – reply to this


    Re: swifty – so you can relate to being as fast to bed as Taylor is can't you whore? And btw- no one ever mentions the guys she has slept around with becuase the bitch is the ONLY PERSON TALKING ABOUT THOSE RELATIONSHIPS! And if she can fall for their game that easisly and give up her punani; sorry no sorry but that makes her a big HO. you can try to defend her slutty ways all you want but painting a slut a different color doesn't make her any less of a slut. also, she is average in the looks department & the only talent she has requires action on her knees… SINGING, clearly isn't her best attribute and im sure her lanky ass isn't good at dancing either so PLEASE point out that talent you speak of cuz I JUST DONT SEE OR HEAR IT!

  18. 18

    Re: IzzyLizzy – just you

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's appearing to not give a shiz that draws them in like water. Not petulance.

  20. Danaeka says – reply to this


    taylor doesnt give a fuck about what haters think. you go gurl!!

  21. lover not hater says – reply to this


    Wow, that`s a lot of hate directed towards a girl you`ve never met! And we wonder why women can`t seem to move forward. We drag each other down like we`re all climbing over rach other so as not to drown. Have a little faith in yourself and you wont feel the need to have so much anger directed at a girl like taylor who is beautiful, a talented so.gwriter and like most of us women is guilty of falling for the wrong kind of fella! Crickey i sure did when i was her age, and i too wore my heart on my sleeve
    Stop expecting mature, adult behaviour from her..she`s just a kid.

  22. Taylors Wrecked PuSSua says – reply to this


    Re: lover not hater – but, the kicker is…. i'm not a woman! BOOM, coming from a guy, the talentless bitch you're trying soooo hard to defend is not only a kid- SHE'S A HO.. and stop talking like mickey mouse circa that 80's; no one is falling for that little girl clean mouth that you're pretending to have. crickey? who the fuck says crickey after the alligator hunter died? lol your speech needs some talented writing. and yea, doesn't matter what you say. she can't sing, her song writing is as creative as the logs floating in my toilet and she is as pretty as the falp jacks that miley was twerking this past sunday!

  23. swifty says – reply to this


    Re: Taylors Wrecked PuSSua – WTH?! Taylor is not a whore and neither am I! You DON'T know her personal life OR MINE. But eff me and I guess eff Taylor too! How DARE us. I mean, we deserve to be hung. Let the girl do her thing. She's just living her life! I'd rather make a few mistakes in love than be a freaking bitch calling women you do NOT know whores…peace out.

  24. susan says – reply to this


    TAylor is beautiful , but Perez u need to just STFU , please !!!Leave them be !

  25. 25

    That's a funny pic, All of the boys are looking relaxed and smiling and Taylor swift looks stiff, uncomfortable and looks as if she is forcing herself to smile. LOL! Taylor Swift expressions says it all!

  26. 26

    "A source" there is a no source, no one works for Perez, also it's a lie, I laughed so hard, there is no source, stop making up lies to start a feud again.

  27. lover not hater says – reply to this


    Little clean girl mouth? Pretty sure i was just expressing an opinion and didnt feel the need to swear as its a sign of poor intelligence to resort to swearing instead of putting your point across. I can be as dirty as the next girl, just not for walking land mines like you waiting to go off. Whatever made you so angry towards complete strangers sure must have sucked. Or maybe you just havent been sucked enough…

  28. lovernothater says – reply to this


    Ps he hunted CROCODILES, not alligators. Crocodiles being native to australia, where he was (and i am) from. Alligators are native to america. Who the hell doesnt know that? I can say crickey, as an australian. What`s your excuse for ignorance? Maybe spend more time reading and less time hating the world.

  29. ccha says – reply to this


    They look pretty comfortable in the picture. Harry has a smile and Taylor has a little smile on. All this drama is really in the press and not between Harry and Taylor. Plus since the stupid British tabloid keep saying Harry has a boyfriend it doesn't hurt that they are reminding people that he dated Taylor. And Taylor never said "shut the f up""..she said something like "you're coming up" because Selena's award was next. And the song Taylor won for was written before she even met Harry. It is about Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake is known for dropping his girlfriend out of the blue. He dated Reese Witherspool and it looked serious and then bam, he just ends it. He has done that a lot with the women he dates.

  30. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    Re: lovernothater – shut up and stop letting internet trolls get you so pissed off. you new zealanders and your cricky alligator talk

  31. Swifty says – reply to this


    Re: swifty – you whore

  32. swifty says – reply to this


    Re: swifty – your mothers a bigger whore than taylor. thank you

  33. lovernothater says – reply to this


    Truth speaker, its crickey not cricky. If you want to speak the truth, learn to spell it first;-)