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Breaking Bad's Series Finale — Cooked In GIFs!!

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breaking bad felina gif

Holy hell. Is THIS real life!?

Is it really over?? Has Breaking Bad officially come to an end, or did we dream up all of that wondrous concoction of television perfection???

Oh, look! GIFs!!

Guess the series finale, entitled Felina, really did happen. Blue tears…

Get the GIFlicious recap of the Emmy winning series' finale (warning: graphic) …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

It all started with Walter White frozen in a car, seemingly stuck. He made a lil' prayer to you and said…

breaking bad felina gif

And then, what do ya know! It worked!! Miracles do happen, even for meth masterminds.

breaking bad felina gif

With freedom in his hands, Walt was able to continue his mission of getting everything in order before, well, let's just say cooking his last batch.

First he broke into the home of former partners, the lying Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz. But instead of killing them, as they anticipated as soon as they witnessed his nonchalant self in their house, he forced them do one last favor for him.

breaking bad felina gif
breaking bad felina gif
breaking bad felina gif

In exchange for their lives, these billionaire bozos are to give the rest of Walt's drug money — $9,720,000 — to his son in a trust fund, or else! Yeah, see those red dots. Or else his hitmen will kill 'em off!

breaking bad felina gif

Of course, we later learn his hitmen were just Skinny Pete and Badger, whom he gave lasers to for an instilled fear, but still — those guys will definitely be giving his son the money.

Moving on, Walt then surprises Lydia and Todd during one of their cafe meet-ups. He proposes an offering that Todd should immediately grab on to, but Todd understandably hesistates. Lydia, ever the trickster, says OH YEAH, LET'S DO THIS — even though she doesn't mean a damn lick of it.

breaking bad felina gif

Lydia then pours her beloved Stevia into her coffee…

breaking bad felina gif

After setting up a meeting with Todd and his gaggle of goons, we meet Skyler on a phone call with her sister-in-law, who's giving her a warning of Walt's presence in town. Skyler thanks her for the heads up, hangs up the phone, and the camera zooms out to show that Walt had been in the same room as Skyler the whole time. And she knew it!

breaking bad felina gif

Walt makes his peace with estranged wife, or tries to, by giving her a lotto ticket with the GPS coordinates of valuable bodies — including Hank's!! He tells her she can use this to make a deal with law enforcement and get herself out of all of this.

He also tells her the one thing he couldn't the whole series — that he got into the meth business for him, not the family.

breaking bad felina gif

After this confession, there seemed to have been somewhat of a weight lifted and Skyler agreed to let Walt see his baby girl one last time.

breaking bad felina gif

And of course he got to see his baby boy too. The one that's getting ALL THAT MONEY! (No matter their age, parents will always see their chillins as their babies! This was so sad!)

breaking bad felina gif

With that out of the way, it was time for business. Having realized Jesse was still around as there was blue meth still being sold, Walt went to this meeting with Todd and his nazi gang.

Todd and his uncle reveal that Walt has been set up. Todd tells Mr. White he never should have come back here, and his uncle gets the goons to take him outside for his death.

Walt, always one step ahead, knew this would likely happen and activates his emergency rage, demanding the truth behind Jesse still being alive and accuses him of being partner in this organization. The uncle, scorned with the idea that Jesse could be his partner, gets the meth slave in the room to show Walt what his 'partna' looks like.

Jesse, chained and shackled, is then thrown into the ground by Walt's ENTIRE BODY, and everyone's like LOL WTF LOL. But as this happens, Walt has pressed a very important button on his keypad keychain that opens the trunk of his car and UNLEASHES a storm of bullets by this massively insane Walt-made machine.

The bullets kill the neo-Nazi white supremacists.

breaking bad felina gif
breaking bad felina gif

Jesse realizes Walt was protecting him when he pummeled him. And then he also realizes that lil' sh*t Todd is still alive. So he takes the chains he's been imprisoned in and strangles that sucker's breath right on out of him.

breaking bad felina gif

Now, with Jesse and Walt, alone and together again, there is silence.

Eventually Walt slides his gun to Jesse, in the apparent hope that his protege will shoot him and end all of this. But Jesse needs to hear something first.

breaking bad felina gif
breaking bad felina gif

Though, even with a clear shot to kill the man who got him enslaved in the first place, Jesse's heart is too big and refuses to go through with it.

They make their way outside.

Jesse and Walt exchange their final looks of mutual understanding and quasi-thanks as Jesse gets in the car and high-tails it out of there. Free, free at last!!

breaking bad felina gif
breaking bad felina gif

Walt, still alive, but suffering from a bullet in his abdomen — a bullet from his own machine — gets on a phone call with Lydia (she called Todd's phone and Walt answered it), revealing he poisoned her with Ricin at the cafe. She is dying. Whompity Whomp!

breaking bad felina gif

So now, with all of his loose ends met, Walt goes back into the lab as police lights flash closer and closer. He feels the high of being alive once again, and dies a death of crime before the cops even get to him.

breaking bad felina gif

Cancer didn't kill him. The cops didn't kill him.

Walt died of his own device, and he went out in the high he fought so hard for. He went out on his own terms.

Baby blue. Oh, baby blue. It's over.

P.S. CLICK HERE to hear Aaron Paul tell us Dance Bitch in new techno song!

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7 comments to “Breaking Bad's Series Finale — Cooked In GIFs!!”

  1. 1

    Epic finale. I will have to find something to fill the void on Sunday nights. Amazingly done.

  2. Lisa says – reply to this


    He didn't call Lydia, she called Todd and Walt answered the phone…

  3. adorejunk says – reply to this


    That was his baby GIRL you dumb ass. He left his money to his 18 year old son. Did you really watch this or are you just pretending to be cool?

  4. Alana says – reply to this


    Re: adorejunk – Can you read?

  5. Rosie says – reply to this


    He said goodbye to his baby girl… Not his baby boy

  6. Rosie says – reply to this


    Whoops nevermind I read this again, my mistake!

  7. Saul Goodman says – reply to this


    People, people. The "baby boy" is in reference to Flynn, not Holly. It corresponds to the GIF BELOW, not above.