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35 comments to “facebook-give-me-a-hand-man”

  1. hoholuvr says – reply to this


    You stuck your kid in a glory hole? What the fuck is wrong with you!

  2. alex says – reply to this


    so your ugly faced kid is a celeb now?

  3. 3

    Awww - look at that little doll!
    I've seen your pictures of you with him on your Instagram.
    Two amazingly gorgeous. You look so happy and sexy with him, dear.

  4. 4

    Cross-eyed, fat-faced, ugly kid who is developmentally behind. We aren't interested in seeing pictures of your unattractive spawn or pictures of your hideous self.
    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Nobody likes a dishonest ass licker. Mario's kid is ugly, and so is Mario. Stop pandering to the asshole.

  5. Vincent DiGeronimo says – reply to this


    So, clearly he's your offspring … you're both physically repulsive.

  6. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    it's a friggin Glory Hole-what were you thinking ????
    OMG !!!!

  7. 7

    You know, Mario, someday Mongo is going to see all of these comments about him, and the truth is that you won't be able to dismiss them as lies told by mean people because the fact is that your kid is ugly and we don't want to see him or you. Even if he IS retarded, somewhere in his dim little mind, it's going to dawn on him that you held him up for ridicule and turned him into a public punching bag because your own ego and need for validation was more important to you than his privacy and his dignity. When you put something out there, it's going to get feedback, and no one owes it to you OR Mongo to lie to make you feel better. YOU owe it to that child you created to consider him FIRST, and you always fail to do just that. You are a terrible parent and that ugly child should be taken from you.

  8. Anna says – reply to this


    WTF People! Its just a kid and he is Beautiful! You may hate Perez but don't hate on the baby! You are insensitive bastards!

  9. Marcus says – reply to this


    Is your child mentally retarded? He looks a bit….slow…

  10. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: alex – C'mon, man… I'm not a big fan of Perez, either (the person, I mean.. I like the site obviously or I wouldn't be on it right now lol), but it's a common fact that even if you think someone's kid is ugly, you don't say it! That's just mean haha…

    Although, since you already said it…. How… ironic… is it that Perez published a post a few years ago in which he called Adam Sandler's kid ugly. Everyone was pissed about it, and he defended himself for saying it. Very ironic, huh? (LOL I still didn't flat out call the baby ugly! You can fill in the blanks.. but anyway… look at the genes…)

  11. Joan says – reply to this


    Maybe you have already received this advice, but take it from a mom who's been there. Find a top-notch pediatric opthalmologist, preferably one affiliated with UCLA or another teaching hospital where they have all the latest knowhow, and have baby evaluated ASAP. He's cute and he seems to be doing great otherwise, but the eyes need professional attention, and the sooner you start the better. While the eye is crossed, he is seeing double. Unless corrected, the crossed eye will go blind.

  12. LookatYou says – reply to this


    I bet Adam Sandler is laughing his ass off right now after seeing your kid. Karma has bitten you in the balls big time, dumbass.

  13. connie says – reply to this


    That poor little object looks so challenged! Why, oh why, did you assume that your sperm could produce a normal child? I know adoption was out of the question because no legitimate agency would have allowed you to have custody of a child - so you thought you would eliminate any problems and buy a child. Well, look what you have ended up with and, more importantly, look what he has ended up with. I wish to God the Child Protective Agency would zero in on you. Do you have any idea how Adam Sandler and his wife must have felt when reading your comment on their little girl (who is adorable, by the way). What a creep you are!!! This little creature cannot sit up by himself without being propped; has cross-eyes and the slack look of retardation. Take care of him, he didn't ask to be born.

  14. eeyyy says – reply to this


    there are some kids that just aint pretty aaaand…. yup

  15. 15

    how cute his hair just gets me my neice is still baldish but at least now she crawls i thought i was safe putting her down and walking off but no she dragged herself after me hilarious…sort of a drag/crawl

  16. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Hideous creature. An axe to the face might help.

  17. 17

    Re: CourtneySucks – That's just mean, the child might not be handsome but is cute. But you do need to get his eyes checked.

  18. 18

    its funny bcuz perez thought having a baby would bring him sympathy and make him more likeable….kinda like a pseudo munchausen by proxy….but it didnt work. ur repulsive and completely selfish to expose this kid to the hatred u face everyday. he is not a dog. give him a chance to grow up away from scrutiny. ur a man in ur 30s and u can decide what u want for urself but ur baby cant….so incredibly heartbreaking

  19. Priscilla says – reply to this


    Gymboree! Too cute :)

  20. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – You're right, I do need my eyes checked! This grotesque vermit might've made me blind. Thanks!

  21. praylipton says – reply to this


    Congrat Mario, you have a beautiful angel xoxoxo.

  22. Vanessa says – reply to this


    your all idiots….babies eyess can cross up to 9 months, it doesn't mean something is wrong…they are just getting used to the world! Cut them some slack…but on that note…that child looks like his father…and in all honesty all kids aint cute ^_^

  23. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    What a retarded ogre!

  24. Jennie says – reply to this


    you all are such jerks. Say what you want about Perez but why hate on an innocent baby? He's sweet Perez and I love the pictures of him :)

  25. Josiner says – reply to this


    Wow I am not a fun of Perez, but seriously people. Why pick on a baby?????? WTH??? Insult Perez if you wish, but the baby that is such a very low punch!!!! UNREAL!!!!!

  26. NONO says – reply to this


    Training for the Special Olympics ….

  27. Flashdancer says – reply to this


    poor kid…he looks like he´s missing some chromosomes

  28. NONO says – reply to this


    Congratulations I hear your son just got a reoccurring role on American Horror story …….

  29. 29

    Re: cookoo4no1 – Perez's playbook is so similar to Sarah Palin's. She faked her pregnancy with Tri-G (the name is a medic's reference for Down Syndrome)and used his retardation as her 'Right-to-Life' platform. Tri-G needs hearing aids and glasses and therapy but she doesn't even support any Downs Syndrome groups. He was just a prop, that is all. Perez suffers from the same type of mental illness and is also a grifter. For me, I'm investing in banana futures.

  30. 30

    Re: ViewFromHere – very true. very good comparison.

  31. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Should they ever do a remake of the movie Mask you're ugly son's a shoo-in for the lead.

  32. joan says – reply to this


    Re: Vanessa – I am not an idiot. Don't listen to Vanessa. This is not the normal thing that happens with some newborns' eyes. He needs to be evaluated by a pediatric opthalmologist.

  33. 33

    Is the the Pedo-Pod?

  34. Holly says – reply to this


    I want to do portraits of you and your baby. I'm in Washington….so what. I'm a nice person. And if you check out my website you will see why I want to photograph you and your child.

    PS…you don't have to post this or think I'm trying to get popularity…I just like your site and see you post baby pics. :)

  35. Holly says – reply to this


    If my last message didn't go through…I want to double check. I pressed enter and not sure if it submitted. Ugg…

    Let me repost what I said in the first one. I want to photograph you and your baby. I'm in Washington but so what. Check out my website… You don't have to post this cause I don't want to be famous. Just love photographing children and moments and love your site. OK…if this doesn't work this time then so be it. :)