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Jennifer Aniston Fights Rapist In Dark New Film

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jennifer aniston plays character who fends off rapist

Whoever thinks Jennifer Aniston is a rom-com only kind of gal needs to pause everything they're doing and read this right now.

Justin Theroux's fiancée will be playing Mickey Dawson, the wife of a wealthy Detroit developer who finds herself kidnapped for ransom money, in Daniel Schetcher's Life Of Crime.

The ex-cons in charge of the crime are Ordell Robbie (Yasiin Bay) and Louis Gara (John Hawkes). But it's Mark Boone Junior's character, Richard, who attempts to rape Mickey in a scene where her bra is ripped off before she kicks him off her and escapes with the help of Louis.

A production source reveals Jennifer wanted to make it as authentic as possible:

"Being the level of actor that she is you would imagine that she would be closed off, but she was actually very giving and brave in the scene. She wanted to get it right."

Did you just feel those shivers too??

We think this might be the beginning of a new era for Jenny A!

Scheduled to roll September 14, critics and audience members will be able to view the film on the closing night of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fingers crossed for ya, gurl!

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6 comments to “Jennifer Aniston Fights Rapist In Dark New Film”

  1. Sarah says – reply to this


    She did a rape scene in Derailed too….so this isn't a first time thing.

  2. 2

    Yup. I was just going to say that Sarah. This has been done before, not just by Jennifer, but other actors. Rape isn't something to show in a movie or on tv. It's disturbing enough that it happens way too often in real life. To have it played out in a movie because male viewers want to see nudity is beyond disgusting.

  3. captaintighpants says – reply to this


    I agree Penelope. The most effective and intense "rape scene" I have ever experiences was during the play October 1970. The actors chose to do the scene off stage so we could only hear it. I found it far more effective and less sensationalistic than some graphic torture pron scene yet still conveyed the horrific act.

  4. mari cr says – reply to this


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  5. mari cr says – reply to this


    I do not speak english. I use google translate.
    Oscars awards are sold. This is what is called pure Yankee Imperialism. Angelina Jolie always want to favor their country. Recently, for example, She gave reasons to attack Syria: "Thousands of innocent children have died in terrible circumstances, including the recent attack near Damascus". Do we have to talk to halt the attack on Syria or of continuing the attack on Syria?
    World horror. Evil people rewarding evil people. Angelina jolie may have done a lot of humanitarian work and all that. But she has not repented of the evil committed in the past: as make life miserable for other women or torturing their pets. Worse still always walks around with that big smile of "I made so many evils and I got my way. " For now you are smilingly Angelina, but in the judgment of God, your legs will tremble. There are not things by halves: either you're good, bad or hypocrite.

  6. Art says – reply to this


    Not surprised at all. She was very good in "The Good Girl" and "Derailed." And she did attend the "Fame School." Here's hoping for more serious roles for Aniston.