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Justin Bieber has looked better. The singer was spotted coming Down To Earth on Monday, stepping out of a private jet with his crew. It was the first … Read more…

26 comments to “Justin Bieber Makes First Public Appearance Since Attack In Toronto! See Pics HERE!”

  1. loco says – reply to this


    finally someone slapped this little bitch around…… about fucking time. grow up

  2. 2

    I have a great idea. Justin and Miley go to a beautiful island and get some r & r! These kids are going to drive themselves into the ground. Getting an education with all that money would give them some self worth too.

  3. 3

    Re: michellt – I agree. The few child stars that seem to come out of it ok seem to be the ones who get an education. I don't see much hope for these two.

  4. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: michellt – So he can't even go out and do something for himself without getting idiotic comments like this for no reason? What did he do wrong now ? Oh he was attacked and someone stole his chain? So he's the bad guy? No the manager of the club is just lying to cover up his image of his club like the one in London, pictures prove he was attacked and dude was bigger than him not some little fan boy so don't even try it. Bieber hasn't done anything for months, he calmed down obviously, progress. You still act like he did shit a week ago? Happened in past leave it in past. People do shit get over it his age I did way worse maybe take a look on the bright side then always being brainwashed by the media 'reports' ;)

  5. brightasslol says – reply to this


    Re: loco – May I slap you as well for posting that retarded comment for no reason? YOU grow up idiot.

  6. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: michellt – Miley is way worse then Bieber, at least his performances are all great and he gives 100% great show. He sings good live and from what I've seen I was impressed ! Miley on the other hand is wasting her talent. She is way more trashier than him , he made some personal mistakes get over it will you bring it up 5 years after? Miley on other hand is doing it for attention and to be talked about and is even proud of it? Difference between them is huge. Bieber had a period of acting out and he is normal now, maybe use your brain and common sense to notice it? Miley is doing mess ups since she turned 17 or 18?

  7. 7

    Re: brightasslol – With all the crap this guy is involved in, I think alot of people thinks he needs to be slapped down. And face it, he was not in any real danger with all of the security he pays for. The other guy probably suffered major injuries from Bieber's crew and Bieber kicking him in retaliation after the crew had him on the ground. Maybe some of his douchbag karma came back and bit him in the ass.

  8. Meg says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – well said!

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    What attack? A fan got excited and Beiber's goons pounded the fan. I keep hoping that someday the little twink finds himself without security and someone really puts a ass whipping on him.

  10. bcb says – reply to this


    After months of trying to attach people, spitting and in general being disrespectful to anyone he came into contact with, cant say I feel bad for him. Though I don't think violence is ever the answer something needs to bring this kid down to earth.

  11. 11

    3 versions of what happened exist: The club rep says it was a fan who wanted a pic with him and was jumped by security-there was no fight[coverup?], Bieber tries to mingle with crowd when crazy guy rushes at him, grabs his shirt but fails to put him on the floor meanwhile Bieber pushes and kicks him while security grabs him; and finally a fan claims she saw a survaillance video showing Bieber punching the guy to the ground at which point he is restrained and guy is restrained by security and rushed out of club. I smell a coverup by the club management to avoid image and police problems.

  12. 12

    Re: loco – Nobody slapped him around, he did not even had a scratch. Winesses say he walked out like nothing happened and went to a sweet 16 a few hours later. Also, according to one fan who claims she saw a survailance video, he actually punched the guy down as well as kicked him. she showed two pics of that encounter. Don't know if accurate but people are talking as if he got a beat down-not true!

  13. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – YOU ALWAYS get everything wrong and talk shit about Bieber, learn your facts idiot. Bieber WAS attacked, not by a fan boy it was a man twice his size and on the pictures it's clear he attacked him. Homie if you attack a celebrity his security will take you down it's their JOB uneducated moron. Sick of uninformed pricks like you. Can't you read reliable sources or you believe what you like to believe just to trash Bieber? Grow up kid. Well I officially hope someone as well gets you behind the corner and makes you their mamacita. Have a good day insecure little kid.

  14. T says – reply to this


    Perez! You missed a story, apparently - Justin was at the Phish show in Colorado on Sunday with his lighting guy and guitar player. I saw him there myself!

  15. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – As well as other punks on here you got it all wrong. Reliable sources confirmed he was attacked even robbed for that chain. That wasn't any fanboy he was twice Bieber's size and pictures prove he attacked him . Homie, if you attack a celebrity for no reason, their bg's will take you down it's their fucking job. No matter who that celebrity is they will do it because it's their job to keep them safe get your facts straight and grow some brain cells kid.

  16. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: bcb – Media twisted 90% of the stuff happened, he pissed in that bucket and we saw a video. He NEVER spit on anyone, get your facts straight, only little empty headed naive sheep believed that. Spitting of balcony isn't a crime. I do it many times and milions of people spit on the bush or the ground shut the hell up. Who did he attack? The photographer who before that cursed him out and insulted him while he is going out of hospital in London? He is the one being attacked and ya'll twist it to make it his fault? He fucked up some stuff use that as an argument not something that is twisted and false ;)

  17. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: cardonaivando – Finally a God damn smart person here with some BRAIN! Thank you, actually it's a cover up just like in London manager said he was out of the club because of his underage friends. YET Jaden Smith (14) was only in front of the club gave his present to one of his friends and left, and is pictured leaving. Never got in and there's a video ( media ignored it because they sold a lie already ) of Bieber in the club only 20+ people around him about 6 of them, he sees the club is unsafe and not good, people pushing each other and tells his people to leave and leaves. The truth, here manager is covering his ass. Lame.

  18. 18

    He looks like he just woke up. a grumpy teenage boy.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Encounters with drunk guys happen at every club. Most of them can't see straight, and can't even differentiate a man from a woman in that state. This is expected anywhere alcohol is served. That's why bouncers exist.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Encounters with drunk guys happen at every club. Most of them can't see straight, and can't even differentiate a man from a woman in that state. This is expected anywhere alcohol is served. That's why bouncers exist.

  21. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: MichJB – What? He was attacked, there were many eyewitnesses say that the guy just charged at him. The whole reason justin left the VIP section was because his fans were calling him. So he went to mingle, and then the guy just tackled him for no reason and also stole his chain. Get you're facts straight!

  22. 22

    Re: Mandy – Even the toughest guy could be attacked by a crazy guy who wants to cause trouble; this happened the other day to Randy Orton. Some guy went up the ring and punched him in the balls causing him to fall in pain-just like Bieber, he was caught by surprised. The same thing happened in a school in NYC, where a kid kicked his teacher in his knee causing him to go to the hospital-the guy was twice the kid's size. Expect the unexpected.

  23. 23

    Re: FrankieLA – 'the other guy most probably suffered injuries'. Well you dipshit that's what happens when you try and attack a celebrity, the bodyguards will get aggressive they paid to do so. HONESTLY THOUGH!! You are full of crap. The attacker is no victim here.

  24. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: loco – He was robbed of a $40,000 necklace as well as assaulted. Are you advocating robbery and assault? Hopefully you get robbed and assaulted yourself someday, so that your comment will come back to bite you in the ass. As for growing up, take a look in the mirror.

  25. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – Robbery is not payback at all. It's a crime. This guy that did this may even have a history of robbery and assault.

  26. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Meg – Same goes to you Meg. Someday you may come across a crazed drug addict or mentally unstable person who wants your purse, jewellery or cell phone. If you advocate robbery and assault, then you will truly deserve anything that happens to you if you become a victim yourself. Crime victims don't need the abuse that sub human scumbags like you dish out.