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30 comments to “Robert Pattinson Would've Been Christian Grey If E.L. James Got Her Way, Says Bret Easton Ellis!”

  1. injbgh says – reply to this


    That ugly face as Christian? Ha! That's funny.

  2. kerra says – reply to this


    Can't stand this guy.

  3. 3

    he wouldn't bring enough energy to the role

  4. 4

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  5. sv says – reply to this


    PEREZ I want Matt Bomer! Lol. Rob and Charlie doesn't have that Christian Grey attitude. :(

  6. Adrian says – reply to this


    So glad she came to her middle age senses!!! Hell to to Robert! BIG BIG HELL NO.

  7. Mydoona says – reply to this


    well duh….Christian Gray is based on Edward from Twilight so of course she'd want Robert Patterson to play him.You DO realize that 50 shades was Twilight fan fiction before it became huge don't you?

  8. 8

    Ugh, so she's at HIS house and she's expected to say HE was never in the running? What could she say? No, I didn't want you Rob? You were actually my fifth choice. thought I heard at the very beginning of this that did she not want the Twilight folks.

  9. mb says – reply to this


    Brett Ellis must be his new buddy to kiss ass with. Don't think he will be getting any good new parts at least for awhile after the way he has acted the last 4 months. The BIG people have been seeing all his shit too. They are not crazy.

  10. mary says – reply to this


    Of course, she wanted Rob, the entire story was based on Robert Pattinson, it's Twilight fanfiction

  11. nancy says – reply to this


    Re: IzzyLizzy – The Kristen Stewart fans always have to diss Rob, they are so pressed. Brett didn't have to tweet this if it wasn't true. Nobody asked if Rob was their first choice or not, dummy.

  12. hahaha says – reply to this


    Re: mb – The Kristen fans have to bash Rob and are so obsessed with him. Why don't you focus on your princess insatead of obsessing over Rob!

  13. sierra says – reply to this


    Rob would have been perfection!

  14. 14

    I'm not an either or fan. I love Rob and Kristen. I liked them together. So?? Okay.

  15. guest says – reply to this


    he would have never taken the part, after all the shade her threw at the middle aged twihards, he would have never done mommy porn!

  16. guest says – reply to this


    Says Lindsay Lohans buddy? PLZ. What a douchey move to tweet this but then again that's who tweet….douches

  17. Callie says – reply to this


    If he played Christian Grey, i would throw up. Thats disgusting.

  18. Arlene says – reply to this


    I really don't get the attraction to Pattinson, ughhh….too British looking. NOT attractive at all.

  19. 19

    he should of gotten away from kirsten long before he did now hes tarred with her brush of the depressing drama queen and i dont find him attractive i wouldnt even get the vacuum out the cupboard for him

  20. 20

    the "Ian Somerhalder never in running" thing doesn't make sense to me, I mean isn't Christian Gray supposed to be jaw-dropping hot?? which Ian is and Rob (at least in my opinion) is absolutely NOT. but then Ian as an actor deserves a much better script than this.

  21. 21

    Okay, okay! No need to diss either Hunnam or Pattinson! They both have their place in this industry. Actually the casting team was very sensible in not casting someone who is not at all like the dude in the book. Pattinson is too angular looking to begin with. The stigma of this vampire sting will trail behind him like a bad smell for quite a while yet and that's a big no no for the creation of the Christian Grey character. Hunnam on the other hand, providing he will get rid of this awful fluff of his face is a perfect choice. He really has the looks that will fit the character to perfection with just a little tweak delivered by (I am sure) a great team of makeup artists. That's all. Pattinson would need a full blown plastic surgery to pull this stunt through! I thing they have picked the right man for the part. Time will show, anyway. And I think the girls choice is awesome too. All she needs is a nice wig and bob's your uncle :D

  22. Dana Lavoe says – reply to this


    Robert would have been perfect. He's so hawt.

  23. Dana Lavoe says – reply to this


    Re: injbgh – You know he's hot.

  24. MF says – reply to this


    No surprise she wanted Rob for the role. She wrote the book with him in mind as Chirstian. Rob would be perfect for this role. If you lack imagination, check his Dior ad video. HOT HOT HOT! This new guy, I don't him as an actor but he needs a lot of changes to his appearance to look the part.

  25. Rob is hot! says – reply to this


    KStew fans are all over this post lol
    Silly cows, go away, bashing Rob won't make KSteew drying humping images to disappear from people's memory and from internet.

  26. 26

    This flat-faced, unwashed, stinky greaseball was the author's first choice for her soft-porn movie? I can see why Matt Bomer wouldn't be in the running; as good looking as he is, he's a queer, and that would void his credibility as a hetero pervert. There are MILLIONS who wouldn't go see the flick if a known homo had the lead. Shut up, you liberal twats, it's the truth; objecting and calling me names won't change that truth, so cram it.
    Re: Rob is hot! – I'm not a Stewart fan, douche bag. I can't stand her or Pattinson. They're both disgusting.

  27. Mollie says – reply to this


    I am so annoyed that Rob Pattinson was not chosen to play Christian, the book is based on twilight fan fiction. Its not fair, I feel that ELjames should've been in charge on who she wants to play Mr.Grey!

  28. Lexi says – reply to this


    I don't buy for a minute that Ian Somerhalder wasn't in the running. He most certainly was by all indications.The man is divine and would have been a perfect fit. His Vampire Diaries schedule apparently became a problem and it couldn't be worked around forcing Ian out of the running. Bret Eaton Ellis is still trying to get attention attaching himself to this and making claims no one is buying.

  29. 29

    I don't know why they cast Charlie Hunnam in 50 Shades. He's not good looking and he's too old for the part. And he LOOKS his age, unlike Jake Gyllenhall and Ashton Kutcher who look 10 years younger than they are. Hardly anyone cares about Charlie and that's not likely to change after the movie comes out. This flick is gonna FAIL!!

  30. NOFreakinWay says – reply to this


    Are you kidding?? Who would even think this guy has 1/10th the sexiness of the Christian Grey character??