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George Zimmerman's Wife Filed For Divorce! Find Out Why She Didn't Stand Her Ground HERE!

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george zimmerman shellie zimmerman divorce paperwork filed

George Zimmerman is one of the most polarizing figures in America, and soon he'll also be a divorcee!

Just days after admitting her husband's public trial put strain on their marriage, Shellie Zimmerman asked the courts for a divorce.

The paperwork she recently filed describes their marriage was "irretrievably broken" and states they've been separated since mid-August.

The divorce papers did NOT, however, specify her breaking point.

Did George's involvement in Trayvon Martin's tragic death piss off his soon-to-be ex off so much that she could no longer stand to look at his face?

Was she was disappointed because he continued carrying a gun even after his very controversial acquittal?

Maybe Shellie fell out of love with him because he never took the trash out and left the toilet seat up!

Either way, their marriage looks to be over.

Shellie is currently on probation and scheduled to serve 100 hours of community service for perjuring herself during George's bail hearing.

[Image via Seminole County Sheriff's Office.]

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15 comments to “George Zimmerman's Wife Filed For Divorce! Find Out Why She Didn't Stand Her Ground HERE!”

  1. mr pete says – reply to this


    Zimmerman can add that in his lawsuit against MSNBC, Al Sharpton, The Martin family,
    Spike Lee, etc
    They had lied, doctored video, published his home address, placed a bounty on his head
    and have ruined his life, and the life of his family members
    I'M hoping to see him get 100 Million $$$$$

  2. Erin (@BrainyBlonde) says – reply to this


    Uh it's Trayvon. Not Treyvon. Show the dead a little respect?

  3. CatMatPres says – reply to this


    Tacky title, Perez :(

  4. 4

    She's an idiot. If she divorces him before he gets his big, DESERVED payday from everyone George is suing, the bitch gets nothing. I suppose she could sue them on her own, but she won't get nearly as much as he's entitled to get. And he IS entitled; he was lied about and railroaded by the press.
    Re: Erin (@BrainyBlonde) – Martin doesn't deserve any respect, you dumb whore. He was a racist druggie who was trespassing, looking into the windows of residents, and when he was asked what he was doing by someone entitled to be there, he reacted like the worthless jungle bunny he was. Trayvon Martin was a thug-wannabe piece of shit. He was no innocent child; the punk was old enough to know better, yet he made his choices and look where he is. No respect to that asshole. His death means one less free ride, via welfare and/or the prison system, for those of us who have jobs and pay in. So fuck you, you dumb bitch.

  5. 5

    SPIKE LEE - After his stunt of publishing what he thought was Zimmerman's address online, I have NO USE for him whatsoever.
    Can't stand to look at his BUG EYED RACIST FACE.

  6. 6

    You say FIND OUT HERE
    and then don't deliver.

  7. Scarlett Is hott says – reply to this


    I get how it works now. If a hispanic guy kills a black guy.. he is white .. but… If he gets elected president of america… he is hispanic.

    Blacks heard the name "zimmerman" on their radios and racially profiled him as a jewy jew. A white jewy jew. Then they saw him and had to keep up their lie. "he is a racist.. white guy".
    If he had had a peruvian last name.. this wouldnt even have made the news. Latin kings have probably killed 1000s of innocent blacks since their inception but since they dont have jewy jew names… nobody really gave a shiit. This was all about the jew name.

    He should probably just move to peru and find a nice peruvian girl. Theres nothing left in america for him. Peruvian girls are kinda exotic especially when they look asian-ish.

  8. 8

    maybe its a way of shielding all the money they are gonna get from the corrupt media who LIED about zimm daily.

    trayvon martin was a thug who beat the mans head against a cement sidewalk. I'm glad George had the gun.

    if obama had a son he would be a thug just like trayvon

  9. notadog says – reply to this


    Its pretty scary that blacks can just call ANYBODY "racist" without evidence and people actually believe it. In the meantime.. NOBODY has murdered more innocent trayvons in hoodies than black gang members in hoodies. I dont know this is as a fact.. but i am guessing that the CRIIIPS and BLOOOOODS have killed more innocent trayvons than biracial hispanic peruvian guys with jew names have.
    But when a BLACK gang member kills an innocent trayvon in a hoodie… no blacks protest that and obama never speaks out about it. Nope. Instead of protesting the criiips and bloods.. blacks go "dont be a snitch. Dont tell who shot him. Snitches get stiches". A black child's life has no value when its killed by a black gang member apparently.

  10. Casey says – reply to this


    PEREZ… you are ignorant. "Couldn't stand to look at his face"… I suggest you look further into the case. He wasn't at fault but you and the rest of the desperate media want to sell copies by saying God knows what.

  11. 11

    Maybe porky will speak out and say exactly what her husband did the day he murdered the child he was following.

  12. hate shit talkers says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – im sorry but i didn't see you on the witness stand or at the scene of the crime so how do you know he was peeking into windows and all that shit do you live in that neighbor hood i doubt it so you are the dumb whore and idiot. Keep running your mouth about shit you know nothing more about then we all know we saw the trial also. And i had no idea you knew martin since you keep running that shit spewer of yours so shut the fuck up you think George DESERVES all this money then you give it to him you piece of shit

  13. 13

    Good! let that greasy mother f◇◇ker suffer. He got stopped twice by the cops, he's getting a divorce. Karma is not a bitch after all. I'm loving her right now. You ignorant little Zimmeman ass licking, balls sniffing c◇◆◆s, need to STFU. Members of the jury came out and said they wanted to put his ugly ass in jail and could not because the court system pretty much forced them not to. And his wife knows the truth and that's why she's divorcing his fat ass. All you fools here could come together and give him YOUR money YOU worked so hard for. PORKY PIG isn't dipping into my Whole Foods money OOOOHHH NOOOOOO.

  14. Kim Blancoz says – reply to this


    Arrgh, it is really common today. That is why I dont want to get into marriage too early. I learned something more about it when I read yesterday.

  15. 15

    All the idiots on this post need to get hit by a truck,hope a man follow you dick heads or better yet your children and see how you guys would handled it,AMERICA IS FUCKED UP!!!!