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Justin Bieber, your seksi body is only so big! You're going to run out of room to put all of these tattoos! At least in places we can see anyway! LOL… Read more…

25 comments to “Justin Bieber's Bible Verse Tattoo! Check Out His New Ink!”

  1. Basement Walker says – reply to this


    LOL Perez !
    I don't think Miley is stupid enough to do things she will regret 20 years from now in terms of permanent markings on her body.
    Beiber seems to be copying all the other rappers who get tattoos, it doesn't work for him imo, but he continues to escalate commitment in defiance of the haters and basement dwellers, because all of us are dumb and stupid.

    The metamorphosis into Vanilla Ice is almost complete ! jk

  2. 2

    punk can tatto all he wants will just be a tatooed macauley if he dont wake his shit up.. dumass

  3. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    Re: Basement Walker – "I don't think Miley is stupid enough to do things she will regret 20 years from now in terms of permanent markings on her body." - haven't you seen her shitty 'Rolling Stone' feet tattoo?

  4. Garrooooot says – reply to this


    Maybe he is trying to be a rapper …Or he is copying his father. Thats a tattooed mofo. He's starting to look like his dad.
    When I was a kid (which wasnt even that long ago) … tattoos were something you did if you were white trash. Now………. everybody is white trash.
    I'm holding out until I'm the last man on earth. That is when i will get my first tat. I'll make Eve give it to me and God will make her obey me.

  5. NotAreligiousPersonNO says – reply to this


    I will bet no woman on the face of the earth has a tattoo of Ephesians 5:22-24

    Even priests skip over that passage on a busy sunday in fear of Go… I mean.. vag

  6. Basement Walker says – reply to this


    - haven't you seen her shitty 'Rolling Stone' feet tattoo? - See more at:
    The shitty feet tattoo ? I think I miscommunicated what I meant, and that is my fault and I appologise. What I meant was there is a difference between placing a tattoo on your feet and having a sleeve that will be very difficult to cover up if your life circumstances and age context change. It seems to me, imo and is speculative, his clothing is not matching his tattoos, and he has to wear certain tones for it to blend in, in comparison with Miley who does have some tattoos on her arm, but clearly is placing some in smart positions and is thinking about the consequences in the future re placement. Given the minimal age disparity I do think woman tend to be more mature and very smart.

  7. 7

    He put it on his back so his rapper friends can have something to read while they're bending him over, lol.

  8. queen tonya bieber says – reply to this


    i love justin bieber tattoo wish he would get one of my face mrs. queen tonya bieber!

  9. Kelvin says – reply to this


    I used to have a crush on Miley, but since she became a boy who looks like he has never spent a minute, never mind an hour in the gym, I have gone off him!
    Now, I've fallen madly in love with Justin(e)…She's the prettiest boy…I mean girl, in the world and when her trousers slip down past her arse I just want to bone her there and then! …and (s)he doesn't even need to twerk!!!

  10. ok_then says – reply to this


    Justin may be becoming addicted to tattoos and covering up his body with these. His back is now the next part of his body it appears that will be covered with tattoos. It is sad to see someone so young cover up their body with tattoos. He will regret it later, or find out that his next girlfriend doesn't like tattoos. Either his father or some other idiot is giving him the wrong advice or he isn't mature enough yet to realize these are permanent markings. I don't think he is aware it is a long process to get rid of these by laser treatments. Justin can afford to get them removed..But when will he stop????

  11. george09 says – reply to this


    People above are retarded. Getting tattoo's makes you a white trash so only blacks can get tattoo's or sleeve? Fucked up this ignorant piece of shit of generation is. Half of you have no brain judging by your comments. getting tattoo's doesn't mean anyone is trying hard you dumb fucks leave this dude alone for fucks sake it's his body if he wants he will tattoo a cross on his ass you idiots. Stop posting those retarded comments and so ignorant damn you people have no life at all.Re: Kelvin – You're retarded as well obviously a 13 year old insecure behind their screen. It's his damn body and there's nothing wrong with tattoo you idiots. Use some brain, if you have it at all.

  12. garrooooot says – reply to this


    Dude, ironically, the way you intellectualized in your post……is the way I'd expect white trash to intellectualize. "fuck fuck fuck"… "shit"… "ass". You talk like you INVENTED that tattoo.
    Any criminologist in any country will tell you that white trash has strong tendencies towards getting tattoos. People with tats are more likely to be on drugs and commit crime. Now EVERYBODY is white trash. 4 out of 5 americans are on the verge of poverty or joblessness. Thats what white trash does:Struggle And then spends money on tats instead of their kids education. I happen to be White elite (my mom chased wealthy men in her youth). Tats are NOT for the white elite IMHO.

  13. garrooooot says – reply to this


    Re: garrooooot – "Invented THE tattoo", i meant to say. Not "that tattoo". THAT tattoo was … invented by … god?

  14. garrooooot says – reply to this


    Leviticus 19:28: “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.” If I ever become a drug addicted, booze guzzling, poverty facing, barroom brawling, tattoo lusting criminal…. I am definitely getting that tattoo.
    A tattoo should make people laugh not vomit.

  15. 15

    He got money to remove these tattoos if he wishes. Dumb ass mofo's!!!

  16. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Psalm 119:105 - "Your word…" Interesting choice for a tattoo. I wonder how much time Justin actually spends reading the bible. It seems, of late, he has been staying out of trouble - at least out of the press. Good. Maybe he is actually spending some time with the good book. I think the tattoo thing is a phase. He will outgrow it eventually (when his whole body is covered if he continues at this rate). So what? It's his body. He can have them painfully removed later if he wants. I just know that there are a lot of fans that don't like him anymore because of the tattoos. They think tats are gross. But again, who cares? Its his body. He can do what he wants. He is not getting tattoos to impress anyone. He is getting them for himself. I think it is interesting his CHOICE of tattoos, however.

  17. Pentheus says – reply to this


    He was probably inspired by the pastor of his church in Atlanta:

  18. ok_then says – reply to this


    I really don't know if Justin Bieber actually believes in this old fashioned belief that the man is the head of the household and that the woman is to submit to everything the man says or does. This is what Ephesians 5:22-24 says for those who don't know. I think Justin is in for a rude awakening if he tries to find a woman these days who believes that.

  19. sasha says – reply to this


    maybe….just MAYBE he gets tattoos because he likes them? What the fuck is it with you prudes talking about what other people, meaning NOT YOU, will regret in 20 years? i'm 28 and graduating this year with a PhD in cell and systems biology. So please, get over yourself before you talk about what one chooses to do with their body

  20. Sasha Fierce says – reply to this


    Re: sasha

  21. Mr Obama says – reply to this


    Re: sasha
    Great career choice…i'm sure social security will welcome you

  22. SummerSpence says – reply to this


    I Dont Believe Wat I Am Hearing Bieber Say… I Love Justin Bieber And Everything About Him Because His Music Is A Joy To My Life. Whenever I Am Sad I Just Got To The Computer And Just PLay His Music.
    I Love You. You Were A huge Impact On My Life Ever Since 2009 When I Saw Your First Video On Youtube, You Looked So Cute As A Little Boy And You Also Look Darling When U Were On The Couch Singing . Justin I Will Never Give Up On You Not Until The Day You Die . But When You Do I Will Be Heartbroken Because You Are My Drug And I Just Can't Get Enough Of It. I Hope That You Will Never Give Up On Us. Like The Wise Man Said "Never Say Never"…. That Wise Man Was You. My Name Is Summer And I Live In Indianapolis, Indiana. I Hope That You Will Get Back To Me…
    Summer Spence

  23. octupos says – reply to this


    body is flesh dirt
    do not have to put anything in the body
    he did wrong put biblical lyrics
    end horny with the people that he has relationship sexual
    he should take it

  24. der says – reply to this


    Garrooooot white trash ??/Do you happen YOU is RACIST

  25. zakiyah says – reply to this


    what if he wakes up on his 90th birthday, looks at his arm and says,"what the hell was I thinking at 19". haha still love him tho!