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James Franco's Comedy Central Roast Too Outrageously Offensive!? See The Vids & Judge For Yourself!

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We knew the envelope would get pushed during James Franco's Labor Day roasting, but we didn't realize they'd fling it right off the table!

Hollywood's best and brightest young stars gathered to give the actor a hefty comedic ribbing — which is totally great — but this morning many say their jokes went too far!

We love outrageous humor as much as the next gal, but the line between edgy and offensive is finer than Zac Efron dressed like a fireman! People can get seriously hurt!!!

They indelicately made fun of Aziz Ansari's race, called Sarah Silverman promiscuous, picked on Jonah Hill for a perceived weight gain, and constantly rambled on and spread rumors of James' bisexuality!!

Most of the time these weren't even jokes with clever punchlines, either!

Just lame derivations of "Haha, FAT!" or "Hehe, GAY!"

We can understand why so many reviews today are calling the program shallow and offensive!

Ch-Ch-Check it out the more outrageous vids for yourself and let us know whether you agree…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

So, what do U think?!

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31 comments to “James Franco's Comedy Central Roast Too Outrageously Offensive!? See The Vids & Judge For Yourself!”

  1. Chantel says – reply to this


    don't like it don't watch it

  2. 2

    It's a roast! It's supposed to be offensive. Everyone is always mad about something, geez. If someone is sensitive then don't watch a roast…it's not intended to be nice.

  3. 3

    not offensive at all. watched the whole thing. it was a roast. they aren't intended to be "nice." those comedians know what they're getting into before they sign up.

  4. Damien says – reply to this


    You need to know what your talking about before you post. This is what a roast is. Have you ever scene one? Sp they made some gay jokes. On the Snoop Dog roast they made bleck jokes.

    Years ago when Ted Danson was dating Whoopi he did a black face apperaence at her roast. Roasts are not politically correct or have "punch lines"..

    If you want to be a entertainment reporter get you shit straight..Until then you are just a blogger with a huge chip on hius shoulder.

  5. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    James Franco has a boyish sweet smile. Unfortunately he's scum. I'm too good for James Franco.

  6. Liz says – reply to this


    That's what a roast is. If you don't want your fee-fees hurt go and watch Hanna Montana re-runs. Hypocritical fuckwad.

  7. j says – reply to this


    am i the only one who thought this roast was boring as FUKC! All i heard were jew jokes and not funny ones btw

  8. 8

    I watched the Sheen roast before the Franco roast and I honestly thought the Franco roast was funnier everyone seemed more comfortable with each other and the Indian in the cupboard joke was hilarious haha

  9. 9

    This is how you treat women your absolutely offensive, and for some unknown reason sexually offensive. Think about that the next time your offended I can't believe the thing you say and write about women your supposed to support them no degrade them.

  10. lea8199 says – reply to this


    Not offensive.. it was plain boring and lame…

  11. caravaggio comicgenius says – reply to this


    What has this man done? The Italian chick, Hader and Ross were the only really funny ones. James Franco roasted? I don't get it and I think the entire group of young comics under Judd Apatow is SEVERELY overrated. They cannot be the representation for a new generation of comedy. Just more addition to this awful generation of performance out of Hollywood.

  12. Get the fuck over it. says – reply to this


    You know what's offensive? You talking so much shit about people that you make them cry. You trying to stalk Lady Gaga. You being unfunny and rude all of the time.
    I thought the roast was fucking hilarious. Get over it, you hypocritical prick.

  13. 13

    Yup, we're getting more and more politically correct and too sensitive as the years go by. Now we're trying to censor comedians and saying their shit is "too offensive"? Give me a break.

  14. Dee Dee Heller says – reply to this


    Where was Tottie Fields ????

  15. 15

    Re: anemov – Shut up idiot.

  16. spin says – reply to this


    You're basically the biggest cyberbully of the 21st century, Perez. Any argument you try to make about some other program being too seemingly offensive is just laughable.

  17. Mia Bella says – reply to this


    He could have opted out of having them touch on certain topics like Charlie Sheen, Pam Anderson,or Joan Rivers. He openly admitted that he knew before hand the jokes would at large center around his supposed sexuality. Dark Humor is a common for of comedy just look at Anthony Jeselnik and his show. I know what it is like to be at the receiving end of cruel statements and jokes about being who I am so don't think I don't understand because I do. But I hardly think that the comedians took it to heart as that is the whole point of a roast. The reason its an honor to be roasted is to show how far people can push the roastee and still have him not take himself to seriously. It shows humility. Dark humor is a release for some people it allows them to take something really shitty and at least get one positive from it.

  18. yeah says – reply to this


    That is how it is supposed to be. If you have ever seen any other roast you would know basically what was coming. If you cant take jokes then don't watch. Half of them have been on there before anyway. If they couldn't handle it they wouldnt have been there.

  19. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    It was hilarious and much cooler than miley cyrus twerking.

  20. emma says – reply to this


    it is only offensive if you choose to take offence.
    and i think the fact that you take offence at things like this says more about you than it does the content of the roast. #don't take things so seriously and learn to laugh at yourself

  21. 21

    For a regular comedy show that people might attend unsuspectingly….sure maybe this is offensive but this isn't our first rodeo. Don't show up and then complain that there's cowboys, y'know?

  22. 22

    It is supposed to be offensive, and it was definitely eyebrow raising, but whatever. I was laughing hard, out loud - sincere, real, hardy laughter. I don't get enough of it these days, but it's pretty much guaranteed anytime their crew works together.

  23. 23

    It's a ROAST. The whole point is for them to sling hard at each other. And even so, you can tell watching it that there was a lot of love in that room among all of them. It was all good.

  24. Sole Estevez says – reply to this


    Great roast, everyone was having fun, hilarious the way bill hader and Asis laughed like crazy at every joke. Pam Andersons Roast was way more offensive, with all those jokes about her vagina and her sex video with Tommy Lee. and Courtney Love being high.

  25. Sole Estevez says – reply to this

  26. bfish says – reply to this


    Unbelievable how sensitive we have all become. This is exactly what roasts are supposed to be about. Have a sense of humor. Comedy Central is dirty (watch southpark, tosh, etc.), and not meant for those that are easily offended. If you can't laugh at a racist joke, you shouldn't be watching comedy central anyways.

  27. Pamela says – reply to this


    I found the roast funny. Everybody there and everyone watching is essentially there to hear offensive jokes about the person being roasted and the present comedians. That is the premise of a ROAST.

    The only offensive thing in all this is the sheer stupidity of your article.

  28. RoastsAreLame says – reply to this


    What's the deal? Roasts use to be for seasoned actors and comedians who had a lifetime of work underneath them… good work. Comedy Central's roast's are so lame. They roast people who are young and currently popular just for ratings/money and it's not only lame like I said before, it's actually hyper lame. Anyone who agrees to be roasted under the age of 50 is a total douche. Anyone who participates in a roast of someone under 50, yep, total douche. Most of the time it's the same old comics there anyway, they must really need the money I guess because YES it's true, they get PAID to be there. HYPER LAME!

  29. Nepali says – reply to this


    u dont understand what joke is do you??? why are you so personal about everything??? u r out of the closet but still inside a box @ perez hilton

  30. SoleE says – reply to this


    i think Pam Andersons Roast was way more offensive

  31. dan says – reply to this


    oh wah wah liberals. it's a roast.