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Miley Cyrus Reveals Her True Feelings On The Critics & Competition! Quote Of The Day!

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"I feel like I'm in a different lane now. When it comes to critics, I have my blinders on and I don't really feel like I have to compete with other pop artists."

Miley Cyrus on how she stays sane in the industry, to the October issue of Fashion magazine

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15 comments to “Miley Cyrus Reveals Her True Feelings On The Critics & Competition! Quote Of The Day!”

  1. 1

    Well, Miley dear, wish I could be like that. I get too insanely jealous of the 'others' - I admire her feeling this way. She'll get far with that attitude.

  2. fid says – reply to this


    I've heard the same "confessions" from celebrities before and then several months down they road they have a big public meltdown.

  3. 3

    I just dont understand her overtly sexual display and why shes presenting herself this way. Is she coming up with a porn soon? or maybe wanting to be in peoples fatasies or something.

  4. 4

    vanity comes before the fall. your karma is going to bitch.

  5. 5

    No Miley, you are in the same lane as many many other 'artists' who rely heavily on nudity, tits and ass, and shock value to get attention. Having to be that vulgar to get attention is just sad and pathetic. Too bad you lack the self confidence to rely solely on your music.

  6. 6

    She doesn't have to worry about competing with other "pop stars" because SHE CAN'T!!!! She is not in league with ANY pop star. She CAN compete with porn stars however.

  7. 7

    Love her or hate her, she is SLAYING everyone right now. She slayed Katy, Rihanna, Lady gaga and Britney all in one year!! That is some crazy shit. I thought Rihanna was gonna be here for at least a few more years unrivaled by anyone, yet here we are…Everyone is talking about Miley. My friggin Bio professor was even talking about twerking.

  8. Kansas says – reply to this


    Just another chick brainwashed by the industry into becoming a whore.
    Yep, brainwashing. We see it with damned near every semi-talented female who's willing to sell her soul for popularity.
    The machine makes her popular, alright, and the need for attention and approval and fame is answered.
    But she's gone the same old boring route that they ALL go…
    Taking her clothes off, "shocking" us with her whorey juvenile behaviour.
    It's the same old fucking crap, time and time again. When she's 30-something, 40-something, she'll have to live with the fact that she behaved like no more than a common whore, just to get our "approval."
    Miley, say good bye to a viable career. You're now just another dumb skank in a cheesy slut video.

  9. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Yeefuckin hah, man. So she's SLAYING right now?
    By that do you mean so a bunch of idiots are laughing at her bony ass, calling her a skank?
    Is that "successful" ?
    And seriously, is a bunch of cash in this greedy fucking messed up country worth selling yourself out as a piece of trash?
    I guess in the shallow and deluded and ignorant crowd - she's "popular."
    Whoopeee. She'll be nothing but a has-been in another year.
    And she'll be embarrassed by herself when she's older.
    Seriously, bitch looks like a simple fucking tramp. If she thinks she's being "out there," or "exciting," we've all seen it before.
    Stupid fucking whore. Plain and simple.

  10. lol says – reply to this


    she's a laughing stock whore

  11. 11

    Any skank. Any any any skank with a decent body can go do what she's doing. It doesnt take an ounce of creativity. She's a god damn fraud at this point.

  12. 12

    Teens need to stop idolizing these fucking tools.

  13. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    She has tarnished herself beyond repair. In years to come, she'll look back with deep regret.

  14. FoodTastesScummy says – reply to this


    If you wannabeArabs are so intimidated/disgusted by her raw sex appeal (that kicks most of your "beauty" in the teeth), move to saudi arabia. You wont have to see raw sex appeal ever again. No more jealousy (oh the tranquility). She has a BILLION DOLLAR body.

  15. truthhurts says – reply to this


    Dillusional….guess its the molly taking.

    But she is a hot little gurl and she is such an entertaining clusterfuck that she keeps me and my friends cracking up.As long as she is ok with being slutty and mostly owning her succes to that then i dont mind it one bit. But if she actually thinks she is a genuine artist she needs a big fucking realitycheck.