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26 comments to “facebook-is-the-pressure-getting-to-ladygaga-httpwwwindependentcoukarts”

  1. Elijah says – reply to this


    Perez, stop the hate.

  2. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Applause for Lady GaGa’s Applause [Review]

    by Samantha Faith VanDeventer
    As soon as I played Applause for the first time, the first quality I noticed was how unique it sounds. I have noticed before that every Lady GaGa song sounds different from the rest, but this one was such a shocking difference. Her voice was much deeper and raspier than in any other song. Applause is extremely catchy (chorus especially) and well-written. Lady GaGa, who hasn’t had a single for almost two years, was forced to released Applause a week ahead of schedule due to leaks. The leaks were met with mostly negative reviews, which is ironic after hearing the song’s lyrics. Applause sounds like it’s about when critics bash Lady GaGa, her fan’s applause is her cure. It’s like a serious version of Tenacious D’s Rize of the Fenix. Both verse’s lyrics suggest this idea of being critically un-acclaimed (at least by some):

    “I stand here waiting / for you to bang the gong / to crash the critic saying: / is it right or is it wrong? / If only fame had an IV baby could I bare / being away from you I found the vein put it in here…I overheard your theory / nostalgia’s for geeks / I guess sir, if you say so / some of us just like to read / One second I’m a Koons fan / suddenly the Koons is me / Pop culture was in art now / Art’s in Pop culture in me.”

  3. Raul says – reply to this


    U always talk about "Perezcism" or whatever it's called, I think u're a negative person, like stop messing with gaga, If u have any problem with her, I think the best u can do is letting go, and focus on ur life rather than be concentrated in her life, in every step she make, and criticizing every thing she's doing, If it's not her "hairline", her outfits, her attitude, etc.. It's so annoying. The good thing about it, is that as much bad press u are making of her, she's still succesful as hell, and an icon, she will sell millions of millions of copies of her new album and new singles, she inspires so many people around the world. So before u judge her, think to ur self, I am inspiring someone in this world ? I am an icon? I'm sorry, but u're not an icon, and u are not inspiring anyone with ur bad comments and negative press about people's life and work. U're just jealous that she's getting all the attention u would like to have, but there can be only one queen, and it's not you.

  4. Michael Arthur says – reply to this


    Please stop the hate already, we know your biased, but you really are ruining it for the rest of us! Positivity goes far, just grow up

  5. Madonna Fan says – reply to this


    Stop it Mario. You are just being an immature bully now. Seeking out other critics articles does not make you a critic. Only a plageurising bully you are. What has gaga done to you to warrant this type behaviour?

  6. jnp says – reply to this


    www muumuse com /2013/09/ lady-gaga-itunes-festival-swinefest-artpop-haters .html/

  7. jnp says – reply to this


    I quite enjoyed the iTunes festival show last night!

  8. w/e says – reply to this



  9. Eizza says – reply to this


    Re: Michael Arthur

    Well said!

  10. Vincent says – reply to this


    This perez character makes me laugh. He is despicable, unsavory, and just grotesque physically and in his character. He doesn't post any of the positive re: Gaga, only the negative because that's what suits him at the moment. He's too self absorbed and obsessed with posting photos of his weight loss (which still doesn't cure that face, friend) and of that hideous baby (not all babies are cute, sorry). Yet, would any other of his pop tartlets (Beyonce, Rhianna) be able to remove all of the bells and whistles from a festival performance the way Gaga did with one of the new songs from "ARTPOP" by the name of "I Wanna Be With You." Her powerful voice, her piano playing and her writing skills. Yet, everything she does, she's called a copycat. I don't recall Madonna ever doing that. And that hideous grill Madonna's been sporting … um, she's not the first to do that. Plus, Katy Perry did it recently, yet no word of her being a copy cat. Beyonce, dolled up in white powdered wig, etc. ala Madonna's VMA "Vogue" performance … why isn't that riddled with comparisons and epithets of "copycat"!?!?! Oh, she's black, you can't make fun of her or you'll banish. So disgraceful, so despicable, and just lucky …

  11. Eizza says – reply to this


    So, why the passive aggressiveness? Why post all of these seemingly negative reviews about GaGa? Why not come out with it yourself and tell us what you really think?

    Passive aggressive. Coward. Fake. Dumb. Bad example for your child.

  12. Purple_Monster says – reply to this


    STFU u ugly spic

  13. Aaron says – reply to this


    Do you ever read your comments Perez to realise that your readers grow tired of this bullshit? You are so transparent and all of this negativity aimed at Lady Gaga is starting to look like a personal vendetta. is it really so hard to be like "yep she did a good job" because she did!!! It wasn't so long ago that you said you were gonna be a better person, but it looks like that has gone out of the window and you can't help being the bully that you are! GROW UP! Start being a good example to your son!

  14. Aaron says – reply to this


    oh yeah, that song Swine .. the lyrics really suit you by the way but i doubt Lady Gaga wrote it about you because I doubt she wastes any time thinking about you, like you do her.

  15. Katy says – reply to this


    So hateful. You made yourself famous by drawing dicks on peoples faces. Time to evolve. This site is tired out.

  16. 16

    Let people have their own opinion. He doesn't like her or her music anymore. He's not drawing private parts on her face or doing anything disrespectful. Why come to his site to complain about his thoughts? Who else do you expect to hear from on perezhilton.com. Nobody's perfect but I think he's been trying to do better and has stuck to it. When he fist announced the change years ago, I thought he wouldn't be able to stick to it - but he has. It doesn't mean he has to like everyone and everything. People are allowed to like and dislike whom ever they please.

  17. Kyle says – reply to this


    I have a feeling this album is going to be a color of sounds and experimenting for her. I loved what I heard last night and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

  18. Kyle says – reply to this


    Re: Vincent – So true!

  19. 19

    Mario you used to praise Gaga but now that she refuses to let you stalk her now you post negative comments about her. You are such a tool and a loser!

  20. chad says – reply to this


    You're due for another black eye.

    This is why you'll never have a real friend. People can feel that the moment you don't get what you want, you will do everything in your power to hurt them. It's as embarrassing as all these pics you post of yourself thinking you look good. Sorry, all that ugly on the inside is showing on the outside.

    When change doesn't happen at the core, there is no change at all. Your blog has gone back to nasty, and soon you'll be fat again.

  21. 21

    Let it go you spiteful b**ch! You're like a rabid dog with a bone. Do you think you're powerful enough to ruin Lady Gaga's career? I agree with her now that you are stalking her!

  22. 22

    And she wrote "Swine" just for you!

  23. reviewersHW says – reply to this


    Just because you dont like her anymore you decide to post all the negative reviews over the grossing positive reviews. Maybe stop being so high on YOURSELF and get over it!! your negativity is becoming overwhelming and dry. bad taste.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    No one cares about journalists trying to fill margin space to earn their salaries. Are the tunes any good? Are her concerts fun? Is she making a profit for her label? Is she getting back up? Is she trying? Phuck popularity. It's about the music.

  25. 25

    I've never heard her music, so have NO stake in this game.
    But I agree, Perez needs to stop with the negative stories about her. They need to take it offline and try to settle their beef one way or the other.

  26. Tisha says – reply to this


    Why are you always bashing Lady GaGa…you once loved everything and anything Lady GaGa…Now you are trying to bring her down…I read that she is trying to get you to stop stalking her….could it be true? are you just jealous or something??? what could cause you to try and hurt this young woman so much…you just got an apartment in the same building as her, so why are you attacking her so darn much…leave this poor woman alone and start giving positive vibes…grow up!