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Is Kristen Stewart Still Having A Hard Time Moving On From Robert Pattinson?!

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Is Kristen Stewart still crying over her breakup with Robert Pattinson?!

Oh, KStew!

Will your ex ever just be your ex?!

Kristen Stewart is reportedly still having a hard time moving on from her ex-BF Robert Pattinson, because she’s hearing about him so much in the mags!

While busy filming her new movie, Sils Maria, in Germany, Kristen is allegedly leaning on co-stars to stay happy!

But according to a new report, hearing about R-Patz' love life is really taking a toll on the actress, a source revealing:

“She’s traumatized by it. Every time she reads about him with a new girl, she goes into meltdown mode. But reading his new interview, where he’s definitely on the hunt for love, has tipped her over the edge.”

Unfortunately, it looks as though Rob has officially moved on to another lady(ies)!

He's been snapped with a mystery brunette and was seen cozying up to Dylan Penn in El Lay!

While we can understand heart ache, this report seems highly unlikely—because more than enough time has passed since the split!

We just want these former flames to be happy!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Is Kristen Stewart Still Having A Hard Time Moving On From Robert Pattinson?!”

  1. So Ridiculous says – reply to this


    This is so ridiculous and really quite sexist…Rob is fine, partying, new girl(s). Kristen is depressed, in "melt-down" mode, pathetic. PLEASE. She has looked fine since day 1 until Paps show up and then you get the same face you have seen in the last 4 years. Makes you all crazy that she is in Europe and you can't get at her.

  2. jonah says – reply to this


    come on is hard to move on spceally if you love someone too much…soulmate is only one…

  3. dd says – reply to this


    Kristen is fine. She's making a movie. She's in Europe. Your looking for something to cause problems. Robert is party with his new girls and I do mean both of them. I hope learn to box so he can protect himself from Sean Penn. Robert's MO is he doesn't claim anyone even after dating them for years. He is not about to start doing that…

  4. 4

    Perez, you're a bully.

  5. KB says – reply to this


    The best thing she can do is to forget about him and move on because if he has really been partying like you have been reporting then I wouldn't want him no where near me. There is shit out there now that penicillin don't take care of anymore.

  6. jqr says – reply to this


    HP please stop bullying KS. everyone knows that you are pro-RP. Didn't she had enough. If Rob keeps on hooking up with different girl all the time , I hope he doesent forget to use protection. If in case Kristen would read your article, pls. Kristen move on he is not worth of you loving!!!!

  7. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Kristen is looking very healthy and happy. You know she's not depressed and in meltdown mode. The media is trying to hook Rob up with any female that comes within 10 miles of him. We all know Rob has friends and acquaintances that just happen to be female. Why are you trying to make him out to be a manwhore. Kristen is fine,Rob is fine leave them alone.

  8. mlw says – reply to this


    I hope she feels miserable
    Serves her right for cheating on Robert
    He deserves better than b#tchstew

  9. Nei says – reply to this


    [6543259]Re: mlw[/re] No abusive language here……She is a woman of integrity!.
    And by the way I believe she is doing just fine in Europe!.

  10. Lynne says – reply to this


    Kristen was the whole movie in twilight and Stepanie Meyers:
    Robert did not read the book, he did not understand anything
    about Edward Cullen.
    Kristen must have end their relationship by signing back to back huge movie contracts:
    She chose her career over him. there is nowway a relationship could go on if she
    was going to work so much: He has been left behind to drink. When his looks
    go so will he.

  11. Court says – reply to this


    She is doing fine, and it may hurt for a while. The longer she stays in Europe, and travel, especially finding herself. and enjoy the simplest things and not worried about whats happening in LA and the drama……. As for Patz, it is his loss, dumbass, but Perez, you haven't changed a bit, all your promises of stopping cyberbullying on the internet has turned to custard…YOU ARE TRULY A LIAR, when are you going to say nice things about celebrity, REAL LIAR

  12. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: mlw – Perez you are such a liar. Kristen is happy and healthy. She's having a great time in Europe and not crying over anybody. Sorry(not sorry) to disappoint you mlw, Kristen is not miserable. She has a great life and is having a wonderful time doing the job she loves.