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Zac Efron Praised As A "Hero" By Marcia Gay Harden For Reaching Out For Rehab Help!

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zac efron marcia gay harden proud of him going to rehab

While we were totes shocked to hear Zac Efron had received treatment in rehab just months ago, we're totes glad he did that for himself.

And we're not the only ones because those closest to him are sending love and support for what they think was a brave thing to do.

Corbin Bleu wished his High School Musical costar the best after his reported stint, and now Zac's Parkland costar, Marcia Gay Harden, is laying the praise on the young actor for his decision to deal with these demons.

She said:

"In my opinion, Zac Efron is a total hero. Him seeking help encourages other people with addictive issues to seek help. It's brave of him. I think only a coward lives in denial, and he is not a coward. He's a hardworking go-getter and I love him."

We couldn't agree more!

Anyone who is struggling with any sort of problem should def seek help. It's the right thing to do.

Keep on the healthy road, Zac!

[Images via Andres Otero/Brian To/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Zac Efron Praised As A "Hero" By Marcia Gay Harden For Reaching Out For Rehab Help!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Can people stop throwing the word "Hero" out there for anyone he does anything that should be called "responsbility"?? He had a substance abuse problem and he did the responsible thing and got help. He's no hero. People who come out as gay are brave for doing so but they aren't heroes. Heroes are those people who run into burning buildings to save someone, or who risk their lives for another.

  2. Meli says – reply to this


    And he disappeared again. Supposedly days ago he took a flight from Peru to the USA but there is no picture of him at the airport in USA, or he went elsewhere or who knows where he is…

  3. 3

    He looks so dreamy in blue! Too gorgeous to be a a loser on drugs so I'm glad he is getting help.

  4. Realistic says – reply to this


    A bit hypocritical are we? If you believed and loved Zac like you have been claiming for years isn't this the original story you should have ran with in your own words ? But no your there with every scandalous detail and you will be posting the smut if anything else comes out too. I buy that you lust for this man but I don't buy that you care for him and his health one bit. Not a Hero really but it's always very brave and responsible to accept you have a problem then to go and fix it , and it only works if it comes from you. Good Luck Zac. If you survive and you can conquer living in recovery then maybe the word Hero can be used.

  5. daisy says – reply to this


    oh give me a break! hero? really? i will give him mad props for not letting the media catch him goin in and out of the rehab center but he aint no hero hes just a guy who made a silly decision and is trying to fix it.

  6. anna says – reply to this


    Re: Meli – funny how peru is the cocaine capital of the world (there is a documentary about it if you believe its columbia or cuba) and he visited there. i know he loves to explore various cultures but this seems pretty "random" (or should i say calculated) that he would go to a place where coca leaves grow heavily and he just went to rehab supposedly for coke problems. need a little pr do ya zac?

  7. 7

    Only in "hollywood" we call people who do drugs hero's….go Cory!

  8. lipkin108 says – reply to this


    Re: anna
    actually he went there with his dad on a family vacation and exploring the mountains? so how is this all PR? he kept it quite from the media for months.

  9. anna says – reply to this


    Re: lipkin108 – this could easily be pr when you are quiet so sit down. it allows the public to remember you without you actually being present.all celebs do pr it helps keep their name relevant and their rep good, i dont know why you would think zac wouldnt do the same. i mean its perfect timing for his new movie neighbors a hardcore r rated movie. good time to unveil his manly cool side. is it because ur a superfan lauren?

  10. lipkin108 says – reply to this


    Re: anna
    actually no.
    ive figured he has issues over the last couple years so idk where your getting this superfical stuff from.not all fans are in denial about zac's issues, most seem to know about his problems and choose not to talk about it.
    but whatever think what you want. Because i personally dont think this is some pr stunt but again go ahead and think whatever you want.

  11. Meli says – reply to this


    Re: anna – hahahaha. Still as far as I saw he went there with his dad (so I don´t think he´ll party there) Besides he visited Machu Pichu and he have said he wanted to go there (Is a very turistic place). But yes seems funny with all this going on right now

  12. T says – reply to this


    Re: anna – We only know about the trip because of fan pics. If this was PR his team would of been handing out press releases.