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52 comments to “Robin Thicke's Mystery Butt-Babe REVEALED! See MORE Sexy VMA Pics With NYC Socialite Lana Scolaro HERE!”

  1. J says – reply to this


    I just don't understand men. Paula Patton is extremely sexy. This chick is just another cute blonde, but that's it. Patton is classy, gorgeous and talented.

  2. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  3. Heather says – reply to this


    What a creep, I can already picture him as a pervy geriatric…

  4. 4

    She's such a basic chick. He should be going after that Emily Ratajkowski chick, if he's going to cheat

  5. 5

    Get ready for your 15 mins honey

  6. J says – reply to this


    Re: Leonardo89 – Word. Minus the whole cheating thing. ;)

  7. King Dingus says – reply to this


    What a douchebag

  8. 8

    I've always kind of gotten the vibe that they have an open relationship. I could be wrong though.

  9. 9

    Love robin….listening to his music for awhile..hes crossed over to pop or whatever…he need to stay wit r&b and he needs to keep his beautiful wife n his videos…

  10. anonmom says – reply to this


    The butt pic looks like they superimposed his head on an alcoholic bloated Mafioso's body….

  11. me says – reply to this


    I have a bad felling she is about to become a celebrity.

  12. bettinansf says – reply to this


    you're stupid. that's not robin who is touching the girl. look how far the girl is from them. and look again, the hand that's touching is left. had it been robin, it should have been his right hand. my I know it's a left hand, the thumbs is showing. if it were robin, the small finger would be one showing.

  13. 13

    Socialite? Obviously not a very good one if it took them this long to find out who she is lmfao

  14. bettinansf says – reply to this


    sorry, I stand corrected, I just realized, it's a reflection.

  15. CattyK says – reply to this


    They are claiming he thought this was a joke and all in good fun. But, honestly, would it be just as funny if his wife's butt had some random guy-fan's hand on or up it? Yeah, real funny…double standards.

  16. Ax says – reply to this


    It's not even his hand! Can you seriously not see that? /facepalm

  17. Pappy says – reply to this


    HE'S HOLDING THE AWARD! Think about it.

  18. 18

    The only reason she posted that photo was to get publicity and become the next Kim Kardashian. I can't believe that anybody wouldn't see right through her BS.

  19. 19

    hey hoebag hes married and his wife is hotter than u

  20. Derrek says – reply to this


    Without all that fake hair and eyeliner her face is soo av/fug

    What is he thinking. Like someone said before, if your gonna cheat on your smoking hot wife choose someone equally as hot or hotter not just younger! Young and hot or hotter if that's what he's into!

    Unless he just does this to all young girls he has photos with who's a butterface?

  21. Jules says – reply to this


    If it walks like a slut and acts like a slut…

  22. jules says – reply to this


    Or should I say if it looks like a slut and acts like a slut!! Sweetie you are nothing but a little slut looking for a payday. Why don't you go crawl back into your little hole… You are so not a socialite! You're nothing but a dirty whore

  23. 23

    Re: bettinansf – There is a Mirror behind them.

  24. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    ….Maybe he sensed she was about to have an uncontrolled bowel movement, and he was just 'holding it in' ’till she could get to a crapper…… ?

  26. br says – reply to this


    his arm seems to long i dunno i think fake

  27. 27

    He openly degrades women why wouldn't he cheat he feels entitled.

  28. 28

    I think if I was getting a photo w a celebrity no matter who I was I would not be hanging all over them and still be respectful. And if that so called celebrity shoved their finger up my ass while I was getting my photo taken with them I think my face wold have a little more of a shocked appearance if something was not going on prior to that. Judging by the other photos ( which you did not have to scour the Internet for they are posted on her Instagram account) they seem to know each other pretty well. Open marriage or not, it would be nice to at least respect his wife while he is I. Public.

  29. bd4three says – reply to this


    There's just something very creepy about Robin Thicke.

  30. 30

    Re: anemov – Yes! He does not treat women with respect, so why would his wife be any different.

  31. Sonia says – reply to this


    She is a socialite…
    Service-provider perhamps? If you know what I mean.

  32. lala says – reply to this


    Slamming the blond goes to show us how ignorant we are when it comes to men in positions of power abusing said power. She didn't put his hand up her ass and didn't place his fingers up her taint. Nope he did it all on his own. His wife has questionable morals herself and comes off a dumb.

  33. Tracy says – reply to this


    When your makeup is caked on, you're hiding something. I guess he has to do one skank for the road.

  34. Tracy says – reply to this


    Re: lala – Being a Woman's Study major, your comment makes no sense. She wasn't abused. She didn't stop him, she didn't say anything, and she took more pictures. It only takes a second to jerk away, not take the picture, cuss him the F out…but did she do that??? If she is a victim, which I HIGHLY doubt, help is only a phone call away. With a comment like this, I can tell both you are the blonde are dumber than Paula who by the way can more than make it without Robin! Have several seats lala, you're making no sense.

  35. Stlyer says – reply to this


    They are a very swinging couple….and Paula Patton gets off on this stuff!!

  36. 36

    Re: Tracy – I think you are missing lala's point - which is women usually get the blame for men's bad behaviour. Yes, the blond in the picture is a party to the behaviour, but why should Thicke be held less responsible than she is? Just like the abysmal VMA performance - it is all about Miley, and Thicke gives some lame excuse about how he didn't know she was going to do that. And when criticized for his misogynistic video, he defends it by saying his wife encouraged him to do it. As usual, boys will be boys, but women will be vilified.

  37. 37

    Can someone please tell this, I'm assuming wealthy socialite, that she should never makeup her face so that it's six shades lighter than her arms, neck, and body are. Jesus. Someone give me some money, please, so I can show these sad bitches how shit is done.

  38. KittyKat says – reply to this


    Unless Robin has two left hands - pic is not real

  39. koana says – reply to this


    She said not Photoshop but look at her hands and his ….. he looks like he was holding something and her arm is too long in one photo and hand way too big in another…if not Photoshop than bad photography

  40. anon says – reply to this



  41. lkinlc says – reply to this


    Why do her hands look so ginormous in the other pictures? Looks like a man's hand.

  42. Alice says – reply to this


    Re: lala – she posted the picture on her instagram(and still has the picture up) with the caption "baby <3" she's just begging for her 15 minutes.

  43. 43

    I hope he used a condom when he FUCKED that Miley Cyrus Whore in the ass LIVE ON NATIONAL TV!

  44. A says – reply to this


    Like the loser I am I've looked at her instagram a second time. Only to notice that she's deleting any bad comments about her and leaving all the comments about robin. What an attention seeking brat everyone go comment on her pictures, don't be rude though, just remind her that woman with respect and class do not do this. Also, why the hell does she still have the picture up? "Ugh because I want MORE than 15 minutes of fame, daddy buy me more than 15 minutes!"

  45. Jene says – reply to this


    Re: Ax – You're either blind or an idiot. Maybe even both.

  46. ashley says – reply to this


    Why is everyone slut-shaming this girl? She didn't tell Robin Thicke to put his hand on her ass. He's the one that chose to do it. Why is it that everyone always turns around and points at the female at any given situation, regardless of whether it's the mans fault or not.

  47. 47

    they have a open marriage

  48. Brianna says – reply to this


    I'm not a photoshop expert, but the last two photos look really strange to me. The way her head is up against him, the proportion of her head to the rest of her body seems off, and her back and arm look different when comparing the photos. I mean it could just be awkward poses/picture shots… who knows? Definitely looks weird though.

  49. nes says – reply to this


    i used to love robin thicke, until i saw him at Bagatelle on new years doing the same thing to EVERY GIRL that came into contact with him. womp :(

  50. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: ashley – Go fist yourself and have a cry, fucking sooky bitch.

  51. Ali says – reply to this


    Is that her nipple in the last photo?!?!?

  52. Iyanna says – reply to this


    If you look closely it looks like he's holding his VMA award not her butt! The circle around his hand stops you from noticing at first glance.