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Katy Perry Drops The Official Music Video For Roar Off Her Swinging Vine! Watch HERE!

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Katy Perry is the Queen of the Jungle!

Hear her ROAR!!

No, really. Hear and watch the official music video for Roar (above)!!

Whew, you feel that? Someone give us a tissue to wipe our forehead because we have the new string of jungle fever and it is HOT!!

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51 comments to “Katy Perry Drops The Official Music Video For Roar Off Her Swinging Vine! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    LOLLLLLLLLL!!! I can't!!! HAHAHA. Smart woman tho…those kiddies are gonna eat this shit up. Pure BASURA as my dad would say. The era of REAL artists is dead. I honestly just have an urge to re-watch Disney's Tarzan…that's about it.

  2. 2

    Ok fine. She's got the nicest boobs in LA.

  3. ChrisO says – reply to this


    wow, this is just sad:| I miss the I kissed a girl/You're so gay era

  4. j says – reply to this


    lol @ perez embedding the vevo video for roar but uploading the applause video into his site. desperate much?

  5. Gasance says – reply to this


    What the fuck is this?

  6. WhoDat says – reply to this



  7. Jennifer says – reply to this


    I only made it about a minute in until I couldn't take it anymore. The whole cutesy, dumb girl with cupcake tits has grown tired. Good for her though for making a song that sounds identical to every single song she has ever made (while ripping off another artist), and managing to make a hit out of it. What's the point in making music if you're not growing or expanding upon ideas? I don't know of a single person that listens to her music, so I can only imagine she owns the tween audience, and as history has shown, that won't take her career very far into the future. Thankfully.

  8. 8

    Love Katy…there is no ghetto in her. She is decent and her music is cute and uplifting. I think I will go chew some bubble gum and lick a lollipop.

  9. Katy's Kitty Goes Meo says – reply to this


    really Katy? the best you could do was b-roll from a rainforest cafe and a push-up bra? REALLY? didn't you talk shit years ago about Gaga's revealing outfits? Guess what, Applause has more roar than your meow bitch and looks like you're se(x)lling your mediocre vocals for those chart numbers now. I'm still mad your talentless ass matched Michael's sales records but I guess that would render my "talentless" remark void; you know, since your only talent happens to be SEX. might as well be a member of the Kardashians. fuckin ho

  10. Katy's Kitty Goes Meo says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – IDENTICAL SOUND…

  11. tophong says – reply to this


    this is very sad for music industry!!! very disappointed in her tbh.

  12. comparini says – reply to this


    She is a kopy kat LOL this is so Tarzan *dislike*

  13. IBRA says – reply to this


    this is really stupid

  14. David says – reply to this


    THIS VIDEO IS SO STUPID! it has cool effects but stupid scenes! :/ hot or not? NOT! but i like the song.

  15. jnp says – reply to this


    Sara Bareilles video for Roar … errr Brave is way better.

    The video is meh, just like the song.

  16. dfdgdfdgdfh says – reply to this


    How the hell does she have a smartphone on the jungle…………. This girl will never grow up. Her sound and videos still are very childish and teen. But she looks beautiful and hot tho.

  17. RS says – reply to this


    I sure could go for a Nokia cell phone right about now…

  18. Miss92107 says – reply to this


    I thought the video was entertaining and told a story and liked it.
    Not sure why all of you are hating on her.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Cute! (what, no foam finger?) Uplifting, in good taste, and suits the song.

  20. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    LOVE it, LOVE her. Thanks for sharing!

  21. JC says – reply to this


    Looks like a 12 year old wrote the storyboard, and a 15 year old directed the video.

  22. LUIS says – reply to this



  23. 23

    If she had gone the obvious route of kicking some ex-boyfriend's ass then we would say it's typical. She's brilliant, she knows she could have gone that route but chose not to. It's a very well made video, her videos are always super animated and cute. Well done.

  24. joey says – reply to this


    This video makes me hate the song even more. LAME

  25. Jesse says – reply to this


    Re: j – hehe- I noticed that too… what a skeez

  26. MB says – reply to this


    Anybody else change the lyric to "Eye of MacGyver"? I do.

  27. 27

    not a fan of catholics but shes pretty and she can sing i liked this video with the animals but would of like a bit more movement eg dancing or running or something the vine swinging was good . 7/10

  28. Gasance says – reply to this


    It Looks like Destiny's child Survivor.

  29. zil26 says – reply to this


    so what was the point of the whole boxing theme at the vmas? and then she completely changed the point of the song? ummm ok. so ridiculous.

  30. 30

    oh yeah and she is the champion shes the champion of everyone blitzing them in the charts .. because shes a nice gal..

  31. MB says – reply to this


    Katy if you're not going to take your music career seriously, quit torturing everyone's ears, make yourself useful and wrap your monkey feet around my dick….

  32. 32

    Yes because the average person like me always breaks into song when confronted with dangerous animals (stupid). The song was OK but nothing special, I only watched 2 minutes of it.

  33. 33

    The middle school girls (and Perez Hilton) are going to love this video.

  34. Hannah says – reply to this


    Little monsters are so bitter and pressed, lol! Some of my friends who used to like Lady Gags got turned off by her disgusting fanbase who keep attacking other pop stars so they're not gonna buy "Artflop".

  35. 35

    Jealous bitches up in here!!! It's cool, FAR more people like her than hate her.

  36. 36

    Re: Gasance – And that video looked like an actual episode of Survivor.

  37. wally says – reply to this


    Re: Jennifer – exactly the same feeling i have whenever i listen to even a minute of any Lardy GAGa song, exactly identical to every song she has made (while ripping off other artists) LOL

  38. mavi says – reply to this


    This reminds me of Cassandras music video from Waynes World. Song is pretty generic. Katys very pretty.

  39. 39

    Why do you keep comparing GaGa and Katy? They are not at all alike, they have really different styles & fan bases. And what Perez spread is hate, not love or acceptance. Why do you follow his example?

  40. jack says – reply to this


    It's like a weird little Disney flick. Hmmmm… Nice that she isn't taking her clothes off, sticking her tongue out and twerking though. Just a really odd video though.

  41. ABC says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah – Gaga has hardly been mentioned in this thread. Why does everyone assume someone is a Gaga fan because they have a negative opinion on something? This video is ratchet, regardless who you Stan for.

  42. Jess says – reply to this


    Someone got a little too happy with the spray tan.

  43. iCatholic says – reply to this


    @perez posse superfan 777 - What do you have against Catholics? Are you another one practicing some sort of organized crap that's pretty shady, awwww didn't realize us Catholics bother you ghouls so much, or shall I say us "SP's" to you.

    RE Katy: The whole thing is stupid, the song, the video, and Katy. I only watched so much of the video and had to stop it. What a load of crap.

  44. Gaby58 says – reply to this


    Re: RS – you obviously did not see that her plane crashed and the guy had the phone. And then he tossed it.

  45. PositiveThoughts says – reply to this


    Ok, up front: the song is formulaic common denominator pop. On that note, the video was beautifully executed. It's an adorable, take-it-for-what-it-is music video and song. Considering her music and videos are mostly aimed toward tweens, I liked that the guy in the beginning was killed off and she didn't find some "Tarzan-esque" guy at the end. She was cool living on her own in the jungle. Nice message I guess.

  46. RS says – reply to this


    Re: Gaby58

    Both he and later Katy use the same Nokia cell phone as product placements which is hilariously ridiculous in a jungle video. Your comment made no sense.

  47. The Leon says – reply to this


    Don't care what these duds say, this is inspirational. Loved the face-off with "Kitty Purry".

  48. The Leon says – reply to this


    I'd like to hold most of these commenters upside down until the blood reaches their heads.

  49. kitty purry says – reply to this


    I LOVED it!!! This is a great vid I don't know alot of people are hating on her u guys r just a bunch of hater f#&%# dume asses al of u r just jelly of her if you don't have nothing nice to say then keep your f#$@s mouths shut

  50. 50

    Re: WowzaChild – yeah sure

  51. 51

    nice I love this video this is like your best songs iv heard so far