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Selena Gomez Can Come & Get A Diss From Lorde! Get Deets On The New Feud HERE!

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selena gomez lorde feud diss over song

Ding, ding, ding! Round 1 of the Selena Gomez vs. Lorde feud is beginning!

We certainly weren't expecting these superstars to be throwing down, but it looks like a new celeb feud is a'brewing here.

While Selenita is enjoying the success of her hit, Come & Get It, Lorde is on the rise with her own hit, Royals. And while it seems they clearly have something in common - hella popular songs - apparently they couldn't be more different. That difference might just be enough to set off some nasty sparks between the ladiez!

After being asked about Selenita's music during an interview, Lorde let her true feelings shine as she said:

"I love pop music on a sonic level. But I’m a feminist and the theme of her song [Come & Get It] is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way."

Dang! We knew Lorde was a lady unlike any others, but we didn't think she'd come out swinging like this.

But we've got to admit, we love starlets who speak their minds!

She just better watch out for Selenita's diehard fans! Has she already forgotten how Miley Cyrus' fans went cray cray on her even though she didn't even diss their queen?!

[Images via David Sims/Patrick Hoffman/WENN.]

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93 comments to “Selena Gomez Can Come & Get A Diss From Lorde! Get Deets On The New Feud HERE!”

  1. 1

    There is no feud here, Lorde was stating her opinion.
    Stop trying to start shit Perez it is so pathetic and juvenile.

  2. patty says – reply to this


    Lorde is so much better. to be honest, she can sing, one thing selena can't

  3. 3

    Re: sophie58 – Sounds like the beginnings of a feud to me! Perez might be pathetic and juvenile but Lorde isnt doing much better by tossing a fellow singer under the bus. I think the little turd is doing it on purpose for publicity. Otherwise she could have gone her entire life without having the need to express an opinion on Selena Gomez!

  4. joe says – reply to this


    Lorde is the best. Love her

  5. hmmm says – reply to this


    pointless drama to make another sucky "pop star" come up. file this under who gives a ****

  6. 6

    I wonder how she feels about Blurred LInes?

  7. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    Selena also lip synchs, since she cannot reproduce what she does in the studio with Pro Tools (as evidenced by her GMA performance). Selena also doesn't write her own songs. Although I am sick of hearing the Lorde song all the time, it is a much better song.

  8. KC says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – well, the article does state she was asked about Selena's music. It's not like Lorde brought her name up randomly. But of course the media and especially Perez live for pitting women against each other.

  9. 9

    Re: KC – I understand she was asked an opinion. The media pulls that crap all the time, though usually they ask about the artist deemed relevant at that moment. Selena isnt all that relevant right now. Surprised they didnt ask her about Miley. She's the one thats popular for fellow artist to shit on at the moment, not Selena Gomez.

  10. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Lourde who? another one of them auto-proclaimed singers huh

  11. Megandale says – reply to this


    Not sure why the media always pits women against women. More than one woman can have success. As for Lorde, her song was cute the first two times they played it, I find it unbearable now. To each his own.

  12. dina says – reply to this


    lorde is right.

  13. pail says – reply to this


    lorde should talk about selena of royals. selena ruined it. selena cant sing live at all.

  14. lex says – reply to this


    you know, because a 16yr old singing a song about tripping and grey goose is so much better for a role model.

  15. mimi says – reply to this


    Re: lex – u obvi havent understood the lyrics to royals then ….maybe u should re listen and understand what she is sayin

  16. feminist says – reply to this


    feminists don't shame other women, they stand by women!! Lorde is tossing fellow female singers under the bus, that is not good start! Happy to see her call herself feminist, but she should slam songs like Blurred LInes if she really is a feminist.

  17. ash says – reply to this


    This is not a feud. Lorde stated her reply in a rather mean way, but if thats what she feels then we can't start up stuff. But Selena is a great artist in her own ways and so is Lorde. They are different, have different opinions, but they are both still great to their own fans minds. NO DRAMA

  18. jason says – reply to this


    Selena Gomez can't sing live. She has an awful voice. Her image is manufactured.

  19. 19

    Top Interview !

  20. jenn says – reply to this


    she just called selena a SLUT!! HAHAHa LMAO no but really this is a harmless feud. i highly doubt selena is going to respond. And i like both song. so simmer down Lorde, MEOW

  21. JC says – reply to this


    I understand Lorde's a little precocious for her age, but she's also coming off a little pretentious. Would it be different if Justin Bieber sang "Come And Get It? Men do it all the time. Why can't women own their sexuality? I get her point, to a degree, but I think her notion of feminism is a little skewed.

  22. 22

    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – No that is NOT what being a feminist means you fucking asshole.

  23. 23

    First of all, she isn't making a personal attack on Selena…she's talking about the song, which I'm sure Lorde knows was not written by Selena Gomez…because besides Lorde's own songs, pop songs usually aren't written by the artist singing them.

    I hate that because she has a strong opinion on something other than fucking "twerking" or fashion, she is somehow pretentious. Women are allowed to feel that a song with the message of "when you're ready, come and get it," is indeed anti-feminist if they want to, and they can think that without it being a blatant "diss" to the singer.

  24. 24

    She stated her opinion, it's not a feud. And I totally agree with her, Selena sounds like the biggest shank in "Come and Get it" like she's saying "When your ready, come in get my virginity guys!" And selling herself out, it's just such a sell-out to us girls, honestly. I agree with Lorde.

  25. Cookie says – reply to this


    Someone please tell her to shut up and sing, we don't pay for her opinion…

  26. *** says – reply to this


    Re: cheesuschrimbus – "I love pop music on a sonic level" is to me what makes her sound pretentious, not her stance of what she loosely calls feminism. Her music may be a little quirky and slightly edgy but it's still pop music, and it's really not that special.

  27. 27

    shes from nz they give the woman the first vote in the world and selenas a dirty skank that is obvious

    team lourdes she can actually sing

  28. Arrora says – reply to this


    This Lorde is lame, her song sucks, she's barely singing on it, she's just a little girl. Sellena sings a catchy song and she obviously didnt write it so lighten up, she needs a PR lesson 101, always be nice you aren't going to last especially with that juvenile attitude

  29. ursula says – reply to this


    We, the commenters of PerezHilton, believe in free speech as strongly as we believe in free photos of celebrities flashing their crotches while in cars. Therefore, we hereby declare: you can make up to 88 dollars an hour working from your house. Click here for one weird tip on how to lose your bellyfat. U R homo. Ron Paul 2012! bit.do\bNB9

  30. 30

    i wish u wouldnt do this perez shes only up and coming and u arnt making it easy stop it already …

  31. FINALLY says – reply to this


    "we cant stop" and "come get it" came out around the same time and everyone was jumping all over miley cuz she was talking about Molly and im here thinking
    "Isn't Selena sexually exploiting herself?"
    little girl gets away with way too much in this industry.
    she cant sing, she cant dance, she's okay at acting…she has no leg to stand on.
    …and im also sick of this "slut shaming" excuse being used lately…its nothing but a security blanket. Im sick of girls taking pride in acting like a hoodrat and then get butt hurt when they're actually called a hoodrat. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  32. share says – reply to this


    Spot on. These former Disney starlets use s-e-x to sell their music. It's because their voices can't stand on their own. Lorde is a breath of fresh air.

  33. kyra says – reply to this


    I agree with Lorde. I found myself explaining to my daughter, who loves Selena, that the song is ridiculous, waiting around for someone who apparently doesn't want you, and that she's better than that. However, I think this has been misconstrued, as Lorde didn't seem to make any comment about Selena personally, just the message of that particular song.

  34. come on now says – reply to this


    The song starts off with 'ITS AN OPEN INVITATION"
    …fucking classless

  35. Dal says – reply to this


    I heard this interview and Lorde was asked about women in pop music in general. She never mentioned Selena's name and started the sentence with 'I really like this artist but …" and then quoted lyrics I'll be sitting right here waiting, if you're ready come and get it. Lorde was commenting on how pop music is the last bastion for sexism and making women out to look like sex symbols and pining victims.
    That's some sloppy reporting at best. At worst it's pot-stirring to create drama in order to make two young artists look catty and bitchy. Shame.

  36. Dal says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – you need to listen to the actual interview. It was on RadioNZ Saturday 28th Sept. Perez is (deliberately) misrepresenting Lorde.

  37. jduf says – reply to this


    If she slammed Selena's vocal ability etc I'd think fiar enough but there's nothing un-feminist about Come and Get It…if anything it's empowering because it's the girl whose making the first move - and what's wrong with a girl saying "come and get it" if its her choice???

  38. well says – reply to this


    women being portrayed like what? women? I don't understand the issue here… wethere ur a feminist or not I mean i dont see why all of a sudden women need to act like dude just to prove a point of 'equality' or whatever… A women will always be desirable, it's just what women do, since Adam and Eve! It's not a bad thing at all it's just the way it is… Some feminist are so hardocre that it almost is misogynistic…

  39. Dax says – reply to this


    People are going apeshit over Lorde because she's 16, but she's no musical genius, and I wouldn't say her music is that deep either.

  40. 40

    and she misses the point of feminism.. which is the freedom to feel how to feel and have the same rights as men. MANY men would think like this.

  41. Jesy says – reply to this


    Who the hell is lorde! Oh wait now i know! She is a singer. hmm………

  42. Mark says – reply to this


    Lorde is an overrated music snob. She can't really sing and her lyrics are mediocre at best. She has this pretentious air about her that makes her unlikable. Selena can't sing for shit, either, but at least she doesn't slam other artists to "be different" and doesn't try to make it like she's the most unique thing in music. And Lorde wouldn't even be as known as she is if Selena didn't mention her, so…

  43. liz says – reply to this


    Re: lex – Lex you're an idiot. The song was saying they are NOT about greygoose and tripping.

  44. daisy says – reply to this


    well selena dont like her anymore. selena attempted to sing lordes song royals at her concert so clearly she either likes her or is looking to become friends with her since she is the next big thing but it aint going down like that.

  45. 45

    Well, the lyrics to CAGI are kind of slutty. But that's no surprise in this industry.

  46. MB says – reply to this


    Re: feminist – Yeah, they actually trash men in general. Feminists are uglier inside and out, too.

  47. Ajz says – reply to this


    This is bs, lorde even allowed selena to sing her song royals in her stars dance tour, look for it in YouTube.

  48. 48

    Re: Ajz – How old are uu? She didn't ask for permission she just sang her song. No permission needed.

  49. Wilde says – reply to this


    And what would she know about feminism? Singing "Come and Get It" isn't demeaning to women any more than writing songs against mainstream pop culture makes you cool.

  50. anna says – reply to this


    Re: Ajz – lol u dont ask to sing someones song. she sang iggy azeleas song work and didnt ask for permission did she?no.

  51. librababe says – reply to this


    Sounds like Perez is instigating and it's ridiculous. I rarely come on this site and just happened to today, won't happen again. She was asked about Selena's music and she wasn't even nasty about it - that does not equal feud. And it wasn't even a hit to Selena personally. Pathetic.

  52. Scott says – reply to this


    I don't see what Lorde's problem is to be honest.
    Selena was just representing women confidence. It's actually a positive song and I wonder what Lorde thinks about Blurred Lines, where they make women sound degrading.
    Selena is a great singer live, stop judging her based on T.V. performances. Maybe you should attend a concert and you'll think differently. She's a great performer, singer/dancer & actress. Stop hating on Selena.
    Lorde, you should be honoured Selena practically made you relevant.
    If she wasn't covering your song "Royals" on tour, you'd be another nobody trying to make it in the industry. Your career just started and you're already bashing on bigger names… take notes. That's probably the worst thing you can do.

    No actual beef, but watch what you say. Selena meant no harm and she'll always be bigger and better than you.

  53. 53

    Re: Dal – You're probably right. He's always trying to start crap between people so he can then jump in and arbitrate a feud that he helped create. He's phoney as fuck. Just look at his recent pretending to love everything Miley. Everyone knows he basically hates everything Miley, but by acting the opposite he manages to rile up a lot of people in the process. In other words, he's whoring for attention and we're ALL giving it to him.

  54. paprika says – reply to this


    Re: Scott – are you for real? u are telling me that selena made lordes relevant by covering her song although lordes song made it to number one much quicker than selena gomez's come and get it made it to number although u say she is Bigger than lorde? selenas fans alone are not enough to make her number one thats why she promoted it so heavily. show appearances frequently and lordes didnt do that once. not even miley did that and her song was number one in way more countries and quicker than selena. so sit down little selena fan just .. sit down.

  55. Jael says – reply to this


    Lorde is a dumb piece of shit! I swear! First she rejects Katy Perry, now she's dissing selena. Hopefully she's just a one hit wonder. She thinks she's the shit because of her stupid pathetic soong Royals which btw her music video makes no sense to. 1st come off as big as Selena and Katy and then talk all the shit you want yo worthless piece of nothign!

  56. Terra says – reply to this


    I don't think that "Come & Get It" is shaming girls…actually, since she's giving her permission for the guy to "come and get it," she's the one in control of her body. There's nothing negatively portrayed by that unless you consider women having sex or talking about sex negative, in which case you are the one who is anti-feminism.

  57. Joker says – reply to this


    I only watch Cyrus and Gomez to have a perve. Barely legal young girls parading around as soft porn. Being sold out by their pimp producers. Once they get old and loose it they become front page news and get thrown under a bus. Maybe another 10 years they will be naked and that will be acceptable. Actually maybe when Cyrus and Gomez have children they will try to out do their mums. Lorde's a Kiwi but a great role model for US girls. Girls shouldn't have to build confidence by showing their bits and if young boys are to become real men they need to put take their hand off their beef away and treat females as people and not a sex toy.

  58. ja says – reply to this


    don't think she understands what a feminist is. she's 16. i understand

  59. tiffany says – reply to this


    Re: lex – um shes talking about how she hates how every song talks about that. Drinking and flashing fancy cars/jewelry. Maybe you should actually look stuff up before looking stupid.

  60. 60

    Re: ScottRe: Scott – Are you fucking serious?? If she could perfom to begin with than the tv perfomances should have been good!! She can't sing period!! Lourde's song went to number one very quickly. Selena's song didn't even reach no.1 on the Chart!!
    Selena fans a DELUSIONAL!! I Swear

  61. selena fan says – reply to this


    Who the fuck is Lorde?? I hate her new song!!! Yeah she can sing, but i personally dont like her voice!!! I love selena's song, Come and get it!!! Its soooooo Catchy and its awesome!! So fuck lorde and what kind of name is Lorde?? U go selena, dont let bitches fuck!

  62. Jared says – reply to this


    Feud, what fued? The feud you're trying to create with your sensationalist 'stories'…

  63. Jen says – reply to this


    Sounds like another of Perez's fan fiction pieces to me…

  64. OhVey says – reply to this


    Pseudo-intellectual babbling at best.

  65. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lorde is only 16 and she saw it. She's still a young girl, and she wasn't crazy about the idea of that lyric. She can have her opinion.
    I noticed it. The 'any time YOU're ready' thing.

  66. ! says – reply to this


    She isn't 'shaming' her. As a feminist your job isn't to stand by every other women's actions and comments if they are stupid. Your job is to call anybody, nobody what gender, out on their sexist bullshit. It's nothing personal at all, just Lorde pointing out that the a lot of the stuff on the radio doesn't teach girl's to be independent. Selena's song isn't sexist necessarily, but it isn't a good for girls to model themselves off. It is not pro-feminist either. If she was in control of her body and sexuality she wouldn't be waiting around for the dude to notice her, she would 'get it' from him and if he didn't want it then she would leave. AKA if all women followed this advice we would all just sit and wait around for a dude to finally notice us and take us up on our invitation - oh wait we're already expected to do this - oh wait Selena's only reiterating Patriarchy ideals already in place in society…

  67. Aby says – reply to this


    Lorde is a really rare girl who doesn't sexualize herself to get what she wants, that is a very special thing these days.

  68. Asha says – reply to this


    Perez is such a stirrer. He hasn't even told the whole story; he's basically trying to start something out of nothing. She said nothing against Selena Gomez herself, just the lyrical content of that ONE song, which to be honest is questionable.

  69. naeean says – reply to this


    This Perez joker is the pretentious one. Lorde was talking about the lyrics to the song…NOT SELENA. And Selena fans are delusional and would do ANYTHING to drop Lorde…just as pathetic as the Miley followers that bashed her. Perez is definitely the instigator. #PatheicPerez

  70. Lucy says – reply to this


    This is so misleading, the actual comment starts of with "I love this song but" she isn't dissing Selena or the song but rather commenting on the lyrical content which Selena herself didn't write. She also goes on to pass comment on how it is similar to with Robin Thickes' song Blurred lInes as she loves the song but feels it portrays woman in a needy or negative light. It is a comment on sexism in the music industry in no way a diss. If you want to check it out it is on and the commentary on sexism in the music industry begins at around 12.35. The whole interview is really interesting if you want to listen.

  71. Lucy says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy

    sorry forgot the link

  72. Lucy says – reply to this


    Sorry forgot the link

  73. Lucy says – reply to this


    Sorry i forgot the link

  74. lucy says – reply to this


    okay the link doesn't post. Look up Radio new Zealand and type lorde the interview is called; lorde on top of the world

  75. Philipp says – reply to this


    Yeah but Lorde is right.Anyone ho has common sense.I'm sick of this pop culture who is about partying,sex,drugs,being hot and whining about guys.I'm so glad that someone finally says something.I don't care about either SElena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift.Our pop culture has miserably gone down but everyone think it is cool.Not it is not.It is shitty.

  76. kali says – reply to this


    Lorde Who ??? This ugly bitch is just jealous

  77. 77

    She's missing the point of the song…

  78. 78

    they're both a couple of talentless hacks. pop music is a joke. nothin but a dance show..

  79. 79

    Good for Lorde and she is correct.
    Problem with Lorde though? She is a one hit wonder, trust me.

  80. Gigee says – reply to this


    uhh shuuuut uuuuupp.. Lorde isn't slamming Selena you overly sensitive pricks who lack basic comprehension skills. She's passing shade to the lyrics. get over yourselves… and Perez…. SMH at your attempt to report on something of value when it's really…… nothing

  81. TNuss says – reply to this


    After one hit song Lorde feels entitled enough to start dissing other celebrities? Get over yourself. She sounds like an immature little girl.

  82. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: TNuss – You're out in left field. Read the thread.

  83. 83

    i only heard of this broad because of Selena….go back to the UK, take simon cowell and pierce morgan with you…and the osbournes too….annoying brits….Selena rule…nuff said

  84. Gigee says – reply to this


    Re: Oaktown357 – Lorde is not from UK bahaha evidence of someone who will go with what other people say and make idiotic assumptions… nuff said

  85. Kiwiguy says – reply to this


    So you are saying that Selena goes home and writes in her diary or writes songs 'when you're ready come and get it?'

    It's not her talking to us about her. It's her trying to sexualise her image and the people who cash in cashing in on that. You saying most Latina women wait patiently at home until a man is ready to come and get them? Not what I've heard.

    Great to see so much sense on here such as
    "Spot on. These former Disney starlets use s-e-x to sell their music "

    Be interesting to track these careers

  86. Jessica says – reply to this


    Lorde has a point… just sayin'…

  87. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: Strangeasitmay – Royals was number 1 on the Alternative Billboard charts and Number 3 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts more than a month BEFORE Selena started her tour, and ever covered Royals…I don't think Lorde needed her to be relevant (seeing as it happened before-hand), maybe Selena thought Lorde would make her cool? Or that some of her song writing talent would rub off?

  88. Amber says – reply to this


    This is no feud. This is Lorde saying she doesn't think women should be portrayed as sexual objects, as they are in Selena's song…

  89. Kerri says – reply to this


    Usually I'd agree with Lorde, but in this case I don't see why she's making an attack on the song. To me the lyrics did not portray women in a bad way at all. The lyrics didn't say "Just come and take me, I'm wide open". It said "I love you, I'm too shy to show you, but I know you love me too so I want you to come and get it". What's wrong with lyrics that clearly imply consensuality? Are women supposed to feel ashamed of this? Not cool, Lorde.

  90. kawanaaaa says – reply to this


    This doesn't seem like a "feud" at all. People are making this wayyy bigger than it needs to be. Why aren't celebrities allowed to share their opinions? Let me tell you, if I were famous, I would share my opinion about everything, no matter what people say. It's not like Lorde was like "Selena Gomez is a skank bitch who can't sing." No she was very professional about it and said what she believed. Who cares anyway, Selena has already made millions on acting, which she was better at than singing. Honestly I fairly dislike her music.

  91. Jenny says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – excuse me???

  92. Alex says – reply to this


    This dont look even real…where i can see a proof of this -.-

  93. 93

    Doesn't pretty and wonderful Lorde understand that awesome Selenita is sending out signals for me so that when my time has come I would REALIZE that the invitation has been sent and I may then take my step and move my enormous space vessel into position to take her up? It's just that simple!? Oh, and Merry Christmas, Lorde and Selena…