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Someone's personality has done a 180! Miley Cyrus might have pranced around on stage at the VMAs in next-to-nothing while humping and twerking along the … Read more…

26 comments to “Miley Cyrus Goes From Air Humping On Camera To Hiding From The Camera!”

  1. 1

    She behaves like she did then wonders why people call her slutty.

  2. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Redneck daddy-fucking harlot.

  3. Alyssa says – reply to this


    That girl is disgusting!! I don't understand what she's trying to do. Her new look looks like crap. Poor Liam, I can't even imagine what his parents think of his fiancée. The only answer I see for her crappy performance at the vma's is drug use. And daddy is proud! Good job Billy Ray!

  4. karen says – reply to this


    Does she have a deal to promote chanel?

  5. Quenepa says – reply to this


    This BITCH makes me laugh..She had no PROBLEM grinding on a man,Touching in a slutty manner for all the world to watch Now she wanna act like she shy…Hoes will be hoes..

  6. willy says – reply to this


    Man that's repulsive, and that's an ugly tongue. I can't stand these shock performers. If you don't have talent get attention by being shocking. Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Howard Stern.

  7. 984 says – reply to this


    i don't like where she is going with her image.. the raunchy look does not do her any favors. she should polish this "ghetto-white-girl" look up… for example gwen stefani when she did "luxurious" or fergie when she did "glamorous"… just sayin..

  8. 8

    Boy you really let your staff off early today Perez, usually your stories go until 6 or 6:30pm server time.

  9. Bob says – reply to this


    Looking more and more like Pepper from AHS Asylum every day!

  10. Kippy says – reply to this


    Re: willy – It's not shocking. Kate Middlleton doing that shit would be shocking. A spoiled brat doing spoiled brat things is not shocking.

  11. 11

    Re: teeter totter – tip to staying cooler …ull need a fan and a wet tee towel or clothe u wet the clothe and drape it over the front of fan try to close the room up if u can itll bring the degrees down by about 3 degrees each time keep the clothe wet…itll dry out u just have to wet it and wring it out (dont do however if the air is very humid)

    re miley noone was looking at her face anyways because she was waving her twat around ..wheres the foam finger

  12. bigdawg says – reply to this


    I just hope that the negative publicity of the VMA's will be enough for her to give her head a shake and get back on track. Miley you are a pretty girl, with a beautiful voice.. you don't need that "shock" factor for ratings.. ditch your publicist.. check yourself in.. stop the drugs.. and we will be waiting for you.

  13. 13

    Notice Liam is not seen with her anymore? And he left LA Friday.

  14. 14

    sure that is not justin bieber???

  15. jackie says – reply to this


    to me shes acting out,too bad,she should be a classy girl and a great example for girls.but shes might be into drugs that make you uninhibited,whos to say,but shes just nasty right now.too bad.so many girls like her.

  16. lynette says – reply to this


    ok here goes,i have been a crazy gypsy, beautiful people all around me,don't sell out to greed nor be a slave to luxs….be a teacher…. and integrity will guide you ,no more end of the world stuff just tell the truth of you always.The introvert who becomes the extrovert finally no more contridictions……completely whole

  17. Breal! says – reply to this


    Miley you rock all thid people are just jello and since they got nothing better to do with themselves and there lame life they talk smacked and by the way atleast she's real and she aint pertending to lile somebody else and actually liam should feel lucky to have her and well plus he got more fame when he started dating her and people go find a life instead of talking smack about others and if we are talking about sluts go check selena gomez and taylor swifts page know those girls are whores.

  18. cvl says – reply to this


    finally crashed from her week long molly trip.

  19. blogger says – reply to this



  20. goodman says – reply to this


    People need to get a life and stop with the name calling. Seriously, I know electric zoo is sold out. Just listen to your podcasts and calm down.

  21. boheme19 says – reply to this


    This girl has ruined herself! I feel sorry for her if she ever becomes bright enough and emotionally mature enough to really realize just what she's done. Have you ever noticed that it's the white trash low-class hillbillies who really strive to do big things. Then when they get it, they're not developed enough to handle it. People who feel good about themselves don't put as much importance on being a big deal. They already feel whole.

  22. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She is prolly high, and all paranoid with her pic being taken. She looks really really good with her face covered up like that….whe shouuuld keep that 'look' …just say'n - she is one fug broad…

  23. 23

    Take a break and go get some farm fresh air. Really. Her reputation is in the gutter and she needs to lay low and keep her freakin tongue in her mouth.

  24. jack says – reply to this


    Get some help little one. Calm down, reflect and start over.

  25. Lynda says – reply to this


    twerk is what?…… a twitching jerk?

  26. Jenna says – reply to this


    Miley is a troubled kid. People should stop giving her so much grief. Does she need to be steered in the right direction? Yes, she REALLY does. But what she does, with her body is her own business. Miley is getting so much grief being called a "slut." Just because she is doing some controversial things doesn't make her a slut, a slut by definition is someone who sleeps around with a lot of men. So far, though her behavior has been less that appropriate she seems to be faithful to Liam. And the word slut in general is disgusting, why have we degraded ourselves to taking pleasure out of another human being's downward spiral, the poor girl is a walking cry for help, and probably doesn't need any hate from people right now. Seriously, can you all leave this poor girl alone for two minutes and maybe take a look ant yourselves and wonder why you feel the need to use such derogatory terms and tear someone down to start with. Of course she's hiding her face! You ever been bullied? Multiply that by millions and that's what she's getting.