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Boy George Is Betting On ALL Of The One Direction Boys Being Bisexual!

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Ohhhh boy…

The war of words between One Direction and Boy George may be heating up again!

Earlier this year, Liam Payne and the Culture Club frontman were in a VERY heated back-and-forth on Twitter!

Boy George messed with the wrong boy band though because one bad word about a 1D dude and the Directioners will be on you like feathers on a hat!


Well get ready, because the shiz is hitting the fan yet again after Georgie Boy made a bold new prediction this week!

He's pretty certain at least one of the One Direction guys is gay! And they're ALL probably bisexual!

Boy George said:

"The odds are one of One Direction must be gay. I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t."

Well then! Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think!

The Karma Chameleon singer also said that just because Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam all have a TON of ink, it doesn't make them macho straight guys! He quipped:

“Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me!”


Ok Directioners! Do your worst!

Even though being called bi or gay isn't an insult, we feel like some of those Directioners will pick a fight for the hell of it! Run, Boy, runnnn!!!!!

[Image via Joe Alvarez/Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

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23 comments to “Boy George Is Betting On ALL Of The One Direction Boys Being Bisexual!”

  1. Raymondj says – reply to this


    I have to disagree with boy George about them bing bisexual… I'm finding it difficult to picture even one of them being not full on GAY.

    GAY. GAY. GAY.

  2. Adam says – reply to this


    I have to agree with George because there were many many whispers about one of them needing a beard (tall blonde singer) . In fact, the singer that allegedly bearded for him has allegedl bearded for severl other male singers and at least one actor I can think of. The funny thing is the beard's songs aren't about those publicity bearded setups anyway. How could they be when they aren't really a couple. Think about it.

  3. fakeuser says – reply to this


    they're all so thirsty with a woman, so i dont think they're gay ;)

  4. 4

    I don't get the point of his statement. Ok, so one of them is "probably" gay. Um, like this is news? What does it matter now, and why does he feel the need to make this statement? Looking for some publicity BG or hoping for some action? Good luck!

  5. Sophie says – reply to this


    I full on disagree with George. First off, who cares what you have to say? Anyways, there might "bromances" off and on, but they aren't gay, or bisexual. That comment is just a typical thing to say to a boy band, or to any male singer. Lets see, where the boys are at. Liam is dating Sophia Smith. Niall has said he is interested in a girl. Harry has had girlfriends in the past, in fact even if he's just close to a girl, people say they're dating. Louis is dating Eleanor Calder. Last but not least, Zayn is engaged to Perrie Edwards. Oh, and I'm disappointed an adult said that. You'd think he'd be grown up enough to keep it to himself, or at least off the internet. Good luck George.

  6. Stlyer says – reply to this


    More gay separatism from frustrated gays…..no wonder equal rights are taking so long….

  7. 7

    You know, it's not a surprise to know that most "hottest males artists" loved by women/girls are gay. When you have a ton of girls screaming at you, being hysterical when they see you, following you like creepers, and so on, every male would turn up gay. I'm sorry, but it's true. You slowly begin to think that all women are like that… No Wonder they have a history of crappy Relationships.
    ( I mean in gerenal, I don't care about One direction)

  8. 8

    Gaydar time!!
    Comments #3 and #4 here on Mr. Hilton's site I tend to agree with.
    I already commented on this over at HuffPo … so I'll reserve my comment for there.

  9. barb says – reply to this


    Probably not all….but more than likely he's right on a few. I wouldn't be surprised.

  10. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    I'd tend to agree with George. Not because they are in a boy band, but because of their actions that have been pretty well documented. What does it matter? Plenty, if you are the ones picturing your 'future' with one of the boys, never to be men. I say that not because gay men don't become men, but because there are those that are macho and those that are perpetually little girls. (Guess which Perez us?)

  11. Boudha Gaga says – reply to this


    Re: Hikari16410

    You would say: guys becoming bromance but not totally gay with all the sexual tendency who go with it?

    If it is in the nature of an individual male to have desires to penetrate a vagina, nothing, I mean nothing can take away this instinct! Even a cumulated disdain for these hysterical crazy bitchs, whatever..

  12. 12

    Re: fakeuser – Yeah well, like Ricky Martin remember?. Haha.

  13. 13

    I dont know about it, just cause you like to experiment sexually with whatever and whoever doesnt mean that you are gay, cause if you dont like guys for falling in love and dont even perceive the idea of getting married to one of your same sex then theres nothing gay in that person.

  14. 14

    who gives a shit who they shag? who cares what washed up has been boy george has to say? sounds to me like perez is just trying to stir up shit, as usual.

  15. 15

    Jesus christ AIDS is a fucked up disease

  16. Diamond troutman says – reply to this


    Zayn and Harry are nasty

  17. Gayle says – reply to this


    I could care less about One Direction and what their sexual orientation is, but Boy George is a bore. He obviously starts these feuds with other celebrities purposefully to get attention because he has a new album coming out. And then he complains about One Direction fans saying something back. George starts all these feuds and he should take responsibility for what he says and not complain about people picking on him.

  18. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: Diamond troutman – Nasty? Hahaha how

  19. uhfs says – reply to this


    Zayn, Liam and Niall are straight but I get the feeling Harry's Bi and Louis's a full on queen

  20. one says – reply to this


    Re: uhfs – dream on, Louis won`t become Your boyfriend anyway dear Sir ;)

  21. Zayn did 9/11 says – reply to this


    Zayn did 9/11 and is gay.

  22. Zayn did 9/11 says – reply to this


    OneDirection is gay.

  23. Bailey says – reply to this


    Well, let me just say a few things, or maybe lots, Idk. But, this is the internet peeps; there will ALWAYS be rumors floating around about various popular celebrities who make tons of money and get people to fangirl/fanboy over them in which One Direction has managed to have done. I know what some people think about the whole "Larry" situation between Harry and Louis, but I just have to say: my best friend and I act like that too only because her and I are friends and people thought that her and I were gay for each other. Listen, if it were true that they were all bisexual (not saying they are), I would be totally find with it because as for me I am to! Honestly, I love these boys to death and I HATE IT when people talk like this about them, so honestly until the boys have said something and people don't do something STUPID to prove that they're bisexual or gay, I'm not going to believe they are! :) So, HA! Don't ya believe ya Georgie Boy! You can kiss ma white #%%!