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Britney Spears Is Making You Work Bitch A Day Early! Listen To The Leaked Song HERE!

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britney spears work bitch leaked early

Feast your ears on this greatness!!

We already told you this song was going to be a hit, and now you can judge for yourself because Britney Spears' new single, Work Bitch, has leaked a day early!

And we have a feeling people will be dancing to it all day long! Oh, and they'll probably be putting on their best British Britney accents to match the pop princess herself.

Basically, everyone is going to be loving all over this HOT song!

So go do it already and ch-ch-check it out…AFTER THE JUMP!!

[Image via Twitter.]

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151 comments to “Britney Spears Is Making You Work Bitch A Day Early! Listen To The Leaked Song HERE!”

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  1. Slay says – reply to this


    Britney doesnt have to prove herself any more to gain album sales or airplay. She is a music lover, she does new things that others haven't done yet. Yall watch and see, this song is going to blow up.

  2. Lance says – reply to this


    sounds sooo outdated– I was expecting much better from her

  3. 103

    So apparently, Britney really did tweet that this is a low quality version. Phew, I was going to say because you really can't hear what's saying clearly and it just doesn't mesh. We'll see the difference :)

  4. 104

    As a dance music fan I want to say this song is great but for the standards of a pop star like Britney, this is so disappointing. It sounds like a song an up and coming pop star would use to get their name in the clubs. It's cheap sounding.

  5. Serge says – reply to this


    I cant stop dancing. Love it!

  6. danielle says – reply to this


    that's all? that shit??…

    i guess i heard that song last year with will.i.am, oh wait!! this is soooooo similar to scream & shout, horrible :/ sooo sad, so sad

  7. Roxanna says – reply to this


    Wow… this is pretty LEGIT!!!!

  8. 108

    The HQ version on her official VEVO account sounds much better. It is fierce as hell.

  9. Plurrific says – reply to this


    I like the song :]
    I hope the video is amazing!!

  10. blazing says – reply to this


    The audacity that this woman is telling people to do the one thing she hasn't done in 6 years. Work

  11. gina says – reply to this


    this ish is amazing

  12. edmgirl says – reply to this


    too bad it sounds almost the exact same as TREMBLE by VICETONE which was released over a month ago

  13. lukary says – reply to this


    Re: BAH288 – that wasnt hard xD

  14. meeka says – reply to this


    Awful song!

  15. Dylan says – reply to this


    Re: Tara – LOL you mean floptina?

  16. KC says – reply to this


    Re: Juan – You sound like you're 10 years old. Did you sneak on the Internet behind Mommy's back?

  17. GODNEY says – reply to this



  18. Honeywest says – reply to this


    That is the worse song I've ever heard! She could've done better! It sounds like a stidio demo! AWFUL!

  19. workbastard says – reply to this


    WORKBITCH, are you serious! I thought her song OPPS I DID(farted) IT AGAIN was stupid. Who the hell is actually going to buy this NO TALENT GARBAGE? You could put anyone with the same producing and it would sound the SAME…Why cant you make a song where we can actually hear your voice and talent! IS it because you DO NOT HAVE ANY? Drives me nuts that so many talented singers out there and they cannot make it and yet we stupid American people that makes someone popular and they cannot sing AT ALL! Yes, Britney, you better work bitch….SO STUPID! The best song of the year, people are going to dance all day to it, LOL!

  20. E. says – reply to this


    The only thing this song is working is my nerves. Being an "icon" doesn't mean you can just rest on your laurels, nor does it give you an excuse to put out half-ass shit. Some ask what does she need to prove? How about proving she can sing, for one..

  21. zip says – reply to this


    Just in-case Britney and her handlers are unaware, as I assume they are…Will-Iam isn't the writer or producer of most of the hits that most people assume that he is–no, outside hired-guns producers/writers wrote and produced the majority of the Blackeye Peas' hit songs. The guy isn't great, not even close, however for some reason, he has Britney thinking that he walks on water??? Hopefully the negative reaction to this song will give her a much needed wake-up call. I do better work alone in my sleep, and it took 6 people, yes, count 'em, 6 people, to write this mess???

  22. anonymous says – reply to this


    (i think) its terrible XP

  23. WORK B!TCH says – reply to this



  24. 124

    Re: d.c. – Not me! I wish Will.i.am NEVER existed. Dude is the most wackest ”producer” to ever exist. Britney SCRAP that album and make amends with Dr. Luke!

  25. b. b. says – reply to this


    OMG! I can't even call that a song, Britney can't sing anymore and her dance moves are only with her hands.

  26. Bebulah says – reply to this


    Camp Britney couldn't have chosen a better track for her! It's a middle-of-the-road housetrack and the lyrics they've written! - spot on! With the miniscule talant she has, she's gotta work REAL hard to stay in the limelight.
    This is gonna be HUGE! It's gonna go BEYOND bothg GaGa & Perry for sure!

    Go Britney! GO!

  27. Chris says – reply to this


    she looks like a fair ground stripper.

  28. 128

    LOL ok so I don't actually hate this song BUT WHEN DID BRITNEY GET A BRITISH ACCENT?! There are certain points in the song when she's speaking with a brit accent. Hilarious and that is what ruins the song for me entirely.

  29. Bebulah says – reply to this


    Re: Slay
    She doesn't do anything really. She relies on old merits while the people around her, that runs the industry that is her, make all the choices. Leave it to her alone and we'd be watching rehashes of the Gimme More video over and over for the rest of her dwindling career. A white-trash stripper-wannabe mess.
    The non-stop parade of flawless popbrilliance delivered has nothing to do with her - she's just a vessel for other people's talent.

  30. Terry c says – reply to this


    THNX fantastic!

  31. John says – reply to this


    Fitting title to a song supposedly "sung" by an artist who relies heavily on autotune all the time. Britney's best music was back when she first started out, now she's a washed up loser who went through rehab because of too much of the bubbly (and drugs) with Paris, Lindsay, and all of the other stoners in Hollywood. To this day, I can't understand why people still like (and obsess) over these "artists", when most of their "magic" is produced in the actual recording studio. Britney, Justin, Christina, Paris, Miley, Lindsay, Kate Gosselin, Snooki, Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney and all of the other losers in Hollywood who have barely done anything to get where they are today (granted, I may be nice and say that, at the start of their careers, Britney and Christina might be an exception) should just all go away somewhere to where the news media will never be able to pick up on their daily lives again, because last time I checked, THAT'S ALL THEY TALK ABOUT! I miss the days when news was actually worth watching, i.e. before the social media craze took place and the kiddies took over what's "hot" and what's "not", with Ryan Seacrest and Miley Cyrus as their joyful, but nonetheless, egotistical leaders.

  32. 132

    Seems like the Americans are loving the sound that the Europeans/Brits were so over saturated with in the 90s that they would run for the hills if they heard another one. Well here it is and maybe the US can deal with it now for the next 15 years. Good luck with that.

  33. lisbellas says – reply to this


    Re: T.A.T – are you insane? lol thats HER

  34. 134

    ┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓

    I was really impressed.

  35. 135

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  36. Derek says – reply to this


    Re: Olga – But this IS Gimme More meets Hold It Against Me meets Do Somethin. This is the first debut single from Britney that I loved on the first play. All her debut singles are clubby, this is different vocally for her, but honestly vocally close to toxic. Please need to calm down, however this is I'd say generally 75% well reviewed. Better than Applause, Roar is iconic, but so is this, so they compete. This is "I'm too sexy for my body" and "I touch Myself" of this generation. It's the BEST imaginable thing for Britney to do this point in her career. If it were a replica of I Wanna Go, y'all would bash her. This isn't about sex for once, and really fun. Work > all of Femme Fatale combined

  37. James says – reply to this


    The beat is good, the rest is crap… meaning Britney's singing. I like her when she first came out, when she wasn't a slut.

  38. Holly says – reply to this


    This is so sad. The song sucks and the lyrics are sexist, stupid, and beneath Britney. What a disappointment.

  39. Holly says – reply to this


    Re: Bebulah – Being a "vessel" for others' talent is in fact a unique thing all its own. In the past, they would call Britney a muse, and I totally believes she is a modern day muse. That said, this song sucks like crazy.

  40. wera says – reply to this


    strange song, sounds horrible

  41. rOll says – reply to this


    THIS IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! luv it since the first play

  42. 142

    Can you even call it music?

  43. Michael says – reply to this


    L O V E it! Glad it doesn't sound NOTHING like that OTHER song she did with Will I Am.

  44. 144

    FANTASTIC SONG..INCREDIBLE…can't wait for the video.

  45. 145

    no….just…..no, no, no, no, NO!!!!! I miss the old Brit Brit. If no one had told me this was Britney I would of assumed it was just another one of those songs in the club I dance to after 5 drinks when everything sounds good. SO disappointing.

  46. April B. says – reply to this


    You're so Wrrrrrrrooooooooogggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, I love the song & lovin Perez too!! #workbitch ;) Re: T.a.T

  47. Jimmy says – reply to this


    How are you saying this is good? This is horrible and unlistenable. Listen to the lyrics and they make no sense. Britney can't sing for $#!t anymore and it was terrible produced. This is another one of those pop songs go wrong. Britney, just retire.

  48. Leah Frand says – reply to this


    Keep it up! So Happy for Brit and all her accomplishments. Whether its produced and tweaked or not, I wouldn't mind being a person that can be soooo successful at a young age and even after dealing with sooo much BS still staying alive and strong and coming back on top. Especially at her age. Dont stop!!!!!

    Love Always: your Old Nanny :)

  49. Nika says – reply to this


    Not my favorite but it is what people want right now

  50. T.A.T says – reply to this


    Ok, after hearing the song 3 times it got stuck in my head up until now I love the song - I can understand why not all of the fans are on board but at the same time I think they should give it CHANCE and not compare it to the other songs by other females. You can compare it to applause because of its clubby vibe and it has a sicker beat than applause and far better and funner lyrics 'GO CALL THE GOVERNOR' ect its different from Wrecking Ball and Roar which are also both very different from one and other. if you were to compare it to her own Lead singles from her albums it is like Blackout meets Femme Fatale in my opinion, if her management want this song to succeed they better get promoting it and release the video ASAP. its its only chance in getting #1 before the hype dies like most pop singles.

  51. dfanielle says – reply to this


    floooooooooooop jajajajajaja

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