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  1. 1

    wow let it go Perez, you will end up hurting your own brand if you don't stop using your site to cause harm and display things like this that show someone who is gloating. Are you not also in the doghouse with the Kardashians after all the sucking up you did? How long do you think its going to be before all celebs stop talking to you because if you have disagreements etc they know that you will take advantage of having this site and won't want to be a victim of the abuse you can inflict.

  2. Betzy says – reply to this


    @gwen01: word!!! really, perez, it's enough. since your big change and everything YOU should be the bigger person and just shut up about her.

  3. dorina says – reply to this


    grow up! stop gloating and move on! you will feel better and be richer!

  4. Arlene says – reply to this


    Your sounding retarded. This site is also getting stale.

  5. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    No I don't agree. But apparently you do. We all know how you feel. Get over it.

  6. jimji says – reply to this


    perez you seriously need to let this go, do you not realize how bad it's making you look? You're gonna be in the bad books of all the celebs soon because you use your website to ruin their reputation whenever you get into an argument. You rally want people to be nice to you just because they're scared of you?

    Be the bigger person for once. You've already published how many posts with Gaga's applause sales (or lack of)? She's still a well respected artists, and you can't expect every single one of her songs to be total hits. She's still making millions more than you ever will, not to mention she's much more respected than you. People would like you better if you stopped being so petty.

  7. Thomas MIller says – reply to this


    218.000 downloads is a very good figure.

  8. Mariusz Kalbarczyk says – reply to this


    I hope Perez that you still remember and have somewhere deep in your heart the words and commitments presented at Oprah's Lifeclass! I still hope there is a respectfull, caring, kind and loving human being inside you. Wish you all the best.

  9. HSKHSK says – reply to this


    God you're pathetic and juvenile and you're supposed to be a "FATHER". Your kid will take the brunt of your meanness for your sorry actions. Grow up and get over yourself. You will always be bitter that you are nothing more than a celebrity hanger-on so this is what you do. You're a bully because no one is giving you any positive attention.

  10. tacogirl says – reply to this


    MeOWWWWW….the claws come out

  11. 11

    You have not changed! You are still a very horrible petty person who feeds off on what might be someone's hard times.

  12. Belle says – reply to this


    I'm actually getting really sick and tired of how you speak of her. I've never been a huge fan of hers but after your awful review of her VMA performance the other week I watched it and was pleasantly impressed and now am a fan of hers. So well done your unprofessional-ism has gained her fans.

    I suggest you make a public apology for all this nonsense, it's not doing you any good.

  13. 13

    totally disagree! applause is waaaaaaaay better than a lot of the current songs and waaaaaaay better than roar. people don't even know any difference about the songs, they're just going after lady gaga, trying to destroy her, because that's what we like in this country: put people on the top in order to shoot them and see them fall. the celebrities are used to this low bar media behavior, like yours, El Kreep. what's most disgusting in this whole situation is that pigs like you are throwing gaga against katy perry and gaga fans against katy perry fans, which is completely deplorable!!!

  14. Shawn says – reply to this


    LET IT GO…YOUR FIXATED!! LOL 218,000 is decent anyways, just because you have the highest numbers doesn't mean it's the best, and for the record Peres, your Katy Perry not only copied Sara Bareilles, the video for it is a direct copy of the AQUA video's….in the jungle, I thought it was DOCTOR.JONES by AQUA……..She can't sing live, she doesn't write her own songs…..PEREZ seriously take a hike.

  15. 15

    yes i agree shes a rat face loser …she acts like a paranoid recluse always alone no friends then wants comparison to queen madonna madonna for the record always had people around her dancers family and friends i dont remember EVER seeing madonna standing alone like some friendless weird mole.. gaga can sing but thats it shes a LOSER I AGREE.!!

  16. kate says – reply to this


    i hate you gaga. yes katyyyyyyyy

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Where's the word "loser?" Tomorrow @EW Entertainment: Is Perez seeing things?

  18. nika says – reply to this


    Why do you criticize Perez and still read his site? No one forces you, haters, to come here and Perez is the one getting paid. Perez is not the only person criticizing Gaga, many of her former friends and people who supported her from the beginning are doing the same. Maybe the truth will come out one day…

  19. Nikk says – reply to this


    Yeah, putting the word LOSER in quotation marks is totally misleading.

  20. Josh says – reply to this


    Umm you people are aware that Perez doesn't actually read any of the stuff you people post nor does he actually write any of the articles the site posts. All your ranting and raving about how he's such a horrible person is just giving his site hits which he turns into money. If you REALLY wanna show Perez just how much you hate him try this new age idea….don't type in Perezhilton.com on your search bar… ^_^

  21. Ali says – reply to this


    Where does it say she's a loser? I love that song, I downloaded it :D

  22. alexandro says – reply to this


    you are a dispicable human being.. you said youd change. youve became worse.

  23. 23

    I copied this from another site. I ALWAYS was Team Perez, Part 1:
    There is a public battle going on now between a very famous female performer and a male blogger. While both are telling their "versions" of the story, we have the real back story for you. The 2 used to be very good friends… until the blogger started privately telling the performer to get help for her substance abuse problem. Yes, the performer is an addict, and a serious one at that. But, like most addicts, she was in compete denial about her problems, and she hated the blogger for telling her the truth! She warned him that if he didn’t shut up about her problems, that she would cut him out of her life. The blogger stopped confronting the performer personally, but did go to a third party to discuss the performer’s issues and to ask for her help in encouraging the performer to go to rehab and perhaps staging an intervention. The third party is a very famous female singer who is friendly with both the performer and the blogger. The performer found out that the blogger and the third party were discussing her problems behind her back… and went ballistic! She not only cut the blogger out of her life, but she started making nasty comments about him to anyone would would listen. The blogger was very hurt and retaliated by critiquing the performer on his blog. (cont.)

  24. 24

    Part 2:
    The performer eventually did go to rehab, but she did not admit it publicly, pretending instead that she was taking several months off due to an injury. Whatever. So, the blogger’s persistence did pay off in terms of her eventually getting the help that she desperately needed… but their friendship was lost in the process. She is now out of rehab and working again. However, she still hasn’t forgiven the blogger for his confronting her about her addiction, as well as for his private disclosure of her condition to the other singer. Meanwhile, he is trying to cope with the very public backlash from her rabid fans, who don’t know the back story and who blame him for the performer’s angst!
    Performer: Lady Gaga
    Blogger: Perez Hilton
    Singer: Lana Del Rey; Katy Perry; Cher

  25. Brian Merritt says – reply to this


    I'm not a a huge fan of hers, but I read your page a lot less now just because I think these posts you make are really childish. Although you aren't a real new person and just a gossip columnist, I still think you should have some self respect and not act like 5 year old.

  26. skankeliminator says – reply to this



  27. coc says – reply to this



  28. catton says – reply to this


    I'm reading this site less and less. Between the self promotions, baby pics and kindergarten behavior, his credibility for a blogger has sunk to an all time low.

  29. RC says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez?? I don't mean to be rude to you, but I must say all of those pics you post of yourself as an overweight child really clears things up for me and your current bully mentality. I think you need to come face to face with those feelings of inadequacy so maybe you can stop knocking other people over who don't agree with you now. Use your platform for good, not negativity. Help to rise people up, not point out their flaws. Good lord, move on.

  30. Joshua Nash says – reply to this


    Perez, don't act like you've never snorted anything in your life. The holier than thou act coming from you is a bit annoying. Just don't post about her at all.

    Lady Gaga is a washed up has been. Her schtick is dried up - she was interesting at first, now I find her insipid. She's like taking a bite of something that is amazing, but that aftertaste is enough to not ever take a bite again. She's a bad aftertaste, and this new music she is releasing is just plain awful in my opinion.


  31. Sam says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez, if you dont stop pushing how shit Lady Gaga is Ill never come back to your website. You're not better than her, nor is Katy Perry. Keep your negative opinions to yourself.

  32. 32

    Start 'splaining, Lucy - your reasoning is absurd. Perez Hilton goes out of his way to bash lady gaga… not quite the behavior of someone who is trying to help a former drug addict get help

  33. 33

    You are one petty bitch. I want to call you that f word so badly. You're so extreme with it, and it makes me want to be extreme too. LET IT GO!

  34. 34

    She wasn't called a loser. Can you just be the bigger person instead of only posting negative things about her? You are so mean and I really hope that you're son doesn't get any of your characteristics.

  35. Amanda says – reply to this


    I liked the song, not as much as Katy Perry's and I am not a fan of Gaga but what you are doing is mean and so against your apparent values. I do not know you or her, but be the bigger person, stop putting her down! You are acting so self absorbed. Someone wronged you .Get over it, that is unfortunately what happens. Take the higher road.

  36. mister davis says – reply to this


    Your still a bully! What a bummer!

  37. Anton says – reply to this


    Yes!!!! Perez keep hating the bitch!!!

  38. Lauren says – reply to this


    He is a celebrity blogger …. so what? should he not talk about an article about a celebrity? Seems stupid to say no. Lady Gaga is a public figure. He is talking about her professional life which after all …. is on display for those to critique. If you do not like the site or the person behind the site … why do you still come here? Drama that's why.

  39. Julia says – reply to this


    Stop it you pathetic little shit. You bitch that people are on your ass? You're on her ass every day. Just fucking stop. You're making yourself look back.

  40. Lil T says – reply to this


    Perez, you're trying too hard. A more generative approach might be to discuss the messages in each song to understand the motivations of each respective artist. "Applause" may not have as many download sales, but it addresses important themes in popular culture far more than Perry's pseudo-empowerment "anthem." Both songs are catchy, a discussion of "numbers" as solely determining popularity, value, etc. removes any nuanced discussion from the table.

  41. stefystef says – reply to this


    If you don't have anything nice to say about Lady GaGa, don't at all.

  42. God says – reply to this


    lol, you're the fucking loser P, and you're bad at it. Truth ? FORTUNATELY for you Gaga doesn't give a fuck about you, she's a billion times bigger than you, she could crucify you with one tweet and still she doesn't cus she doesn't give a fuck
    and you're such a sore loser, full of hate cus she doesn't want to be your friend anymore. And honestly can we blame her ?
    now everyone knows what kinda of sicko you are, who would want a friend like that ? just stop seriously cus you're pityfull going on with this war YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE TO FIGHT.
    truth again ? Gaga gives you a jobe to do and doesn't need anything from you, she can exist by herself and visibly you can't

  43. 43

    what a bitter, bitchy,little queen you are. you really fuel the stereotype associated with immature gay men. will you never grow a set of balls and take the high road? what am i saying ? of course you won't. you've done nothing but lie about 'the new you". although your kid is too young to see how pathetic you are someday he will and then karma will come home to roost. what an embarrassment you are,above and beyond your sense of style…

  44. 44

    Enough! I taught 4th Graders with better snark control!

  45. 45

    I hope you keep up this childish, petty bullshit. That way everyone will be right about you.

  46. 46

    u guys should all check out the actual twiiter post and read all the comments. KATHY HILTON actually DEFENDED lady gaga…the first 'celeb' to sort of stand up for gaga and perez does NOT respond to it instead he deflects it with a different response. check it out. GO KATHY HILTON

  47. 47

    I think Katy Perry is going to be a big star in music and maybe more acting for a long time. She's one of the most likable pop stars I've ever seen. One of the best looking for sure. If you know anything about her background, Katy has "real deal" talent in music as a singer/performer and as a songwriter.

    Lady Gaga better work her butt off in the studio making smash hit songs. She's going to be competing with Katy and artists like Taylor Swift for a long time.

  48. 48

    Re: Scotty – All I said is that I copied what I wrote from somewhere else. I did NOT write it. You are free to believe whatever you wish. Some people believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, they are free to believe in them. To me what I copied and pasted does sound plausible, seeing how Perez helped the launch her career. Wouldn't you feel hurt if you were in his place through this?

  49. Rachel says – reply to this


    nowhere is she called a loser. stop it. how is this any different than cyberbullying?? stop acting like a petulant child.

  50. Ted says – reply to this


    This story is old already, Applause has been out for about a month now move on.

  51. 51

    The numbers in no way indicate artistry or talent. Emeli Sande blows both of these two fluff pieces out of the water in terms of vocals and artistry, but sadly, she is not as popular. People want T and A, and smoke and mirrors.

  52. 52

    I laugh. Every time he posts something on this loser it gets the most comments.
    Sadly, all hating on him. You people are so in denial that Lady Swine is becoming
    a has been. Get over it and accept!

  53. 53

    This is making you look unstable.

  54. J says – reply to this


    i understand that your job is to give us the gossip, but you only choose to feature the negative gossip about lady gaga. as many negative things that have been said about applause, she's had twice as many positive articles about it. whereas negative articles about katy perry, which i've seen, are never mentioned by you. be "real" like you say you are and explain yourself.

  55. maggie says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Lady Gaga showed plenty of T and A and smoke and mirrors.

  56. 56

    Re: maggie – Perhaps I was unclear - both Gaga and Perry are fluff - they cannot compare to a real artist like Sande.

  57. lala says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is such a bully! There's a difference between defending yourself and being plain mean. Just remember you reap what you sow. Karma comes back full circle and if it doesn't get you, it's gonna come back to your children.

  58. JJ Jewels says – reply to this


    I agree, this is his job!!!!!! He posted an article that SOMEONE else wrote. If you all don't like it then stop threatening to stop reading his site and actually stop!! Because at the end of the day if you stop reading Perez he will still be a huge success and you will continue your miserable lives being pissed because someone gave their opinion to you ON THE INTERNET. I truly feel bad for all of you GAGA fans who bombard this site with negativity and hate on A CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOGGER for REPOSTING an article ABOUT A CELEBRITY. I am not going to call you losers but you all are perpetuating the very thing you are trying to stop. Get a life, Get a job, go get happy with yourselves, then come on the site, read about celebrities, and stfu.

  59. Mark says – reply to this


    Ha ha, all the monsters out to beg Perez to be the bigger person. Ha, only when Applause was well and truly seen as a flop everywhere in the world, now you all beg him to be the bigger person? Werent you all threatening Perez at his own website when mothermonsterfucks thought at some point Applause might climb up in the charts. Now that is bye bye No1 for good is Perez please stop upsetting Lady Loona Loon

  60. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: RC – You're an idiot.

  61. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: God – She wont crucify him or provoke him , he knows where the bodies are buried,plus lots of people hate her, not just Perez

  62. 62

    Re: JJ Jewels – You know, honey, everything you wrote here is so true.
    Too bad no one will do it … His dislike for this pandering loser is what brought me to this site. I really love your comment.

  63. ADREAN says – reply to this


    you should really buy yourself a life and some talent beside this crappy bullshit "job" that u have

  64. seriously says – reply to this


    do you really need her biography or dollar worth to understand that she's a fucking winner ?!
    you're the fucking loser, by yourself, because there's not even such a thing as a war between you and Gaga, it's all from YOU ALONE. She's got better things to do than fighting with Perez i'm telling you, you don't even exist
    stop acting like a mean bitch and man up, cus you're SO TRANSPARENT, imbecile

  65. Denis Bastien says – reply to this


    Why are you so determine to report on how "bad" Lady Gaga is doing ? Katty Perry must be embarrassed by your doing. She does not need to step on Lady Gaga to be where she is. They are both amazing entertainers, I brought and enjoy both of their songs/albums. What is wrong with you ? You should stop this quest of yours. Nobody likes it. It is sad. So much negativity coming from your site these days. Wake up before it is too late.

  66. Megan says – reply to this


    Perez, I remember the day you posted that you weren't going to post negative comments anymore or put someone down because, you yourself had been put down/bullied/beat up/cursed at/made fun of. Now you're going back on your word. Please, think about your son and the example that you'll someday set for him. Let go of the hurt and anger. You'll get wrinkles if you don't.

  67. 67

    wow, what a fucking bitch you are. Talk about being a fucking bully ass bitch. Granted i don't like or even get gaga, but what the fuck is wrong with you dude? you got a kid now…grow the fuck up, Perez.

  68. De says – reply to this


    If it is really true that P. was trying to help GAGA with her addiction, the most appropriate venue would have been to talk to her family, considering her fame. If that's true, of course. On the other hand, if Gagalupe is or was an addict, what would he expect from an addict but to attack him. Addicts are in denial many times until they realize that they need help. Unfortunately, Perezito's behavior shows that there is an issue there within himself.

  69. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    god you're such a loser.

  70. ColliFlower says – reply to this


    OMFG!!! seriously GET OVER IT. I don't see the word Loser posted anywhere except from Perez Hilton. Really?!? you're a supposed to be a GROWN man and act like a tween girl. Gaga's single didn't do as well as Katy Perrys, you weren't posting about Katy Perry in this manner when it was the other way around. Get over yourself and stop playing the kiddie games, of "I don't like her neither should you".

    You are your sons greatest teacher, you are his role model. This is what you want him to look back on a say he is Proud of his father??? Why not start acting like it?? The hate you direct towards others will eventually be reflected back on to your son and the only person to blame would be you.

  71. Rick5 says – reply to this


    Good God Man…..Grow up…..

  72. me says – reply to this


    This getting creepy and not going to end well.

  73. 73

    Perez, you are now becoming annoying. Grow the hell will you.. Oh I think that was tacky of you what you did with her nude pictures

  74. Heather says – reply to this


    Actually applause is just so much better than roar. Roar is actually really disappointing… it sounds like really bad nursery rhyme…

  75. MD says – reply to this


    You are actually losing me now, for becoming such a cyberbully of her. I get she hurt your feelings, or whatever, but grow up and let it go!
    She is an artist and she is at least trying to put something out there that is positive and creative. What do you contribute???

    You started this site by calling peoples kids "ugly" and "potato head" yet you get so appalled when one of her fans says something about your son.

    You seem to have changed back into the immature cyber-jerk you where at this sites inception now.

    Grow up.

  76. 76

    Re: Josh – Agreed. Seriously. We are the reason Perez Hilton is rich. He's cashing in on the hits his website gets every day. He doesn't deserve a penny of it.

  77. 77

    i just find it hilarious that people come here every time he does these lady gaga posts and leave 70+ comments of the exact SAME thing they say every time. He's getting the views AND the comments exposure, that makes me lol.

  78. 78

    "Loser" is pretty strong word there, I'd say she's on the decline. Her voice is all she really has, so she should stop trying to compensate with the clown make-up and witchypoo outfits.

  79. 79

    How can you quote a word that was clearly not in the EW's quote you posted? You called her a "Loser" they called it "tepid". I'm really sick and tired of the Katy vs Gaga shit you started.

  80. LaFondue says – reply to this


    so negative! such a Bully. i wonder what are celebrities thinking after seeing what youre doing to Lady Gaga? will they stick by you after what youre trying to be or will they drop you? because its not a good look on you to be honest.

  81. JC says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – You get more stupid with each comment you make. I think old age is getting to you. The fact that she still generates the most comments on here means she's far from over.

  82. 82


  83. XYZ says – reply to this


    Re: JJ Jewels – Um…first you say it's Perez's job to post articles from other sites, but then you say everyone is getting pissed off because he's giving an opinion. So which is it? Because any moron can copy and paste articles from other sites, which is basically the only thing Perez does these days, and he's been called out for it by other sites for not crediting his sources on 90 percent of them. That ISN'T the job of a blogger, however. If Perez was a real blogger, we would hear more of his actual opinions on Gaga, and maybe get some insight on why he's done such a turnaround on her, rather than see all these passive-aggressive slams he posts everyday, using "other sites" as his weapon of choice.
    And we all know Perez isn't making near the revenue of what he was making during his prime. The number of comments on stories are significantly lower. That's why he's posting shit about Lady Gaga, because she seems to be the only person who gets a lot of hits these days.
    Lastly, you shouldn't be so presumptuous about the people who leave comments on here. It only takes a few moments out of one's day to leave one, and some of the these people commenting probably lead more productive lives and have betterjobs than you.

  84. 84

    I am sad that you keep going after Lady Gaga. While I am not a huge fan I must admit you are pushing me to like her more. Let it go the world moves on so should you. With all due respect.ME

  85. deviboop says – reply to this


    Nowhere does it call her a 'loser', that's just you & your agenda being a catty bitch. Get over it, you're not fooling anyone.

  86. @v@ says – reply to this


    'trying to cope with the very public backlash from her rabid fans..' Yeah, right.
    I'm sure she thanks you for all of the free publicity. If the 'coping' gets too much for you, go silent; stop posting shit about her.

  87. prerez says – reply to this


    Man, you've posted negative news about Gaga constantly. Come on. Who can't move on?

  88. Chris says – reply to this


    You really should just stop posting anything about her. You would come off much better than this.

  89. Laura Catherine says – reply to this


    I completely agree with you perez she is a loser, ive always hated lady gaga….i think shes ugly…has barely any talent maybe a decent voice…but her music isnt that good and a lot of it sounds just like madonna…plus shes in the illuminati and well all know that…um yea and you were a good friend for suggesting her to get help and she turned her back on you…when you did nothing but help her get famous by always putting her on your site…to the point where i stopped reading it just b/c i dont like her, nothing personal…but im glad you see the light

  90. maria c (@icelily20) says – reply to this


    No only bullies are losers, I wonder if you support the campaign against bulling, but how if you are one!! your mental. As a gay you should do better.

  91. lacey says – reply to this


    Is Katy Perry the litmus test for all things success in regards to Lady Gaga now? Because she really shouldn't be. I like her, but Miley freaking Cyrus managed to steal Katy's thunder at the VMA's in spite of all of the hoopla surrounding her performance. And Adele is more successful then all of them. Maybe Adele should be the one they compare all female artists too.

  92. dustin says – reply to this


    Stop with this bullshit! I am beginning to hate this site! You are like a fucking 12 year old! Bully!!!!

  93. Sadie Nardini says – reply to this


    Perez, As a fan of yours and a yoga and rockin' abundance coach, all I can say is: read your fan's comments below and take heed. Negativity will never bring you positivity, as you can probably feel when you look into your heart. It's just poison you're drinking and expecting Lady Gaga to die. It doesn't work, and will turn off so many. Be the bigger man, and treat all beings with respect–even the ones who disappoint you. I wish you better days ahead.
    ~Sadie Nardini.

  94. Dax says – reply to this


    Re: lacey – Bingo! I'm really astounded how all of a sudden Katy has become this media darling who can do no wrong, when her last two albums were panned by critics, and the media treated her somewhat as a joke. The funny part is, Katy isn't even showing any growth as an artist. It's the same shit as two years ago. Now everyone is panning Lady Gaga, when just two years ago she couldn't do no wrong according to the same media who is trashing her (and that includes Perez).

  95. Josh says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole

    Well the point still stands. If you and the others can't stand perez why even bother giving his site hits? There are plenty to celeb gossip sites that don't "bash and harass" the starts they post about. Go give them your support.

    You may hate him and what he does but you're supporting him by clicking on his site. Taking time out of your day to comment. And then coming back over and over again. If you hate him so much why bother? You know what he does and you know he's "mean" but you still come back.

    Personally I don't love or hate perez. I come here b/c it seems to be the only celeb site that is updated on a hourly basis. Believe me, If I even found one better I'd be out of here. As we all know perez and his stories are hardly based off facts. Hell I've seen them contradict themselves literally in the same hour.

  96. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    Hi Perez,
    Listen, i luv both you guys. Obviously if you guys were friends at some point there was some love and caring shared. Now as Pink says so eloquently "where there is a flame there is gonna be a fire, where there is a fire someones bound to get burned." Just cause Lady is brilliant doesn't mean she isn't flawed and stupid sometimes and sometimes you can be too! Give her the freedom to be a jerk sometimes and give yourself that freedom too. Only Jesus was perfect and we are all on this planet together to learn and grow with each others help. Anyhow eventually yall have to admit this is all about hurt feelings on both sides and yall need to cry it out. Great wars around the world are started by hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Lets communicate and love and start again.

  97. 12346 says – reply to this


    Perez grow the fuck up

  98. SinoOz says – reply to this


    You should be very disappointed in yourself for your continued venomous and bitchy behaviour. You have put yourself out there as the moral compass for celebrities, and carried on about how you really how badly you bukllied people in the past but are a changed man. You continue to show you are not. There is nothing at all enlightened in your delight in bashing someone who has cut you off. You st a poor example whilst claiming to be spiritual and a better version pf yourself. You use your site these days for vapid self promotion as if you are yourself trying to be a celebrity. Perez, you are a gossip blogger! Not the most enlightened path that you could have chosen and yet you think you have the right to manipulate people into being nice to you or you will say bad things about them on your blog, and delight in others pain. You make yourself look bad and frankly your true colors are on display for all to see. Shame on you. Maybe it's really time you were honest with yourself about who and what you clearly are. Oprah, Deepak , all of them would be ashamed of you

  99. Paige says – reply to this


    Wow, you're such a joke.
    From someone who used to blog about positivity and a former fat fuck kid.. and now dissing a woman who just sings about positivitym, who YOU used to support, and now you diss her.
    wait, I take that back, you do NOT diss her, you literally do it by posting negative articles not from you, but from other writers so you wont get the wrap from it.
    You really are a piece of shit. Fit or not, you are sad. and so is your life. I'm not even defending Lady Gaga, but I really do feel in the end, just sad for you with all 500 teeth of yours when you smile. NO MA'AM SIR. no body wants it. *hair flip*

  100. Mark A. says – reply to this


    I tend to lurk here, but seriously. You're losing me as a reader with the constant negative Gaga posts.

    We get it. You guys had a disagreement and are no longer as close, and you feel the need to bolster yourself by posting negative things that other people are writing about Gaga to ensure plausible deniability when it comes to owning your own feelings about the situation ("Oh, *I* didn't write this meannastyawfulterriblenogood review of GaGa, I'm just reposting it. And reposting it. AND REPOSTING IT SOME MORE!")

    It's just making you look trashy, and not in the fun, campy, John Waters way. Get over it.

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