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Zac Efron's Friends Are VERY Worried A Drug Relapse Could Lead Him To Destruction

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zac efron drug addiction worries friends

We don't want to fear the worst — especially since we respect and adore Zac Efron so much — but in situations like these, we understand concern and caution must be taken.

Now that the cat's out of the bag about his drug addiction, friends of the actor can't keep it bottled up any longer.

We're now hearing even more details, with sources saying:

"Friends are genuinely worried about him, because if Zac relapses like Cory Monteith did he’ll likely go back to using the same amount of drugs he was doing before rehab. And it will kill him."

Whoa… okay, comparing one person's struggle to another is taking it too far, especially when the only link is fame. Obviously we know where these paths can go, but let's not get tacky here.

Still, friends are saying:

"Zac had been on a downward spiral since 2011, he was just good at hiding it and not getting caught. He was partying because he was unhappy and basically just didn’t give a f**k."

Fortunately, his rep says he's happy now and no longer drinking, so we can only hope his sobriety stays in check. We have complete faith in him.

Stay strong, Zefron! Day by day, you can beat this.

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Zac Efron's Friends Are VERY Worried A Drug Relapse Could Lead Him To Destruction”

  1. keeyth says – reply to this


    haha, Perez using the word "tacky" haha. If anyone personifies tacky, it's Perez. From dubious fashion choices to squatting over Beibers poster and shit planking, this man knows it.

  2. 2

    I don't think there is anything tacky about what the "sources," said. Fame isn't their only link, like you say. Addiction is their link too, and if you knew anything about the struggles of addiction or dealing with people who have been addicts you wouldn't be saying that.
    If you know someone who is an addict or just got clean I guarantee that good friends would worry about relapse and the high possibility of death. Go to an NA meeting and see how high the relapse rate is and see how often people in your groups never show up again because they overdosed. It's very common and it's completely natural for these friends to worry and hope the worst doesn't happen.

  3. 3

    "… but let's not get tacky here." Seriously, ape face? You are tacky, ignorant, gross, and immature 24/7. Who are YOU to call anyone out on being tacky? Do you NEVER think before you write something? Are you that blind to the contempt with which you are surrounded and that you have earned over and over again? Is your head really that far up your own ass that you are so out of touch with reality? What a mindless fucking loser you are.

  4. dan says – reply to this


    clearly these douches aren't his friends, they're just looking for attention and want to feel special like they actually know something about him, leave the guy be, clearly it doesn't help by you posting all over your site that he has a heavy cocaine addiction,

  5. Rika says – reply to this


    I know I'm probably over analyzing this but I swear, I feel like he's still hung up on Vanessa. I mean, all this down ward spiral happens after them breaking up, there's been moments in the past year or two where he's shown he still thinks of her like??? I mean I might be wrong but that's just my theory.

  6. ZacEfronFan says – reply to this



  7. lipkin108 says – reply to this


    Re: Rika
    alot of people think that, but it seems he got into the wrong group aka most of his crappy friends, at the end of the day people should focus on him wanting to get help and needing it not spending the time bashing him and saying things left and right.

  8. texasannie says – reply to this


    what the hell is tacky about bringing up Cory's OD death? He ODd because he thought he could handle the drugs at his peak. It's not so far off to think Zack could do the same. What an odd thing to say. I'm sure if someone had been able to use an example for Cory, he might still be here realizing that IF he relapses, to not go back to that strength. but, instead he's dead.

  9. texasannie says – reply to this


    saw this on another site as possible issues for him:

    As for how Zac plunged into the depths of coke, we're told there are 4 reasons:

    – Zac has significant issues with his parents, who are still trying to control his life and decision-making.

    – Zac is upset about his movie career, which was once white hot but after "High School Musical" he hasn't had real success.

    – Zac has "girl issues" … although we're told it has nothing to do with his break-up with Vanessa Hudgens. That, our sources say, is ancient history for both.

    – Zac had been hanging around with "a bad group of friends" who introduced him to the world of cocaine. We're told Zac has 86'd most of them from his life in the last few months.

  10. CelebrityDeuce.com says – reply to this


    This is crazy, I wonder how much Zac uses!? I bet when he parites he goes through mountains of cocaine… brilliant.

  11. Boohoohoo says – reply to this


    Zac Efron has no acting career so what's the first thing a "star" does to try to revive his career but to "secretly" let it leak that he was in rehab for 5 months. I don't believe it. I think he was hidden away somewhere trying to think of a way to get himself into the spotlight. Now he'll spend time going from talk show to talk show telling the world how he licked his "habit" and that he's found an "inner peace" and that he has finally found God. The script has been read too many times but other would be "stars" who don't quite find the fame they once had. He should take the money he earned from his brief foray into acting and get himself an education to learn a professional that will take him into his retirement years.