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Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball Music Video Smashes Into View — And She's Fully Naked! Watch It HERE!

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And you thought she wouldn't be able to top We Can't Stop.

Well, we were both wrong! Getting fully naked to ride a wrecking ball? Um…. OKAY!

Miley Cyrus debuted her second music video today from her anticipated Bangerz disc and we guarantee, it's all anyone is gonna talk about today . We'd already heard Wrecking Ball a few weeks back, but now we get to SEE what the song is really about for the Mileybird.

In case you weren't aware, this whole concept comes from the collective minds of Miley and Terry Richardson, who is fairly well known for pushing the envelope.

And push it they have. She makes out with a sledge hammer, she cries all over everything…

And she's butt-naked on a wrecking ball! C'mon!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to watch all that Miley has to offer in Wrecking Ball.


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118 comments to “Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball Music Video Smashes Into View — And She's Fully Naked! Watch It HERE!”

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  1. aly says – reply to this


    I felt like the video is a joke. I can't take it seriously she is making out with a hammer, it was fine until then, then It reminded me of Russell Brand in the video "African Child", like this video is some part of a comedy movie where she is playing someone pretending to be a rockstar and she is over doing it for laughs. Less is more Miley, true artists speak from the heart, this is not you, you are playing a part and it shows..

  2. MarJoeD says – reply to this


    I like it. Both videos actually. And I don't like pop music at all. I don't see what the big hoopla is on either video and why she's being critiqued. If she had never been Hanna Montana and she was just an emerging artist and this was her first album people would be saying its super avantgarde. Look at Lady Gaga with her meat outfit and Katy Perry with her I kiss a girl or whatever. If it had been Miley who did either people would do what they are doing now because she has a Disney past. She's considered a role model. But the population as a whole should stop seeing these Pop singers and mainstream singers as role models. There are people out there in the science, art, literary, political and even musical community who are actually role models. These Pop artist are just here for entertainment. Take it with a grain of salt and move on. In the words of Miley, It's your life you can do what you want to.

  3. M says – reply to this


    All I can say is… LOVE LOVE LOVE

  4. sultan mahmud says – reply to this


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  5. lexy says – reply to this


    someone please please tell her to keep her disgusting germ ridden tongue in her head!

  6. Maranda says – reply to this


    I'm okay w/ this - she's a kid. Crazy - confused and manipulated (by men, by producers, by family, by instilled values, etc… She'll come okay. I'd rather watch this than … some goody goody pretend to be perfect virgin girl (dime a dozen).

  7. RooRoo says – reply to this


    *sniff*….*sniff*… What is that I smell? Oh, that would be Mileys desperation. This is not edgy and cool, it's leaning towards pathetic. I loved Mileys old image - Hell, we know you're an adult, there's really no reason to do all this crazy/weird stuff. It's like she's having a younger version of the Britney Spears meltdown.

  8. Albert_Flasher says – reply to this


    That is one ugly b*tch.

  9. ссб558 says – reply to this


    who the fuck is Miley Cyrus'
    This is naked. not some Miley Cyrus'

  10. me says – reply to this


    Please, I just had breakfast! Give that thing a rest.

  11. Trying says – reply to this


    It's a great video. Americans are so judgmental. Why are you up in arms over rap videos that scank it up much worse than this? Oh, yeah, that's right, because someone will call you racist. Come on people. It's entertainment. And, if you are older than 40, you will remember Madonna doing similar stunts…I believe she is now the highest earning female entertainer in history, hitting FORBES top earners list. CHILL OUT! Children are dying, animals are being abused and we are on the brink of another war.

  12. Joey says – reply to this


    Why is it these starlets think that to be vulnerable and in pain, one has to be stark naked? There is so much disrespect to the woman's body these days, exploited for publicity and money!! I know from her song that she is hurting, but doing this only degraded her further. All the million likes on Youtube are not real. She is in need of psychiatric help.Pronto!

  13. DEBIQUE says – reply to this


    [re=6529189]Re: Gust[/reI THINK SHES DOING a great job _ go miley]

  14. dizzy says – reply to this


    She's trying to look like a woman…unfortunately she looks like a teenage boy.

  15. loco73 says – reply to this


    Can't really call her a singer, nor do I care about her "music". But the rest, her being raunchy,sexy and naked…who cares, it's her body and she can do whatever she wants. When you are as beautiful as she is and look as hot, hell flaunt it! You do only live once and these times won't come back!

    I just hope that this her doing this, but I get the feeling that these are the managers, agents and publicists and all the other parasites who live off of the coattails who pushed her to do all this! If I have a problem with someone, it is not Miley Cyrus, it is with the adults in her life who are exploiting her and making money from all this, while they are recklessly and thoughtlessly pushing her into doing things without giving her a choice or making clear the consequences down the road!

    I wish her well and I hope she is alright. Remember she really IS still a kid, so don't judge her too harshly, think back when we were her age and some of the things we did…its not like we were perfect or geniuses at that time…that's the way life is…you live and you learn!

    And I wasn't kidding about the beautiful part…she really is beautiful…Hopefully she won't waste herself!

  16. Sara says – reply to this


    Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..

    the other shots only here!

    (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!)

  17. Sara says – reply to this


    Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..

    the other shots only here!
    (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!)

  18. A says – reply to this


    And what's with her licking a hammer?

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