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Hmm… Calista Flockhart's 50th birthday isn't too far away. But one look at her face and you would never EVER know just how old she really is! The ARead more…

5 comments to “Calista Flockhart's Face Staying So Young Thanks To Plastic Surgery?!?”

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    I've seen plenty of 50-year-olds who have young-looking skin like hers. If you protect your face from the sun, moisturize every day, and refrain from smoking, your skin should stay young looking for longer. Of course, genetics does play a part.

  2. TheJerk InTheaters Now says – reply to this


    People say ALL white females never age or get old. Its getting kind of tiring and cliche. I started dating oriental females when i was in college for a reason. I can stomach their aging a tad better than i can white females. Every old white female thinks they look younger than their years. Every celebrity site is riddled with "wow. old white woman. old white woman. old white woman. old white woman. old white woman" until i can vomit. The only white females who even look good at over 40 are the ones that were REALLY hot when they where young (pam anderson types. barbie doll types).
    but the ones that were ugly when they were young or just plain janes? They aint got any beauty left by 35. Thats why society has to call 36 year old men perverts for dating 23 year old women. To force males to pretend white women's faces dont crack OR ELSE.
    But ironically.. this chick looks pretty good for her age.
    Rich women can afford REAL cosmetic procedures. But those broke down losers in line at walmart with one bottle of $5 cosmetics? AHAHAHAHAHA. timeless white milf my ass.
    All of asia would have to blow up first.

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    She was a very pretty woman anyway. I feel like she's lost too much weight and I know she was already quite tiny to begin with. Her face looks as if she has had something done even though from the angle I can't be sure. I wish these older celebs (and younger ones Megan Fox I'm talking to you) would just leave their natural beauty alone and stop having so much surgery. It makes them look worse than what they started with. The younger Megan Fox was way prettier than the Angelina Jolie wannabe Megan Fox. You can tell it's all fake. Why?

  4. 4

    She's 50, not 75 !
    She's always been thin. Age doesn't show as much.
    There IS such a thing as good genes.

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    The Beauty is associated with women and no doubt if someone opt for the face surgery to get the new look is good ideas but after that certain precautions are taken which are enjoyed here, But always try to be the natural, prefer natural things.