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Liam Hemsworth Is Officially Dating A Movie Star! Hear About Eiza González's New Film Role HERE!

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eiza gonzalez red carpet film role wenn watermark

Well that was fast!

Eiza Gonzalez just moved to El Lay a few weeks ago in order to follow her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress. And in record time, she's done it!

The 23-year-old just booked the starring role in the upcoming comedy flick All Hail the Squash Blossom Queen!

Maybe all the buzz from being Liam Hemsworth's rebound girl helped her win over the casting director's attention?

But we're going to assume Eiza is just as talented as she is SMOKIN' hot!

Eiza will play Brittany, a small-town American girl who lives to compete in beauty pageants!

Sounds like she's perfecto for this part!

An excited Eiza got on Twitter to share the big news with her fans, posting:

Also set to star alongside her is Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films, and Cameron Monaghan from Shameless.

Now, the movie's producers are trying to nail down locations for when they start shooting in April next year. We hear it's a toss up between Georgia and Washington state.

And get this - Liam will be in Georgia at the same time shooting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1!

We know which locale Eiza will be pushing for!

Congratz on your big gig, gurl!!!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

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47 comments to “Liam Hemsworth Is Officially Dating A Movie Star! Hear About Eiza González's New Film Role HERE!”

  1. drizz says – reply to this


    got in hollywood, thruuuuuuuuuu liam. little whore

  2. 2

    Come to Georgia Liam so i can find you & make you fall in love with me.

  3. dayana says – reply to this


    Mueranse de la envidia!!!!!! hahaha asi digan que era fea etc, esta saliendo con esta cosita, NI MODO! pinches americanos racistas, como si la lady gaga, LINDSAY LOHAN etc no estuvieran operadas!!!

    american haters, lady gaga and lindsay lohan are also ugly and all operated and just because its mexican it is ugly? Miley looks like a man! and she's crazy and whore know

    well done Eiza! ENJOY it

  4. 4

    so beautiful, this is a real woman :)

  5. eduardo says – reply to this


    this post is so full of fail: fist of all.. smoking hot? LOLZ she has had like, 20 surgeries

    and movie star? pffft, you should see her work in her last telenovela, bitch can't act even if her life would depend on that

  6. Yawn says – reply to this


    Not to say she isn't beautiful but I can't see anything strikingly unique or memorable. Next!!

  7. 7

    Why is she wearing scrambled eggs on her neck?

  8. Ja'mie says – reply to this


    Has anyone else noticed that her and miley have the same heart tattoo on their finger???!?!?!?!

  9. Eiza is the best says – reply to this


    She got the role before she met Liam. The day after she came to La she got the role, I would know because I stalker her

  10. eiza i love u says – reply to this


    Re: eduardo – shut the fuck Eduardo she has one

  11. syl says – reply to this


    why in the heck is she playing an American girl role? she doesn't look american and most likely doesn't sound like one. she should stick to her roots like salma hayek, pene cruz has. i'm sorry to be this critical of her but the fuck on. se le nota el pinche nopal en la frente a esta morrita… que no me vengan con mamadas.

  12. 12

    Re: drizz – She did get through to Hollywood through Liam didn't she? Her face looks weird. She looks like she's had a lot of work done.

  13. bd4three says – reply to this


    let's all be honest here, this will all soon fizzle out and she'll be nothin but a distant memory in hollywood. MARK MY WORDS.

  14. drizz says – reply to this


    seriously dont like her. noone has even heard of her until now, when shes using Liam. RUN LIAM RUN! ugly bitch. well obviously she got work done. its cheap in mexico. bahahaha

  15. drizz says – reply to this


    Re: syl – I AGREE! can the bitch. she wont make it to the top. shes lucky she has Liam to push her through. little user whore

  16. drizz says – reply to this


    and give her publicity

  17. Nicole says – reply to this


    you haven't heard of her but i have, just because shes not big in the us doesnt mean that she's not famous.. shes widely known in the latino community :)

  18. Bette says – reply to this


    ALL men just care about looks..

  19. GAGAFAILS says – reply to this



  20. Liz says – reply to this


    I may not a big fan, but she got the role a month ago, confirmed 3 weeks ago even before the controversy

  21. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Re: syl – just because you're a Miley fan or hate her. she doesn't mean she can't have that dream. Grow up. But other than that, I agree with you why does she still have to play a straight American girl. I haven't heard her yet speaking in English.

  22. Vash says – reply to this


    I HATE her. I think she's just cheap and trashy. I don't hate her because she's with Liam or whatever, in fact I couldn't care less.. I just hate people like her you know, mexican people tend to come to the US to try and make it in the biz.. then if they kinda do, they will start feeling like they're a HUGE super AMERICAN star. Which, she won't be, ever!
    I just think she's a whore. And no, she's not beautiful, she looks like a piece of asparagus.

  23. Chika1 says – reply to this


    Last week, she was a little-known Spanish-language actress and a fledging singer, and now Every one knows who she is thanks to those pictures of her and Liam.

  24. Phillip Dean says – reply to this


    Re: Bette – Shes looks ugly.. bad news. poor Miley. That Hoe will never make it. those croptops look disgusting on her.. Liam will go after Miley soon

  25. Phillip Dean says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – She looks like a whore. cant even stick to one person. SLUT!!!

  26. LOLA Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: Jumperchu – You talk like an illiterate, what a moron, LIndsay Lohan is an appraised actress not a wanna be soap opera talentless whore, Lindsay is more women than that cheap scum, she should consider getting curves instead of "fixing" her nose , and over all face..

  27. Berry says – reply to this


    Compare to Miley,she is nothing…Liam will regret it..She used him to get to Hollywood..She doesn't have a striking feature that make her different from other Wannabe actress..Just saying…

  28. ppg says – reply to this


    Post some pictures before surgery!!!!

  29. PEOPLE HATE TOO MUCH says – reply to this


    Re: LOLA Taylor
    You must be an idiot to call Lindsey all women! Come on. Bitch has been a hot mess since day 1! lmao You sure know how to make America proud with this whole Lindsey is better shit! Oh god! This must not be real. -________-

  30. Bryan says – reply to this


    USER!! i will never get into that kind of girl.. thank God my girl is not the same as you are.. your not Hot .. cheap and FAKE!! I've seen your photos in my friends house ..it doesnt look like you! congratulation for the successful surgery you did whore!!

  31. elle says – reply to this


    too much surgery. she looks nothing like she used to when she first got famous. don't like her, seems trashy and try hard. she may be famous in mexico but its a whole different standard in LA

  32. sinve says – reply to this



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  33. Lolli says – reply to this


    i see dancing with the stars in 3,2,….

  34. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    He is dating someone who actually looks like a woman! And, Not In-Bred ! LOL ! That Cyrus broad is freaky look'n …

  35. Rita says – reply to this


    I guess fake boobs can't make Liam happy. Take that Miley

  36. CamCam says – reply to this


    I've followed Eiza Gonzalez for many years now, but she has recently states that she wanted to get into the American acting market. In fact, she's going to be filming a movie (directed by a Mexican director) in L.A., hence why she moved to Beverly Hills.

    Based on that, I almost fell like she's using Liam to get into the american market, which would be karma, because I also feel like Liam did that to Miley to get fame.
    Who else would be better than Liam if your trying to get noticed by the american public?
    With all the scandal Miley has created, Liam is the way to go for Eiza to get noticed.

  37. ady says – reply to this


    Movie star?? yeah, right!
    She is a telenovela actress…the kind of actress who does not know how to act… she really tries and tries… and is just…not enough! all those surgeries worked (i guess), she slept with Liam H., but, who hasn't slept w/her??
    Back in Mexico, she said that they are very much in love… REALLY? In love?? after spending a weekend together? Pretty sure it's just rebound sex…and for her…she finally got famous…for all the wrong reasons but she is famous now.
    just please, please, pretty please…check her out on youtube in her fantastic performances in LOLA ERASE UNA VEZ her (still) orginall face will shock you.

  38. donotbeangry says – reply to this


    Chris Hemsworth' wife Elsa Patasky must be very happy. Both are native Spanish speakers who were raise outside the US. They can share things of the Hispanic culture that Chris and Liam cannot understand. Like talking about singers Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bose, Sara Montiel or writers like Mario Vargas Losa, Octavio paz,Miguel de Cevantes. They both have been in Mujeres Asesinas and both had plastic surgery.Famous Spanish movies and Soap Operas.
    I know because I am native Spanish speaker and from Latin America.You miss that connection.

  39. stargazing says – reply to this


    Re: GAGAFAILS – All whores are called Miley.

  40. stargazing says – reply to this


    Re: Vash – not as cheap as Miley

  41. IssaGahan says – reply to this


    Re: dayana – I agree! lots of actresses have been through many surgeries and just because Eiza is Latin doesn't mean she's ugly, Miley's nuts and maybe she could use some surgery. Go Eiza!!

  42. gggul says – reply to this


    I definitely think miley cyrus looks waaayyy better then her i'm not hatin' bt it's true I also think liam broke up with miley because he wants her to be someone she is not. Miley is awesome. (Eiza looks like a normal everyday girl not a movie star lol BEING SOOO TRUTHFUL THOUGH)

  43. gggul says – reply to this


    That last comment may sound like i don't like her because i like liam bt that isn't true liam isn't hot either!!! This is how it is:Liam used miley to get famous now Eiza is using Liam to get famous bt both of them are nothing bt trash!!! Oh! this is to you liam YOU MADE THE HUNGER GAMES SO BORING I TURNED IT OFF DIDN'T WATCH IT ALL. BDON'T WATCH THE MOVI READ THE BOOK!!!

  44. BLAH says – reply to this


    Re: bd4three – why the hell can she be sucessful and why are fucking wishing she fails…i you dont succeed in anything you…do you like that shit..HATER

  45. BLAH says – reply to this


    Re: Vash – Well how about this since you know her so fucking well. then guess i can same the same about you! i wish you fail in everything you do…i also think you are a fucking whore, bitch, slut and a piece of shit. you smell like shit and everything that comes out of your mouth is shit, and you are worthless piece of shit. how do you like that =)

  46. BLAH says – reply to this



  47. Shirley says – reply to this


    Pst. .. Its not like this all new for her. Eiza owns like $15 million. Her mom is a well known model and she's been on 3 tv leading roles. It annoys me people think she is a golddiger just cuz she is not famous in usa