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Robin Thicke Reveals Miley Cyrus' Raunchy VMA Twerk Was Perfectly Planned!

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Robin Thick revealed his VMA performance was perfectly rehearsed!

We'll never look at a foam finger the same way again…

Robin Thicke is finally speaking out about his infamous VMA performance with queen Miley, saying they rehearsed the number and knew exactly what was about to go down!

HEY! That's not what Miles said a week ago!

Thickey revealed the stage time was a perfectly planned storm of sex, twerk, and tongue:

"We knew what we were getting ourselves into. We're entertainers, and the VMAs [are] the perfect place for a little shock and awe. We kind of knew when we were in rehearsal and we were like, 'Okay, if you touch me with your foam finger all over my crotch, obviously a few people are going to have something to say about this'. But that was the whole point!"

This new statement is slamming reports stating Robby was upset with what MileyBird did on stage!

He apparently loved the show, and thought it was exactly what they wanted:

"The whole point was to excite and provoke and entertain. I thought it was silly and funny. She was being humorous and naughty, but it wasn't sexually charged at all."

We'll have to totally disagree with the last statement, since the performance was borderline x-rated, but we're happy you accomplished what you sexily set out to do!

[Image via MTV]

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30 comments to “Robin Thicke Reveals Miley Cyrus' Raunchy VMA Twerk Was Perfectly Planned!”

  1. Eizza says – reply to this


    I just want her to go away.

  2. namers says – reply to this


    It wasn't sexually charged? Oh what planet? They don't call it 'simulated' for nothing.

  3. Me says – reply to this


    She is such a ho!
    If Liam as any brains he dumps her now.

  4. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: Me – They have already broken up.

  5. 5

    perfectly planned next they can plan the local town trash collection .. experienced in trash

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  9. me says – reply to this


    Don't buy music from Robin or the thing on a string.

  10. 10

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  11. LovelyDisgrace says – reply to this


    So, you post this, kind of "Duhhh" article, while you could have posted about her foam fingering herself in public yet again. (Of course the tongue didn't fail to make appearances either.) I live on another continent and this is your bread and butter. Getting a little rusty? ;)

  12. endika says – reply to this


    Obviously - she is a Illuminati whore, puppet and her mission is 2 corrupt our children.

  13. 13

    This is old news, ape face. Their performance wasn't sexually charged, it was pathetic and gross. Robin Thicke is a scumbag, and Miley Cyrus is a hillbilly skank. Stop posting about this fucking ridiculous segment. We're all tired of you obsessing about something no one else is talking about anymore, you stupid shit.

  14. Mr. Binger says – reply to this


    "Twerking" - something woman did before toilet paper was invented. Now there's a dance., And I hear it helps cramps.

    So guys… those chicks 'twerking' on the dance floor are likely menstruating. Hey, it's a tip from one guy to another. We're on to you, ladies.

  15. 15

    "Twerking" - something woman did before toilet paper was invented. Now there's a dance., And I hear it helps cramps.

    So guys… those chicks 'twerking' on the dance floor are likely menstruating. Hey, it's a tip from one guy to another. We're on to you, ladies.

  16. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Binger – I died laughing, what?

  17. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: ElizabethMyers – Can I get my virus with mustard and to go?

  18. 18

    Why not shock us with talent. Anybody can be raunchy. I am tired of people trying to spin this into something positive. She is not even good looking. Just stop talking about her.

  19. 19

    Whatever perv. His marriage will not last. He disrespects his wife to much.

  20. Tom24 says – reply to this


    Miley did put Robin Thinke on the map. Now, he is known internationally. Miley is just rebranding herself from Hannah Montana. As for Liam, Miley is too young for marriage, so its better for them to call quits now.

  21. lil birdie says – reply to this


    Highly Mighly caught being untruthful to the public????? OMG what a shock! NOT!! Its so pathetic that with practice and all that she danced so horribly and sang so poorly. No talent sold out scum. Robin Thick embarrassed his own mother. And he calls Miley an entertainer?? No, she has sold herself out for attention and is a true boae a fided whore.

  22. Sara says – reply to this


    So now can all the idiots out there thinking this wasn't planned and that Robin Thicke is a 'victim' please go away? The performance was unnecessary but not nearly as much so as all the extreme hate Miley Cyrus received while Robin Thicke got next to none, even though he's married and a father. It's disgusting that there were women out there saying if they were Robin's wife, they'd have killed Miley. Like really? I'd kill HIM for going along with it.

  23. Jenyking says – reply to this


    To bad she didn't plan on keeping her tongue in her mouth and wear a different outfit to look better…

  24. mytoex says – reply to this


    Why people are easily judged Miley?I don't also like her twerking style but it doesn't mean I don't like her at all!It's her way of entertaining us!She's not the only artist who did this kind of act!What changed is her style only but the Miley we liked before is still there!

  25. Shabolonna says – reply to this


    Oh phulees, the handlers of Miley Cyrus have recently changed and whatever you see coming from her is planned by her new management, esp Larry Rudolph, who is the man behind all the stunts Britney Spears did back in her days. He knows how to shock people and this new management is making Miley do everything. But we only blame Miley because she's their puppet and she sorta has to do it. This whole new Miley era is bringing her on the top of the charts and bringing her fame, but in return, she'll also damaging her reputation and that's exactly what happened to Britney Spears. Look at the new Miley tracklist, she has Britney Spears on it too. Which proves that the managment is behind the sexually bathed performances and songs and music videos. Miley will always be a star in my eyes, i don't completely blame her. STOP IT PEOPLE!

  26. Leaves69 says – reply to this


    "She was being humorous and naughty, but it wasn't sexually charged at all." Wow, for a guy who has made a living singing about sex - you would think he would know that their performance was sexually charged. Maybe he better ask his friend Snoop Dog who colloborated with him on "Sex In the Morning" what "doggie style" really is as you simulated it with Miley on stage. I believe Miley in that it wasn't planned - she went out there and did what she wanted to do and he played along with it. Robin is just trying to save his reputation and/or calm the waters with his wife. No way was this choreographed - Pahleese!

  27. asmiralda says – reply to this


    It was perfectly planned? Sure because Robin T's music is nothing good at all. That's why he always needs the help of women as the background singers as a distraction from his "meh" music and voice. Miley is just gross, wild and shameless girl. OMG her tongue is so big and long….juck. Run Liam Run.

  28. BRAWO. says – reply to this



  29. liz says – reply to this


    I have to say this. She is going trought the same way as Britney Spears, britney date a famous boy from a famous boyband, miley did that too with nick, then britney shave her hair, miley have a short hair, then britney get married and miley is or was enganged but in the two cases it didn't work, now britney came back with new music and miley came back with her muusic, and they booth did weird things on the vma. I feel that miley is just trying to copy Britney just to have attention just like britney did

  30. barry says – reply to this


    Did he tell his mother that? Because she was on bitching about how upset she was that Miley did that and she just couldn't "unsee it" since it happened. After seeing Robin's raunchy video with the naked women and the sign stating that he has a big dick, I thought old mom should just shut her piehole. Miley's flaunting was much less than her little boy's video.