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Harry Styles Got Booed At Elton John’s Concert & Sir Elton Got Miffed!

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harry styles elton john itunes music festival

It may have been Niall Horan’s birthday eve, but Harry Styles was having all of the fun on Thursday night.

The One Direction singer was at Sir Elton John’s show at the iTunes festival in London and he even got a shout out to from the Tiny Dancer.

Harry was in the crowd, and Elton said:

“Thanks to the fabulous Harry Styles.”

And then people started booing! Srsly, what is wrong with people!?

Luckily, Elton responded to the crowd by snapping back:

“I love One Direction, [bleep] off.”

And then he kept right on playing.

Way to set the crowd straight, Elton!

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13 comments to “Harry Styles Got Booed At Elton John’s Concert & Sir Elton Got Miffed!”

  1. Well done Elton, says – reply to this


    Why people are so mean and hateful with this group?

    Maybe they sound gays sometime but, at least they don't give a porn show on stage like.. wait a seconde then I remember: Rihanna, Miley Circus…

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    Why all the shade lately for one or more of these guys? Booed at the VMA's, Louis booed at his soccer game and now Harry is booed. Some gossip sites are "blindly" putting thinly veiled items out there about "guess who is dating but not really." Leave One D alone. If you don't like their music, then don't listen. No reason to boo them, what have any of them done to deserve that?

  4. Ava says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – With Louis' attitude, I actually don't feel the least bit bad that he got booed. However, the rest of them are nothing but nice and it really irks me when people boo them all because they are a part of a "boy band". Sure, they're not the most talented people out there, but neither are the rest of the people that everyone seems to worship these days. And I can't believe anyone would have the nerve to boo Harry. He is easily one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. He's such a sweetheart. He is the most deserving of the fame that he has, hands down.

  5. Linnéa says – reply to this


    Re: Ava – I have met Louis several times and he is a sweetheart. He just doesn´t take any crap from anybody. He puts up with alot of shit from people hating on his girlfriend, harrassing him about them wanting Larry to be real and so on. When people say stuff that he actually can stand up for himself about, the band or Justin Bieber (example that has happened!), where what he says will actually make a difference (Larryshippers thinks he is management or lying, so saying things to them is pointless), he does. Sometimes maybe he should just ignore it, but seriously, he ignores enough stuff and at some point you´ve just had enough. Might be a small thing that makes you go off. Plus, he loves banter, fighting/arguing for fun. Many americans for example doesn´t get that. Sarcasm is also one of those things. But, if you say Louis is rude, you clearly don´t know him and have never even talked to him for real. Nobody deserves to be booed, especially not Louis when he is doing that to raise money for charity. So disrespectful.

  6. 6

    I love Elton John so much lol. WHO'S THE BOSS?? ELTON JOHN hahahhahaah loved the comment

  7. 7

    I didn't care for them or give them a chance before a friend dragged me to their movie and they really are all very talented and funny!!

  8. 8

    He doesn't like them. It's called appealing to different demographics. His demographic are older people. When you sit there and say "hey i like X" he's wanting to appeal to the young, female demographic. REAL musicians like this probably despise these twats.

  9. Ava says – reply to this


    Re: Linnéa – I respect your opinion, trust me. And I think it's great what he did for charity. I actually did not know the football match was for charity (I don't keep up with him). That ups his personality a little bit in my book, but I still I had a really bad experience with him BOTH times I met One Direction (And I was nothing but nice to him) so I am really just not a huge fan of him. Still, the charity thing is really cool of him. And who knows, maybe I just caught him on the wrong days?

  10. An ex friend says – reply to this


    People at an Elton John concert have no rights to boo anyone's for their taste in music. YOU ARE AT A EFFING ELTON JOHN CONCERT ! Candle in the wond for diana and all the most HORRIBLE AND TACKY music ever created on a piano.

  11. Anna says – reply to this


    NO ONE deserves to be booed for any reason. You don't have to like their music, but booing is just unnecessary. Harry is a sweetheart for one thing and if anything one of the nicest celebs to his fans. He also gets trashed by the media on a regular basis and just takes it with grace. I really respect harry because you don't see celebs like him often. He truly is a deserving person, all of 1D are. I wish people would treat them better as people, even if you don't like their music.

  12. Heather says – reply to this


    Haha…No one likes One Direction.

  13. Steve C says – reply to this


    Here's a tip to the clueless concert goer for any act. If the act your there to see welcomes someone to their concert its a really really DUMB idea to boo them. First it is embarassing to the performer and an insult to them, makes you look like an idiot and if they make a comment back like Elton John did you might feel like hiding under a rock. If you don”t like the person or group being mentioned the smart thing to do is stay silent!!!