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Katy Perry Roars To #1 On Billboard Hot 100, Passing Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines On The Way!

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katy perry number one billboard hot 100 passes robin thicke blurred lines 8th top single


Katy Perry's sensational new single clawed its way to the top of the supreme Hot 100 chart!!!

Overtaking Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100, KP's Roar is officially king of the jungle!!!

Way to go, gurl!! You did it!!! We're so very proud!!!

And you didn't have to play any part in the apparent destruction of Miley Cyrus' engagement, either!

Amazingly enough, KatyCats, this marks the 28-year-old's eighth Hot 100 number one! EIGHTH!!!

Incredible!! She has come so far since 2008's I Kissed A Girl, we barely believe it!!!

We can't wait for number nine!!!

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25 comments to “Katy Perry Roars To #1 On Billboard Hot 100, Passing Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines On The Way!”

  1. The Truth says – reply to this


    Perez here you go again…..

    Actually if you look right now on the Hot 100 Robin Thicke is still #1, Katy Perry #2, Miley #3 and look who's solid at #4 and moving up Lady Gaga.

    And FYI Jay-Z heading down…

    Still trying to push your own agenda, we all know what it is

    The Truth Hurts

  2. madmike says – reply to this


    whoa…..rough times in the music biz……where's the talent ?

  3. CARMEN says – reply to this



  4. 4

    How is this possible. This song is a joke!

  5. Truth seeker says – reply to this


    100% NOT TRUE!!!!

  6. 6

    Re: The Truth – It's going to be published tomorrow. Wednesday is when Billboard releases the Hot 100. Tomorrow is when the Hot 100 gets refreshed.

  7. 7

    Re: The Truth – The Billboard Hot 100 changes every Thursday, but in Wednesday we can know the new spots. Katy Perry is #1, Miley is #4 and Lady Gaga falls to #6

  8. 8

    Re: The Truth – Actually, that top 10 is old. The new top ten is:

    1. Katy Perry Roar
    2. Robin Thick Blurred Lines
    3. Eminem Berzerk
    4. Miley Cyrus We Can't Stop
    5. Jay Z Holy Grail
    6. Lady Gaga Applause
    7. Avicii Wake Me Up
    8. Lorde Royals
    9. Imagine Dragons Radioactive
    10. Cedric Gervai vs Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness

  9. 9

  10. 10

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind

    Also UK Top 40 (Mid-week)
    1. Katy Perry Roar
    2. Ellie Goulding Burn
    3. Avicii Wake Me Up
    4. Sonnentanz
    5. Lady Gaga Applause

    Katy is truly slaying both sides of the pond!

  11. yup says – reply to this


    Gaga is the talent amongst them all…she is the real deal…the remainder are something for the masses to like…You want unique, art, talent and vision- GAGA is it….The rest including that tool Thicke are crap….I love my girls, but Pink and Gaga are the best thing that have happened to music in a long long long time. Where is the talent in the men too?

  12. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    I do not understand the hype for this song. It is average at best. But most of Katy's songs are just 'average'. Not getting it at all…

  13. jordan says – reply to this


    So many haters. Is that all you have time to do. Obviously many people like her and think she has talent. she worked hard to get where she gets and that doesnt mean you have to like her but just leave her alone.

  14. ed says – reply to this


    and that song isnt even good…

  15. 15

    if thats #1 its a sad day in music

  16. HATERSGONNAHATE says – reply to this


    sorry guys, you gotta accept the truth that people don't only like the song, but the general public like her as well. keep that in mind.

    P.S: It's official and billboard tweeted it already. Think before you speak. oh and by the way, she barely did any promo for ROAR and the video hasn't come out yet!

  17. 17

    Way to go Katy! Awesome. Is there any question anymore that Katy is THE most popular pop star in the world here in 2013? EIGHT "Hot 100" #1 hits is incredible. This is only Katy's 3rd studio album too.

    Most musicians would kill to have that many #1s. At the rate Katy is going she's going to surpass Madonna in a few years and go down at the most successful female pop star EVER. I hope Katy soon has even more #1 hits on the way. I guess we'll have to wait til mid October to find out when the album comes out.

  18. annieoo says – reply to this


    Why oh why is perez so very proud?

  19. Hollie Spencer says – reply to this


    I'm actually a Katy Perry fan and love most of her music but I can't stomach this song. It sounds like this was put together in an hour and the lyrics are completely lackluster with recycled music from another artist. I'm disappointed for sure, it seems like it was written with a generic songwriting formula and was intended to be inspiring but it's completely void of any creativity. Sorry Katy, this song is no better than one I could have written for you.

  20. Eva says – reply to this


    Congrats to Katy!
    It is funny that Blurred Lines finally drops from #1 after Robin Thicke performs with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Liam Hemsworth is enagaged to her and all his movies bomb. It's the curse of Miley Cyrus!

  21. 21

    Re: Eva – Yet two of Miley's singles are doing very well as we speak. LOL. Miley is a curse to everyone but herself.

  22. MB says – reply to this


    I don't know what Katy Perry's issues are, or if they're even her issues or the issues of the people who write her music, but that gif of the two strippers holding signs that say GAME OVER, with her holding a wrestling belt, and wtf is she wearing? makes me wonder what her problem is? I don't get it. What's she all pissed off about? It sounds like the same music she's always been doing, and it doesn't come across to me as a "roar"….

    Also, as if security didn't get that menacing looking grunt standing behind her, off the stage…

  23. KC says – reply to this


    Re: jordan – I don't think saying her song sucks qualifies as bothering her.

  24. um says – reply to this


    The first few times I listened to the song, I thought it was alright. But now, just for some reason, every time it is on the radio, I change stations. I prefer Lady Gaga's 'Applause' over Katy Perry's 'Roar' anyday.

  25. Me says – reply to this