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EXCLUSIVE! Boy George Blows Us Away With First Fresh Music Since '90s! Hear King Of Everything HERE!!

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Culture Club singer and '80s icon Boy George is back into our lives, back into our hearts, and, most importantly, back into our ears!!!

No, we aren't talking about the time he predicted One Direction would go gay, HA!

Boy George is actually pushing out a new album! His first studio album in 18 freakin' years!!! Incredible!!!

Ah, and what is even more incredible is that we here at PerezHilton.com have your FIRST LISTEN to his first single, King of Everything! Can. You. STAND IT????

Ch-ch-check out the first single from the record (above)!

Whoa!!! What a blast from the past!!!

What do U think, readers? Does this compare to hits like Karma Chameleon and The Crying Game?

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40 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Boy George Blows Us Away With First Fresh Music Since '90s! Hear King Of Everything HERE!!”

  1. 1

    I thought this was Joel Madden at first.

  2. reader says – reply to this


    Actually not bad at all. Normally when Perez says something is amazing it is total crap.

  3. Josiner says – reply to this


    LOOOOOOOVE IT. This is a great song :)

  4. Barbara says – reply to this


    Always have had a soft spot for Boy George….there is a whole generation that has not heard of him. Truthfully it is a good song, but not as good as Culture Club songs.

  5. Susan says – reply to this


    It's not his first new music since the 1990's. He released a dance album a couple of years ago called Ordinary Alien. It's not as good as his older music because his voice is so damaged now. Also to me the song is boring. It's very MOR like Elton John. His older music was more interesting and innovative. I personally find him to be a very overrated artist.

  6. ewelina898 says – reply to this


    Great song!:) George is a genius!I love him to death! ;) <3

  7. 7

    Not bad. This isn't an up-to-date photo of him though, is it?

  8. Ben says – reply to this


    Like the song, love the picture. He is simply gorgeous!

  9. 9

    Always been a fan…. Watch out Mario!!!! He tweeted Gaga and said he really enjoyed her song and video….. Are you going to start slamming him now?

  10. Johnny Boy says – reply to this


    This is nothing like Culture Club. Culture Club was a fun pop group with interesting rhythms influenced by world music and Motown. They were fun danceable and joyful, sort of the Lady Gaga of their day. This is some horrible dreary ballad that drags on and is depressing. The Boy George I loved in the 80's is dead and gone. Sad. I will just buy the Lady Gaga album instead.

  11. Susan says – reply to this


    Re: Picote
    It's a current picture that has been heavily photoshopped to make him look younger.

  12. David says – reply to this


    Why does everyone keep saying this is his first album in 18 years? Since that album in 1995, he has released "One Man Bandit" in 1997, "You Can Never Be Too Straight" in 2002, "Yum Yum" in 2004, "Ordinary Alien" in 2011, plus a Culture Club reunion album "Don't Mind If I Do", (with a bunch of live albums, video releases & greatest hits packages along with) and the London & Broadway hit musical "Taboo". He's also done many many collaborations and one off singles with dance artists & his own record label. Hardly a 18-year absence!

  13. Johnny Boy says – reply to this


    Re: David
    The statement it's his first new album in 18 years comes from George's own press release, so maybe you should ask him or his manager that question? I guess they mean it's his first pop solo album since Culture Club is a band and a lot of his other solo albums were techno dance stuff not pop music. Or maybe he wants to just forget about those other albums because they were flops!

  14. elena says – reply to this


    this is simply amazing,my heart is melting.Thank you so much george for this.I will love him forever

  15. 15

    Culture Club was NOTHING like Lady Gaga. My god, not only does she have to insert herself into pop culture history (like she lived it), but her fans do the same to every other artist. They were actually daring and took risks in a time when it wasn't "safe" to do so…and they didn't simply re-hash what has already been done and claim it as their own. Stay healthy, George.

  16. Johnny Boy says – reply to this


    Re: FauxNews
    Boy George and Culture Club was heavily influenced by David Bowie. He admits it himself. So George wasn't that original either. He was influenced a lot of David Bowie and also by earlier forms of music like reggae and Motown. Every artist is influenced by what came before them.

  17. Susan says – reply to this


    Re: FauxNews – George and CC were very ground breaking in the 80's, much more risky than Lady Gaga. But this new song is nothing groundbreaking or original. People are saying they like this new song not because it's good, but because they have nostalgia and a soft spot for the George of the 80's.

  18. 18

    As Amber once said in "Clueless": "Helllooooo!!!! Was I the only one listening? I thought it REEKED!"

  19. Nummerwelt says – reply to this


    I'm not really a fan of Boy George. The only song I like is his cover of The Crying Game which he did with the Pet Shop Boys. But I recognize his talent and I am happy for him for returning to music. Even if it hasn't really been 18 years since his last. After all the drama he's been involved with during the last one or two decades, I hope he finds solace in the studio.

  20. Bjarne says – reply to this


    Hello folks Boy George is 52 and of course he sounds different from when he was in the early '20s. I am looking very much forward to his new album will be released. The new single is very promising mature music. Culture Club was very well 30 years ago. But I personally have always liked BG solo more. And I do not comment on the comparison with Lada Gaga … because it's just so farfetched

  21. Dorrie C says – reply to this


    Love it!!!! Love Boy George, so glad he is back with new music.

  22. Bjarne says – reply to this


    Re: Fraulein Steve – Everything you comment on is negative so not very serious!!

  23. micaela says – reply to this


    Re: Susan – I personally don't have nostalgia and I don't miss the 80's Boy George, because I wasn't even born back then… I'm saying I like this song because I like it. I respect your opinion on the song, but I don't like people who jump to conclusions and claim they know other people's opinions/feelings/taste. I think this song is brilliant. You don't. End of. Sorry for my bad English.

  24. 24

    Re: Bjarne – Quoting Clueless isn't negative. It's brilliant. You're just a sad uncultured tight-assed little snob.

  25. 25

    i do i love boy george

    the 80s were a great time i was only lucky enough to experience a bit of it but it was fab perez woulda loved it..

  26. 26

    great song like a matured boy george very haunting …

  27. Bevi says – reply to this


    I love him still. His voice has gotten rougher since the 80s, but it sounds good. The thing is, he is a really talented singer. I'm glad he has new music.

  28. Bjarne says – reply to this


    Re: Fraulein Steve
    Of course you're right … in everything you say

  29. 29

    this is fantastic! absolutly fabulous!

  30. Monika says – reply to this


    His voice isn't damaged. I do not hear it. It just the voice of 52-year-old man, NOT 20-year-old boy; also now he doesn't sing "by nose" (it's good). It's, a good music with mature singer. Did anybody notice the lyric? Boy George is a master of songwriting. Now he hasn't to break anything in music, he did what he did. He's not young popstar who must get fans. He's an icon and can play his own, private music and there are very emotional, inspiring songs. And I can't like it for nostalgia ’cause I was born in '88.

  31. Michael says – reply to this


    Not half bad! This maybe a new song to us but not his first music since the 90s. He has been quite active this past few years. Yes not dance music…big shock since the airwaves these days are laced with mudflap music you may not actually recognize good old fashioned Rock-Pop. As for the voice being a bit rough…hmmm….well at least he is actually singing the song and not relying on his voice being dubbed over and synthed out. Check out ' Coming Home', 'These Gods Will Fall' and 'Happy' released earlier this year if you need to hear dance music. To be honest, whether it is a flop or not I think it is awesome that this icon is making music….yes making music….and not just regurgitating back beats of the 80s and pretending to be innovative. Go George …. lay some glitter down!

  32. james says – reply to this


    He sounds like the lion for the wizard of oz lmao

  33. Norig says – reply to this


    George even now has a great singing voice. Love the more raspy texture. Just wanted more pop sound but this bodes well for upcoming album of all new songs in 18 years… looking forward to it!

  34. bruce says – reply to this


    Loving George back in the '80's, I was a little afraid about being disappointed by this. It immediately brought to mind the last album of original Culture Club songs (I believe), "Don't Mind if I Do" released in the late '90's. I guess it wasn't in wide-release here, so I'm lucky I was living in Asia at the time.

    I love it!! I hope he's back for another stay,

  35. vlad,Belgrade,Serbia says – reply to this


    Hi there Boy George is pop singer, pop singer for young people,he is a king of disguise ,he coming back with the style,dignity from the dust and wind,he looks now like before 26 years ,Welcome back to the basic George,,when he started solo career with the album,,SOLD,,and now he looks like in the music video at that time ,very similar with the cap,,KEEP ME IN MIND,,i love that music video and song ,he is of most greatest musisian what England have a made and MTV.Iwant my MTV.vladimir from Belgrade,Serbia.George come to shooting the 2nd music video in Belgrade,Serbia.)for the song ,,MY God,,Bigger than war,,we love you kiss from Serbia.

  36. Krystal Kleer says – reply to this


    Re: ewelina898 – yer comment is overrated …like you!

  37. Krystal Kleer says – reply to this



  38. Sean Prince says – reply to this


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  39. lez a says – reply to this


    oh yes brill

  40. Mirela says – reply to this


    Great song! George is the best!