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Through better or worse, Karrueche Tran is sticking by Chris Brown! Breezy's rekindled flame was seen stage left last night during his performance at SKERead more…

20 comments to “Chris Brown's Biggest Fan Is Still Karrueche Tran! See Her Supportive Instagram Pic HERE!”

  1. 1

    I have a love/hate for Instagram :)
    I can't get over how much she looks like one of my friends (when in drag)

  2. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    What do these ladies see in him??? It boggles my mind!!!!

  3. 3

    anyone that gets dumped & back together soooooo much with someone, who doesnt even seem to care that he dumps you for another chick is a GOLD DIGGER, thats all CB deserves though…..

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    I feel sorry for Chris Brown. Really sorry. Even if he wins Soul Train, and sashays onto our screens in his next dance movie, something needs to happen on the inside. As for Karrueche, I have yet to see a woman thirst so hard to be known as someone's girlfriend, with no public reciprocation from her objection of affection. Why is the love so one-sided? Would he still love her if she didn't send these periodic love and support messages? Do the messages themselves suggest a need for that public acknowledgment from Chris? ……[choopse]

  6. Lola says – reply to this


    Whatever her agenda is, she's probably a better balance for him than Riri. But I think she'll always be the second/safer option to him.

  7. Happy Feet says – reply to this


    Midget, looks like a ten year old boy dressed in women clothings.

  8. Sippin Tea says – reply to this


    Chris Brown the world knows that Karreuche is a gold digger. Jobless and talentless she's solely dependent on you for gas money, rent, transportation, bar fly jobs.

  9. Danda Panda says – reply to this


    Karreuche is one desert thirsty, conniving, jaw breaker. This door mat is soooo pathetic and a big disgrace to womanhood.

  10. 10

    This Girl is pathetic!!! No self respect!!! Just thirsty to stay in the media!!! Kaoochie is nothing but a coked out leech!!!

  11. We Won't Forget says – reply to this


    All relationship have their ups and down. However, both parties must be willing to work together to over come the the issues. While Rihanna stuck her neck out for the relationship to work Chris Brown was busy cheating with his unemployed groupies Blair, Karizma and Tran. The Ultimate betrayal Christopher Brown!!!

  12. Not You Brotha says – reply to this



  13. LAxx88 says – reply to this


    Nice CB mentioned he & Ri still friends and they have a couple of numbers. (No mention of side being there so of course these "press releases" kicked into gear fast enough). Surely his management realise midget does cb more harm. No matter how many blogs & IGpics she's still not acceptable, she's lost him a few million followers already. If singer could rethink his leeches, wider public may not mind giving up a few dollars for his music

  14. 14

    Re: ScorpioB
    The man is detached and totally alienated. He looks almost forced, or unenthusiastic in some of his poses with this chick. Typical dialogue?
    K: Love ya babe! I support you always, my boyfriend.
    C: ZZZzzz
    K: Aw, look at me, I'm pretty! I know you love my dimples.
    C: ZZZzzz…huh..what…yea
    K: Can we go to the Orange Fair?
    C: Yea. OK.
    K: I'm at the concert rooting for you babe!
    C: ZZZzzz
    K: Yeaaay, Chris is my boyfriend!
    C: Pssh
    K: I'm home honey
    C: Yaaay. Dinner!
    K: I got a stash too
    C: Yeeaaaahhhh! Bring it on my fine china!
    K: You love me right?
    C: Girl I’m still listening to “we found love”. It’s my song.
    K: Oh OK. You done now? The damn song over, right? Some sh*t is annoying
    C: ZZZzzzzzz……..wake me up tomorrow and we'll do it all over again
    K: Can I borrow your red Porsche? I don’t like those monsters on my car
    C: Yea. Yea. Just be careful. It cost more than The Kill.
    K: OK daddyO. I’ll take some pictures and post them on IG. Cool?
    C: ZZZzzz.

  15. 15

    Karrueche's cuter than cute! Stars and stripes above that Rihanna chick!!!

  16. babbs says – reply to this


    This girls goes on the show with the whole group of friends and she is the only one snaping a picture, she wasn't even up front, his friend Kidred was up close, the Skee TV was shown on several networks and was a chance for her to be seem, the camera never even got a shot of her.

  17. 17

    Never heard about her until maybe two months ago. No idea who she is.

  18. Bren says – reply to this


    consider yourself bless

  19. jacoby says – reply to this


    not because he is rich means she in it for the money….everyone has that ex that no matter what u will be a friend or if they say they want u back u there at the drop of an hat…and people are allowed to make mistakes in relationships thats how u learn….not because they famous makes an exception for them…there shit still stinks when it comes down to it

  20. Hibiscus Flower says – reply to this


    Midget lap dog is a disgrace to woman hood. Diaper Asian girl is another jobless, gold digger.