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8 comments to “American Horror Story: Coven's Opening Credit Sequence Is TERRIFYING! Watch HERE If You Dare!”

  1. rachel says – reply to this


    Does anyone else find this empowering to women_? So excited!

  2. 2

    I hope Season 3 is as good as Season 1 was!!

  3. 3

    Love AHS but this wasn't scary.

  4. 4

    An all star cast so as much as I've said I look forward to this, I just am not feeling it :( Even this promo doesn't convince me. But I pray I am completely wrong! The first two seasons are awesome and I really do want this to be another great, amazing and beyond the imagination success!!!!

  5. 5

    Re: UcantBserious – No it was not at all! Big fan of AHS also. Perez scares as easily as a 4 year old girl!

  6. 6

    Re: rachel – No - why?? Because it is about witches and voodoo priestesses? Don't get why that would be "empowering" for women. But that's only my opinion.

  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: rachel
    Are you fucking kidding me????!
    Rachel, this is exactly the opposite of empowering to women.
    What this program is doing is insulting those who practise WICCA (modern day witches, although I doubt highly the producers will even USE the word!) as EVIL, or something involving worshipping the devil; something terrifying, unnatural, or malicious.
    Are all witches voodoo bitches and high priestesses intent on slaying goats?
    And there is no devil.
    Real witches revere and follow the seasons of nature, and believe in the inherent power of good and evil in all of us. They strive to maintain balance, in their lives, and in their homes and communities - a balance of spiritual and physical realms.
    They worship both a Goddess and a God, believing in the Higher Power of both Male and Female.
    They do not proseltyze their religious beliefs, such as the fundamentalist Christians who drive the Republican party, or the fearmongering that is done about Muslims and Jews STILL in this country.
    But the agendas of those behind these shows - women/witches/voodoo=bad, and so-called "Christian" practises=good - is blatantly obvious.
    Hollywood and Los Angeles haven't put out a decent witch movie - an ACCURATE witch movie - EVER.

  8. Kelly26 says – reply to this


    Really you call that openning credit scary uhm ya right…wasn't scared by it at all and have seen scarier shit than that.Probably won't watch it since I'm not really into the show have tried getting into but not my thing.