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Gurrrrl, Oprah Winfrey would NOT approve! Lindsay Lohan seemed to be on the straight and narrow, but we can EXCLUSIVELY tell you that she might be back t… Read more…

42 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan Back To Clubbing & Dating In NYC! Get The Scandalous Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Perez, leave this hot mess alone…it's getting boring. She's like that relative you have thats a f*ck up, know matter what they do they always f*ck up….so boring

  2. 2

    dude, you never have any sources.

  3. Kippy says – reply to this


    And this new boyfriend is so awesome that a takes his girlfriend who is RECENTLY out of rehab to go late night clubbing. One thing leads to another. If not, this time, real soon. Like I said and so many others have said, all that 'Hooray for you, you've been sober for two weeks, two months…. etc…" is putting to much pressure on her, even if her intents were good. They probably weren't, but just leave her alone. We are tired of being a part of her life every time we read a gossip blog or turn on the TV. Just ignore her and let her life take whatever course it's going to take without giving it power and attention.

  4. Blobby says – reply to this


    Re: beccker – or actual details.

  5. Kippy says – reply to this


    Re: beccker – Other than teee emmmmm zeeee.

  6. Kippy says – reply to this


    …and by the way, you forgot to mention what the "juicy deets" were in your post. If "the sourse" went to the trouble to give "juicy deets", by all means, please tell us what they were. All you did was report she went to a club with a boyfriend. There's really nothing interesting about that other than it's a stupid thing to do when you are so recently out of rehab.

  7. 7

    oh and that "date" must have been so great with her sober coach attached to her side. lol

  8. lohanium says – reply to this


    stfu ur so dumb this is so made up

  9. 9

    Where's the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER" that she paid $50,000 to keep her safe?

  10. 10

    Why does the 12-step religious AA/NA cult KEEP on FAILING SO MANY?

  11. 11

    A REAL "HIGHER POWER" would work 100% of the time….NO MATTER WHAT!

  12. 12

    You can't fix stupid.

  13. fugg says – reply to this


    I need to see photos, bc perez you the only one coming up with this! Quick paycheck

  14. Kippy says – reply to this


    Dear Hillary's Husband's Ex-Girlfriend,

    Will you please stop posting about how AA, and 12 step programs, and higher powers don't work everytime there's a story about some druggie who went to rehab and it didn't work?

    Lindsay didn't go to AA (one meeting maybe a long time ago), she's not in any 12 step program that I know of, and she certainly doesn't appear to have much of a higher power on her mind other than Vodka.

    She went to rehab. REHAB, which unlike AA is a for profit business. They take insurance and have doctors, and also very little success rate.

    We get it. You don't like 12 step programs. But get your facts straight, and stop asking why a 12 step program/higher power/AA failed Lindsay, when in fact she was never in the program you mention. She was forced to go to REHAB not AA,

    And NOTHING works when you are forced. For God's sake (sorry that might be contrued as a "higher power") will you get your facts straight? Lindsay wasn't in a 12 step program. How many times does it take you to get it through that thick skull of yours?

  15. kristin231 says – reply to this


    I wonder if she stopped taking adderall? meh, none of my business.

  16. 16


  17. windbourne says – reply to this


    This is the same woman who was noted not to be invited to anything at Fashion Week in earlier years. Designers wouldn't let her borrow clothes? When someone paid to borrow a dress, she cut the length with scissors and ruined the dress. Yep, bet she was a Hot ticket to be seen at the clubs that were anything to do with Fashion Week.(note sarcasm) Doesn't the Lindsay source have a baby with the girlfriend that had the restraining orderagainst him to look after?

  18. 18

    Re: Kippy – Nice comment. I'd like to add that the operative word in AA or NA is "Anonymous", so we don't know who is or is not a member unless they tell us. They are spiritual programs, not religious cults. That only means they have to do with nonmaterial matters. They have no inside link to some god-figure who will zap members sober upon demand. I wish the very best for Lindsay, but don't believe that anyone familiar with recovery from alcohol/drugs would recommend going to a club at all, especially for someone newly sober. One of the most common symptoms of addiction is recidivism, with or without treatment and/or a recovery program. Getting and staying sober requires the deepest commitment, willingness to change anything necessary, persistence and great fortune. There are no guarantees. Thanks. :-)

  19. Senfida says – reply to this


    She has to be able to go to these things, she's still an actress and it's part of her job. She might have been there with her sober coach or something.

    Honestly, you should stop posting things that imply that she screwed up… if she's really trying, people should help, she basically kept you and other gossip mills in business for a couple of years :) ))

  20. beach says – reply to this


    Exclusive what? NOTHING. Is she supposed to stay home and die and not go out and do anything. Your stories, and headlines especially, and comments get dumber everyday. Like your comment about Jack Daniels. Not at all necessary. Seeing more and more not many people on your site. Why do YOU think that is?

  21. Kippy says – reply to this


    Re: Senfida – How is this part of her job? Generally, they send you to talk shows and things like that if you are promoting a movie. And very seldom are you sent out to do promotional work at 2:30 AM. Because I know people in recovery, they tell me the same thing. Don't take chances, especially early on. People in true recovery are sleeping at 2:30 AM, unless part of their daily job is the graveyard shift, and this doesn't apply to visiting clubs to be seen and have your picture taken. If this story is true, she was partying. If she wasn't drinking, then it's the first step to doing so.

  22. 22

    Apparently, she's been partying and going to clubs since right after the Oprah interview. She's also "rumored" to be back on Adderall. Rehab was never going to work for her, because she refused to acknowledge that she actually has a problem, nor does she take personal responsibility for any of her actions. Until she can do those two things, she'll never get the help she needs and will just keep going through the same cycle over and over.

  23. 23

    i have to say what is with the fat swollen pasty white leg look she has going on? either something is medically wrong with her gams or else she needs to stop rocking the lil outfits cause it just looks wierd! she dont have the legs to dress like that.

  24. Kippy says – reply to this


    Re: beach – Let's hope she doesn't stay home and die. Let's hope she stays home and reads a good book (or if she gains the industry's trust, maybe some decent scripts), or watches a movie, learns to sew (she likes fashion), has some friends over. Maybe she doesn't have to stay home. Maybe she can go out to places wehre alcohol is not the focus (HINT: Alcohol is BIG at clubs in case you haven't noticed). Or she could just go to sleep at a decent hour. Most 25 year olds are at that age where they are home by 2:30AM, not just going out like the post says. And by most, I mean the majority of 25 year olds have gained a level of responsibility by now.

  25. 25

    Who the heck can stay awake until 2:30am? Not me, but then I am not her age.
    But even so, probably not a good move on her part.

  26. Danny says – reply to this


    Save her Perez! Oprah couldn't do it, you can!!!!!

  27. vexer6 says – reply to this


    Whenever I hear the words "exclusive" and "Perez" in the same sentence, I start to get a wee bit suspicious that maybe the story is total BS and not remotely true.

  28. 28

    jeeesuz… really? i dont have much hope for lindsey any more than than next guy… but you went on a big push to say you have moved on to be a better person and you weren't focusing on putting people down (bully much?)… and now here you are with NO evidence that anything has happened and you assume the worst and drag this lady thru your brand of trashing once again!
    you're a fucker. a total star-fucker. you use celebrity to your advantage and when you are done yu spit them out. There will come a day whencelebritis will recognize that you arent their friends, you dont care about them any further than they further your "career." and they wont give you any more time of day than you got in gradeschool from the poplar kids.

    If i were your friend. i would tell you that you need to look in the mirror and grow up. You are not in grade school anymore. These people are not your friends. You need to stop hanging on to them and taking this all so seriously.

  29. darkrage6 says – reply to this


    Wow Perez you are so full of crap, you tell us Lindsay went to a club without any actual sources to back it up and you actually expect people to believe it? You are incredibly stupid(as is everyone else naive enough to actually believe this obviously false story)

  30. 30

    Re: lacroix – You're obviously the fuck up in your family if you're actually dumb enough to believe this story.

  31. 31

    No sources eh Perez? It's obvious to anyone with a single digit IQ(which dosen't apply to most people on here) that this story is completely bogus. We all know you WANT Lindsay to fail Perez, she used to be your cash cow, but now that she's actually doing well you need to make up a BS story about her in order to generate more hits, you are a truly unpleasant and rotten individual.

  32. 32

    Re: Scotty – Perez dosen't give a damn about Lindsay, he wants her to fail because stories like that make him way more money then stories about her doing well, so I don't buy this story for one millisecond.

  33. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    I bet this story is fabricated, just like the other recent ones.

  34. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    The media does need to leave her alone. None of these stars get a space to breathe. It's horrible.

  35. 35

    "she made sure to avoid talking to another man there who was an ex of hers!" — Perez, you douche, HIRE AN EDITOR!

  36. natti says – reply to this


    wow didnt take her long!!! too much praise too soon!!!

  37. 37

    Nobody cares what Lindsay Lohan is or is not doing. She is old news, even when you make up stories. Nobody cares what Oprah Winfrey thinks about Lindsay Lohan; Oprah is a racist yard ape who has fallen so far that she was reduced to interviewing Lohan for ratings for her shitty network (and failed wonderfully). You have no sources because nobody likes or respects you, so you make it up. You're a worthless leech.

  38. Bitch says – reply to this


    Perez leave Lindsay alone. Attack someone else.

  39. 39

    the first red flag for me was when I saw her lying on national television to Oprah about only doing coke 10 - 15 times. there have been several sightings of her in the city with old friends etc. maybe it's all cool and she's not starting to backslide. but my money says… tick…tick…tick….tick….

  40. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Really Perez ? Lindsay went out for fashion week , so what is LL not allowed to go out ?
    LL can go out that does not mean she is partying

  41. Jaclyn says – reply to this


    Stupid bitch kicked my out of my table at The Raven! So yeah I can confirm that her skezz ass was there! Please someone deport her from this island already!

  42. Tony M says – reply to this


    People just wanna bone her thats all. I am sure if you guys had the chance you would so also if you had no choice and were single men. I would even though I am not attracted to her. I would just bone her.