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Rihanna Grabs Her Down Under, Shows Up Late, And Slurs Words At Australia Concert!

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Hmm perhaps Rihanna had a little too many drinks at a sex show before her concert in Perth, Australia!

According to one critic of her performance, RiRi showed up 40 minutes late to her own concert, and instantly started grabbing her crotch when she came on stage (not the way you're thinking, but ew).

In a review of her show, Jillian McHugh wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that she wasn't impressed with Rihanna's performance:

"More than 40 minutes late, she appeared on-stage sporting a mullet and within the first minute had begun grabbing and rubbing her crotch - something that continued unabated for most of the show…While slurring marked the first half of the show, it was her disinterest in singing along to more than half the words of each song that marked the second half."

Oh na na come on, Rihanna! We know crotch grabbing isn't exactly a new habit for you, but that doesn't make it cool/sanitary.

And sure, we're aware that you've over-indulged in the past at the concerts of others, but at your own? This news is pretty disturbia!

If all this is true, we hope her Aussie fans got a RiRiRefund!

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12 comments to “Rihanna Grabs Her Down Under, Shows Up Late, And Slurs Words At Australia Concert!”

  1. 1

    Barbados Ghetto Alcoholic/Drug-Addict SKANK ALERT……

  2. Trace says – reply to this


    Oh it wasnt as bad as everyone makes out. I loved it. Yeah she was twerking like a pro, but when she has a body like that then what's it matter??

    Leave the girl alone, she did a great performance and it was definately worth it..

    Plus now i want a mullet :)

  3. 3

    very big criminal very crazy rihanna you have no talent only drug addict that's what you care about so much. go and start to catch rats and may my God Jesus Christ destrony you very big criminal very crazy rihanna with everlasting destruction.

  4. Mary Raymond says – reply to this


    big criminal very crazy rihanna, you have no talent on your drug addict that's what you care about. the australia don't know you big criminal very crazy rihanna. no more concerts for you big criminal very crazy rihanna. go and and start to catch rats and may my God Jesus Christ destrony you big criminal very crazy rihanna with everlating destruction. big criminal very crazy rihanna you will always crying with my birthday purple colour.

  5. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Trace – oh, so it's not that bad huh? grabing crotch and touching it same time? slurring words of her own songs on concert… and yet you think it's right for a woman to act that way? how old are you?

  6. Marie says – reply to this


    Is that really breaking news? She was the same in Montreal in March and May and at her every concert! Seriously was she ever on time? Did she ever avoid grabbing her crotch?

  7. 7

    Fans, that's Rihanna taking you for granted.

  8. Tess says – reply to this


    I'm at her Adelaide (South Australia) concert now, she was meant to come on at 9pm, and it's now 10:10pm, 70 minutes late - not happy.

  9. Rocky says – reply to this


    Okay 1) Who shows up to a concert scheduled to begin at 7:30 and actually expects for the HEADLINER to begin performing at 7:30 and 2) Rihanna grabs her crotch at EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. This isn't new or breaking news. As far as her slurring her words, I'm 99% sure that's an exaggeration and just the review of someone 30+ who's used to more structured and typical shows. I saw her in April (in ATLANTA of all places) and she was perfect.

  10. Har says – reply to this


    First of all who cares that she was an hour and 20 minutes late, there are a lot of things in the world that get delayed such a flights, restaurant meals and im sure most of us have been late for work sometime during our career. Second of all its DIAMOND WORLD TOUR not fresh hits number 1 tour so of course she is going to sing songs from her DIAMONDS album!!!! To the people who say she played UNKNOWN songs you are just not fans because if you were you would know the songs that she sung thats ARENT played on the commercial radio such as POUR IT UP and CAKE and NO LOVE ALLOWED and LOVE SONG, what a shame that not many people were into those songs and only into the commercial number 1 hits on the radio. This clearly has demonstrated that the most people at the concert last night don’t appreciate music that is not on the radio. My advice is don’t go to a DIAMONDS concert if you dont like the DIAMONDS album let alone even listen to it. The AUDACITY of people to say those songs were unknown. I guess those songs were only known and APPRECIATED by people who LOVE TO LICK THE ICING OFF, POUR IT UP and SCREAM MURDERER.
    And realistically what is the issue that she "Punani grabbed" ??? Men such as Elvis and Snoop do it all the time. Its only normal for her to do that when she is singing about her cake ;)

  11. Happy Feet says – reply to this



  12. Ray says – reply to this


    Why just BOO? Why not ask for your money back? What would hurt more, you booing or getting your money back? If their late, go get your money back. Then late would not be the thing to do. If you just Boo, and stay, then they think that no matter how late they are, your going to stay. They WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get into their pockets and see how many times their late. And you WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!