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Katy Perry Fought Off Suicidal Thoughts After Crushing Divorce With Russell Brand!

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katy perry had suicidal thoughts after divorce

How horrible!

As if Katy Perry's unexpected divorce with Russell Brand wasn't hard enough, it seems she ended up battling something far greater when it all went down.

While it's become clear that their sudden split hit Katy hard - especially since it was by text - we had no idea how hard!

She was so hurt by it all that she actually had suicidal thoughts! The Roaring pop princess opened up to Billboard magazine about her song By the Grace of God and how it speaks about her life during that split:

"That song is evident of how tough it really was at a certain point. I asked myself, 'Do I want to endure? Should I continue living?' All the songs are real-life moments. I can only write autobiographically. I put all the evidence in the music. I tell my fans if they want to know the real truth about stuff, just listen to the songs."

We can't even imagine what Katy was going through, but we're so glad she's come out stronger!

And now that she's happily enjoying a life full of success with her AH-Mazing new music and her romance with John Mayer, we're guessing that past is nothing but a memory.

We hope anyone else struggling with thoughts like this can come out the other end just like Katy!

[Image via Try CW/WENN.]

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41 comments to “Katy Perry Fought Off Suicidal Thoughts After Crushing Divorce With Russell Brand!”

  1. 1

    I don't believe her. This does not sound genuine at all.

  2. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    If you have suicidal thoughts after a divorce, then you need help. Seriously.

  3. Daria says – reply to this


    "Unexpected Divorce"? You've gotta be kidding. I saw that coming from a mile away. But, nothing is ever bad enough to end your own life. Suicide is nothing but a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  4. MB says – reply to this


    I'd say she should take all her money, quit the "music business", let some people forget about her, and eventually, she'll find a guy who is good for her. And she should remember not to ever meddle or try to sway people in her direction using negativity. Because she does that. If you're at the lowest level of whatever, depressed over someone to the point that you would be alright with killing yourself in some way, which who hasn't? You haven't lived until you wanted to fuckin die. Fuck I could've died a few times for things like refusing to go to a dr, for things that eventually cleared up but in which case if they were bad, I'd be long dead right now, and I was depressed over a girl at the time, but you get over it, and then if you're smart, you're carefull not to end up there again. Doing dangerous things at work that I knew might kill me, years ago, when I could've just said "no, I'm no doing that…." was another one.

  5. 5

    She's a 'Drama queen' not 'the queen of pop', as Perez likes to call her.

  6. Rudy says – reply to this


    Katy is a money hungry attention seeking whore always trying to victimize herself. Puh-lease I see right through you.

  7. share says – reply to this


    Sorry. I don't believe her. She is not authentic to me (with her cheezy music or the way she portrays herself).

  8. 8

    This is one dumb bitch if she thinks anyone is going to buy into her total bullshit.

  9. UGH says – reply to this


    OMG what won't this woman say to camera or press? True definition of a famewhore.

  10. 10

    This is so not true. I think she did the breaking up, not him. I'd bet on it.

  11. Carl says – reply to this


    She's gorgeous, but I have to agree, her teaming up with that doofus, Russell was a huge mistake in the first place…When I first saw that they had married, it was like, What? OMG! 72 days…for sure…was it longer than that?
    …Anyway, no one needs to commit suicide over another person, there's always something better just up ahead…

  12. 12

    she wanted to kill herself bc of a divorce. she cant even pull through this? what a wimp

  13. 13

    I take suicide VERY seriously having lost 2 young people to it this year.But I also have to say this sounds hard to believe. I can't see how someone would want to kill themselves after a divorce unless they are clinically depressed already. She has never (to my knowledge) spoken about any struggle with clinical depression, so I don't see how a divorce from a short marriage would be so difficult for her that she'd become suicidal.It sounds like she is just being dramatic.

  14. lacey says – reply to this


    I've heard many people describe going through a divorce as being akin to death itself and that it is one of the hardest things in life for a person to endure.I think the reason why so many people can't believe Katy is because our society takes the institution of marriage so lightly to begin with. A divorce is not like some break up with a high school boyfriend. You actually took vows with that person so there are soul ties there.Katy pretty worshiped the ground Russell walked on. So I can very much believe that she was this devastated by the end of their relationship.

  15. 15

    OKAY! Suicidal thoughts my ass! This is only a publicity stunt to sell more albums.

  16. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    No doubt divorce is hard; Russell himself loved her but some relationships just do not work out. But, most people do not consider suicide nor give the impression they are milking their divorce/breakup; moving on is the best thing. It's just unhealthy to keep looking back.

  17. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: Meaghan Edwards – Who here has been through a divorce? I'm just curious, because I hope you know that no two people handle it the same. Just saying…

  18. annainparis says – reply to this


    She should. Russell Brand is the funniest guy around (slightly immature for a marriage and kids but still)

  19. syl says – reply to this


    this bitch…

  20. babyblue eyes says – reply to this


    howdy all…i am sure Miss Perry suffered a great deal after her marriage ended. I personally never could stand the woman, but I think Mr. Brand would probably drive most women to suicide. He is a cruel basterd who plays like he's just a nice spiritual guy.

  21. 21

    she was at an amusement park having a great time. She is such a skank and I hope no one believes her BS.

  22. The Devil says – reply to this


    You would think that getting married to Russell Brand would drive her to suicide, not getting free of him.

  23. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  24. Meaghan Edwards says – reply to this


    I do know people who have been through divorce and yes some have taken it harder than others, but to constantly bring up the subject, to threaten you have to reveal "on a rainy day" just doesn't seem like it's good for you. And blue, get over your vendetta. There's always someone who's trying to take down someone who's successful. If you've given Booky Wook a read then you'd know he owes up to the wrongs he has done. He's a human like all of us, he's made his mistakes and may continue to make them, but I hardly doubt you're an angel.

    Very cruel indeed:

    Ontop of all the above, he has inspired others to seek help for their addiction. Hardly a monster.

  25. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    You lying whore. Someone should saw the harlot's head off.

  26. ursula says – reply to this


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  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    If someone has to text you that it's that bad, then why in ruddy hell are you somewhere else? Seriously, you can go to where they are after' the text' and have the chat. It's just one of the symptoms.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    That said, the feeling of abject failure really hits some people after a divorce. It's quite normal. She did manage the climb out, but will probably always have feelings.

  29. DackrackflackBOOOOORG says – reply to this


    I find Russell brand to be one of the most annoying human beings that i have EVERR and i mean EVER… seen or heard but in a good way I guess. But if i were him, i'd just turn gay and fuck Noel Fielding in his mouth (an apparently straight guy who sets off every gayday in the house) all day. Noel fielding has the most incredible blue eyes of any human being alive. I'm straight but I dont think I could sit within 4 feet of noel and not just slobber him into a wet ball of sticky goo.
    Wait? what? This was about Katy. Blaa blaa suicide blaa blaa.

  30. Suzanne Smith says – reply to this


    All these fucking drama queens who think people are really interested in their breakups or their heartbreak! Namely, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Selena Gomez. No one gives a shit about your stupid emotions or how guys dump your ass! You ladies dated these guys to begin with! Why cant' you bitches just party, date other guys, have fun, enjoy life! In the end no one gives a shit about you being heart broken! All you bitches think that young girls will learn from you! No they won't! That's part of life! You have to learn on your own! Stop trying to stand on a fucking soap box and make a fucking political statement about love! You got hurt bitches! Everyone does! Move the fuck on!

  31. 31

    Suicide? Over that nasty, greasy looking guy? Wow. I guess love is blind. Now she's with another nasty womanizer. She's looking in all of the wrong places apparently. Her best bet would probably be to find someone who isn't a celebrity himself and will love her for her, and not for who she is.

  32. Bette says – reply to this


    Re: Soxylady – "I guess love is blind." - well, except for men, ’cause looks are all they care about.

  33. 33

    What about the feelings when you can't even afford to get away. After all of my confidence has been stripped from me a stranger in a book store told me that my life was just as valuable as the person who took away every thing I strived for(husband). I listened and am trying to believe that is true. I just wish I could move back to a major city and have a career instead of left alone in the middle of the country side in the deep south where I can't meet a soul and he goes off to his job surrounded with co-workers and promices that we will leave this place since it was my family that got him started in his career. I don't think they meant me being cut off from society. Honesty is free. And I hope one day I will be free as well. I save and save. Don't mean to be all drama but I've lost 20 years with broken promises and trust me there are no jobs behind trees in southern MS and LA right next to us. I think after Katrina the Gov should have closed this back in to the wetlands it was meant to be. And no I'm not a slacker. College educated, Paid with CC's and owe nothing now from hopital job. Was told by my Dr to apply and say I graduated in 9th grade to get hired in a place like this. I made $6.86 registering patients in the ER. If anyone hasany suggestions please dm me. I don't know how much longer I can hold on.
    As for KP and RB. I thought she left him and he was the one confused with it all. I do hope that John Mayor will love her and not torture her. Be happy

  34. al says – reply to this


    yeah she fought it off with mayer's cack.

  35. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: lacey – Well said.

  36. 36

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  37. 37

    It's amazing how many people on here actually know Katy Perry and what's inside her mind….

  38. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: sara_antunes – So right with you on this one. it's easy for people to judge from behind their desks.

  39. 39

    Yeah, SURE she did. Convenient that this BS comes out right when she has a new single and upcoming album to promote, don't you think? Something as attention drawing as this is sure to get her more of the publicity and media attention she craves. And just an FYI, they had been having problems since BEFORE they got married, so I really don't see how her divorce was unexpected. From what I've heard from many different sources, she wanted the divorce as much as he did.

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: windbourne – You could contemplate cultivating one or two new interests, join a group or two to get connected in the new neighborhood? Start a group? It can get better if one decides that another can't possibly make another happy; just themselves, and that one is responsible for their own happiness. If no kids, you could move back to a city and rebuild. Partner might take you seriously and maybe even follow after THAT. With your always obvious grey matter, you could certainly help a lot of people down that way. Cheers.

  41. KEL says – reply to this


    It seems like Katy is always picking the wrong type of men, she is always with bad boys and then she attempts to make the relationship a forever thing. Maybe she thinks that she can change them. At the beginning of her career she was with Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes who was definitely a bad boy and drug addict (Katy wrote the song 'circle the drain' about him). Then she married Russell and now shes with John Mayer (a notorious womanizer). I hope she doesn't really believe that her relationship with Mayer is going to have a happy ending. I actually feel kinda bad for her, she seems like a sweet girl who is always getting her heart broken.