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Russell Brand & Millionairess Jemima Khan Debut Their Seksi Love In The Streets!

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Russell Brand was spotted cozying up to a heiress lady love in NYC this weekend!

Rusty Rockets might have found a new lady-love to fly off into outer space with!

Katy Perry's ex-hubby, Russell Brand, was spotted arm in arm with fellow Brit Jemima Khan while taking in the sights of New York on Sunday!

The couple looked totes relaxed as they strolled through the East Village, affectionately snuggled up.

Russell admitted he was dating someone in a piece he wrote for The Guardian last week, but wouldn't identify who:

"I'm not typically immune to the allure of objectified women, but I am presently beleaguered by a nerdish, whirling dervish, and am eschewing all others."

Then Jemima, who is a millionaire activist editor and Hugh Grant's ex, adorably retweeted the article to show affection and support for her man:

Congrats, cuties!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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15 comments to “Russell Brand & Millionairess Jemima Khan Debut Their Seksi Love In The Streets!”

  1. annainparis says – reply to this


    Jemima Khan is 100 times more interesting than KP and RB is no one's ex husband.

  2. 2

    I like Russell Brand, don't get me wrong, but Jemima Khan is a bored upper crust. She finds amusement with the most inappropriate men, to have children with, to date. Guess that's what happens when you've done absolutely nothing, and have $20 million in the bank!

  3. i see right thru u says – reply to this


    I have met this terd…he is a rude, self centered narcissist who is cruel to those who care about him….he is mean, do not delude yourselves for one minute, this man is vile.
    I have no idea who this woman is so I won't judge except to say she looks like a man and will probably kick his ass if he gets out of line. He needs his ass kicked and one day he's gonna get it. that will be fun!

  4. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    Sigh, just because he's in the company of someone, doesn't mean he's dating someone. Nothing is official; just because the pictures appeared from the Daily Fail, doesn't mean it's real. He's regularly in the company of Nicola, his assistant/friend.

    And please, though he is a man who has his flaws like anyone else, cruel to those who cares about him? I, a very devout fan, wasn't able to make it to a gig of his and he and his team made it happen. He also gave movie tickets to a family who's loved one had cancer. Russell regularly helps out the homeless and brings about the awareness of how addicts need to be treated.

  5. sarah in sacramento says – reply to this


    he's an ugly twat, thinks he's god's gift to women. from what i saw he has nothing to brag about. rather embarrassing. no wonder he has to prove his manhood to so many women. he is really just trying to prove it to himself. anyone that has to try so hard to sound intelligent or desirable has major issues. and anyone caught in his web is his victim. he will chew them up and spit them out. but hey, karama is a bitch and he is working up a doozy of a payback. lol

  6. londons calling says – reply to this


    Russeell Brand is psychotic. He mesmerizes women by assaulting them with alot of attention and flattery. he has zero conscience or integrity. that is his trick guys. nothing special at all. just an ugly old worn out stinky dog. age will not be kind to this creep. and his do gooding is just a show. it's all just a big show.

  7. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    Psychotic? Oh, far from it. He is a charming man, yes, but there is nothing malicious about it. Many women do like compassionate, funny men and he just happens to be one. It's one thing to have an imagination, it's another to try to villify someone for it, as you are doing. Also take a page from his book and be less judgemental; he is one of the least judgemental people around.

  8. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    Also he doesn't even need to *try* to sound intelligent, he just is. Yes, he does have his demons, but he has also been an inspiration to others that they can rise above them. When his book came out, the drug rehab centre in which he was treated in, had an influx of those who wanted to seek treatment after hearing about how he became sober. It's best not to listen to the tabloid crap.

  9. babyblue eyes says – reply to this


    Meagan, I feel sorry for you. You must be in love with Rusty because you are blind. You and all the other foolish women that slobber over this man. You don't think it's evil to text your wife asking for a divorce, or to talk about your intimate life in a mean and cruel way to the public? Why do you ignore these heinous thongs? Trust me, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I used to think all those stories were not true too, but I have a girlfriend that met him in yoga class and he charmed her pants off, then he dumped her in the most cold way, really classless. He is incredibly arrogant and cruel. Oh yes he can put on a act like he has a good heart, but it's just an act. Every thing he says about love and enlightenment is just an act. I don't know if he is part of the illuminati or what, but I do know that he is a big fake.

  10. sea girl fl says – reply to this


    to each his own….who really gives a rats ass….and perez…."SEKSI" ??????? how old are you dear?

  11. Gabo says – reply to this


    Re: i see right thru u – Are you in any seriousness claiming Imran Khan with whom jemima has her only 2 kids is inappropriate? What planet are you on? There's zilch_all boring about Jemima - your comment is rather desperate!!!
    Do you turn down your inheritance cos of accident of birth? what nonsense???

  12. i see right thru u says – reply to this


    speak english, I have no idea what on earth you are going on about. I said clear as day that I do not know who aunt jemima is but SHE looks like a MAN. I said nothing about Imran, or her kids, or her inheritance. what planet do YOU live on? LOL

  13. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    Breakups can be painful yes, but sometimes relationships don't work out, period. Again he has his demons, he has bipolar (which he can't help if you don't know anything about the illness), but he is as real as you can get; ask those he has helped that were in need. And yes, that is not an act. Would you take the time to take homeless out to AA meetings?

    Russell is definately not part of the Illuminati; he's actually spoke out against it. His haters on the other hand, are the exact opposite, judgemental and bitter.

  14. lobo says – reply to this


    This lady looks a lot like Sarah Palin.

  15. babyblue eyes says – reply to this


    Meagan what about being a plain douche bag, is there a cure for that illness?