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Niall Horan's 20th Birthday!! Here's 20 GIFs For 20 Things He Should Do Before Turning 21!!

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niall horan and his birthday gifs

Can you believe it!?

Niall Horan is 20 years old!!

How the time flies when you're the sweetest Irish Muffin.

In honor of his two decades on Earth, we bring the One Direction goofball a complete collection of must-do's before ringing in the epic 21!

Think he can do 'em all???

Ch-ch-check 'em all ouuttt (with GIFs) …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Well first and foremost, he should do a social experiment with Harry Styles and record it all for our viewing pleasure. What kind of social experiment, you ask?? Well, anything will do. Something maybe like The Odd Couple!? See how they cope only having each other to live with for a week?? Or, you know, something more along the lines of this… ;)

But if Harry's too busy with Cara Delevingne, maybe he can ask Zayn Malik. We hear Perrie Edwards is quite the understanding fiancée.


Seriously though, Niall will someday make a sextape with a very special lady have his own serious ladyfriend like some of his favorite fellas.

But before he gets there, he should definitely enjoy time on his own. Now's the perfect age to get in some 'me time' whenever ya can, babe!

But don't soul-search too long! We love you best when you're having fun with your buds! And that's exactly why we think you should take some ballet lessons with them. You know, really show everyone by taking dance to the next level.

But all that dancing is sure to make you hungry, little bear. And that's why you should enjoy as much fuel as possible. No, really. Eat the sugar now, while your metabolism still works! After 21, it's all downhill… unless you work REALLY hard!!

Next, you absolutely must enjoy the wonders of underage leisure while it's still semi-exclusive to you.

Once you're legally allowed to drink in America, you'll find yourself always going to bars and sometimes that gets downright boring!!

Make the most of not having 21+ on your ID and explore the sober fun around you! Ha!

Oh, look! It's Harry again!!

Niall knows HarBear's a good ol' chap. And that's why we think these two should truly bond over something else besides having the same globally successful career.

Like exercise!! We're not kidding… your metabolism STOPS at 21!

Just don't hurt yourself.

And when your muscles are sore and your knees have boo-boos, Liam will be there for you sweet muffin. Liam will kiss it all away.

So don't forget about him when you're making the most of your 20th year on Earth! Of course, how could you?? He's the effing prince of Neptune!!!

Also, now's a good time to sink your charitable feet even deeper into the dirt. If you ever have off-time, it will surely be worthwhile to visit a less fortunate country and bring joy to all the babies!!

Once you've immersed yourself in all of the joys of being whole, that's when the REAL big flocks of women will gravitate toward you. And kind of like The Bachelor, you'll have options from the best of the best.

We want you to enjoy some 'you' time, but we're realistic too. Woo an intelligent bird, Niall. Someone who can teach you something new.

niall horan and his many birthday gifs

All right! All right! Back to the boys!!

We've noticed how close you've become to Louis lately. How fantastic. Besties in the biz make our heart sing. Have you ever thought about making a how-to karaoke video with your biffle!?

niall horan and his many birthday gifs

Speaking of film-making, keep showing the fans all your lovin! Make them special videos every now and then. Consistency ensures you never lose track of what's important!

Do something silly every night before bed. Make-believe you're Elvis.

Run out of your comfort zone. Do weird things. See weird things.

Nothing harmful or illegal of course, but look into learning about subjects you've never thought about before.

The new-found knowledge will blow your mind.

Do something silly every morning. Make-believe you're Miley.

By the time your 21st birthday rolls around, maybe get a new 'do.

niall horan and his many birthday gifs

Having reinvented yourself with a new head of hair, you can shimmy your way out of your 20th year knowing you've grown in your own life and impacted others. Pat yourself on the back.

You will have finally made it, Niall.

You will be on your way to 21 as a strong, able, well-read man.

To treat yourself, buy a subscription of your favorite home-keeping magazine. Trust us. It will make the transition into legal adulthood so much easier if you keep it clean!!


And who knows, in a year's time, maybe we'll even be listening to your duet with Justin Bieber!

Happy Birthday, dude. We hope it's the best one yet.

niall horan justin bieber cooking

[Image via Twitter.]

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    This is perfect. I literally love Niall.

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    Niall ….Im so in love with him

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    Oh my…this was absolutely perfect :') i would love him to see this. Well done Perez ;) This shows you're a true directioner hahaha

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    :D :D :D I don`t know if Niall will read it, but I totaly LOVE this post mr Hilton, thank You for making it :)

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    No thanks, have a hard time with one GIF let alone 20, they give me a headache and I often skip stories which have them.