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Boston Airport Apologizes For Holding A Fire Drill Involving Burning Plane On 9/11 Anniversary!

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Ugh. We…can't…even…

Officials at Boston's Logan Airport issued an apology after goofing big time!

Massachusetts Port Authority decided to hold a full scale fire drill at the airport in question, with smoke and flames and literally a mock plane on fire, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

We'll let those of you who were drinking while reading that last sentence continue your spit-taking for the next 3-5 minutes.

In their defense, Logan Airport tweeted that the smoke and fire were part of a drill, but not in their defense, who follows airports on Twitter?!

Meanwhile, Logan Airport's Facebook page received dozens of complaints, including one from an upset person who had this to say on the faux-pas:

"That is ridiculous. Have some respect. People died 12 years ago on flights originating out of your airport. How dare you."

Yeah, the last thing any traveler wants to see on 9/11 is smoke and fire on any airfield! What the shizz were they thinking?!

By noon today, Massachusetts Port Authority wised up and issued this apology:

"Massport apologizes for conducting the fire training exercise and understands that it may have offended many of those touched by the events of Sept. 11. Safety and security is our top priority and constant vigilance and readiness is critical, but the exercise should not have taken place on the anniversary of 9/11. The airport community recognizes the day with moments of silence, a service in the chapel, and a wreath at the 9/11 memorial."

The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, put it best when he called the drill "just dumb."

Well, we're just glad everybody's safe and sound, and that no one was any actual danger!

Our hearts continue to go out to all of those who survived that awful days now a dozen years prior, as we remember all those we've lost.

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[Image via CBS.]

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11 comments to “Boston Airport Apologizes For Holding A Fire Drill Involving Burning Plane On 9/11 Anniversary!”

  1. br says – reply to this


    omg who cares they shouldnt have apologized love how the us makes sure everyone knows when something bad happens to there country no other country does this

  2. bytchface says – reply to this


    Whoever the dildo is who posted the "this is ridiculous" comment IS ridiculous. Typical America. How DARE You run through a fire drill to train people for safety and procedure???

    What a stupid complaint. This is obviously part of safety training and is important to the workplace of an airport. Instead of bitching at them, they should encourage the education coming from a fire drill that people are learning about how to be safe and maybe save lives. Maybe step outside of the box of everything needing to be a topic of sensitivity and offensive action and encourage good things while also remembering those lost on this horrible day. Maybe also remember the MILLIONS of civilians that died from U.S. attacks following it….the jobs and shitty economy from the war….the housing forclosures……. this is a tragic memorial indeed. For MANY.

  3. fitzzz says – reply to this


    I still don't know how Logan Airport was not held accountable in a great part for 9/11
    A year or so before the tragedy, a Boston paper did an expose on how lax security was, they were able to sneak a gun on a plane
    Than a few months later,they did a follow up story they tried again, and again they got through security
    The paper had written to Sen John Kerry asking him to look into this matter, since no one else would
    Their unanswered letter was still on Kerry's desl on 9/11

  4. 4

    good lord I can't believe someone would bother to be outraged over this. why can't they do a drill on 9/11? life goes on. every day is the anniversary of something tragic happening. would you rather your airport just not have drills so they won't offend you? maybe another tragedy will be prevented by this drill.

  5. 5

    Apologizing for having a fire drill? For practicing and training people on safety and the right procedure? Are you serious? I understand its a horrible day for many people but come the fuck on.

  6. 6

    Wow! People are so crazy.

  7. Savannah says – reply to this


    Im Sorry but i think ppl are just being over sensitive, Yes it a horible thing that happend but, really your freaking out about a fire drill that could save ppls life, Get over yourselfs.

  8. Savannah says – reply to this


    Re: LABunny – I agree with you! PPL are just being Over sensiteive.

  9. 9

    Jesus Christ, get off the pedestal already. You should be happy they were practicing what will eventually save someones life. They have no business apologizing to the few idiots trying to garner attention.

  10. 10

    A bit insensitive, but agree they need to practice fire drills. We almost lost one of our top IT people, she was supposed to be on the AA flight that hit the center but changed her plans at the last moment! So glad for her.

    On topic, Perez, your staff needs to come up with some new 3 Quick Questions.

  11. 11

    Another reason to hate the idiots in Boston!