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32 comments to “Harry Styles Caught Kissing Model Paige Reifler In Racy Instagram Pic With A Side Of Blackmail?!”

  1. tinydancer says – reply to this


    Well, "this twisted web" can be untangled with explanation very easily: staged photo
    There was never something going on between them (or any other girl of the 500 he has been linked to over all this time)…

    I wish people would open their eyes…seriously, doesn't get anymore obvious, that he is in a committed relationship - and it's not with any of those girls…

  2. alex says – reply to this


    tinydancer when will you understand that larry is not a thing….

  3. emma says – reply to this


    Wow if this would be my daughter I would be really disspointed! This girl is really hungry for fame..wouldn't be surprised if she was an actress,if so then a career can come out of this. Styles be smart and get involved with hungry girls. Be like Louis Tomlinson and try to date someone hmmmm… how can I say this right? Owjaaa SMART! :P

    btw.. no offense to this girl

  4. ltl says – reply to this


    lol tinydancer, i wish you would understand, LARRY ISN'T REAL. It's ridiculous that you believe this silly conspiracy made up by silly fans, with nothing better to do with their lives. Grow up kiddo.

  5. Natalie says – reply to this


    lol of course everyone's being a dick to tinydancer. stop shaming people for what they believe in. and hey when we turn out to be right, we'll be the ones laughing at you for being assholes about it. this is just publicity, because harry has been linked to so many girls, and every time there are rumors, they haven't been true. seriously. who has he dated since becoming famous? taylor swift? 100 percent a publicity stunt. this is just publicity too, regardless of whether you believe louis and harry are together

  6. lorie says – reply to this


    harry's a nineteen year old guy, and he'll make out with girls as he pleases. he doesn't have to be dating them to get any physical action. i don't understand why this is such a "scandal" and there had to be something between them. could've just been a short fling.

  7. tinydancer says – reply to this


    @ alex @ ltl
    Well well now, I have not said anything about Louis Tomlinson in my comment ;) Very quick to jump to conclusions you two.
    But trust me, I am grown up and my advice to you is, to not take everything that the media is presenting you as the ultimate truth. This photo, in my opinion, is staged, just as much as the photos with that Emma girl and Taylor Swift.

    What you believe is up to you. You're very much invited to laugh at me when it turns out that Harry was indeed with all these girls.

    Have a great day!

  8. Aria says – reply to this


    How very convenient! Just when the larry thing was getting blow out of proportion again now that 1D is touring, this picture lands on the internet! I mean let's face it.. The picture is not even that explicit and a shirt very conveniently hides their faces! All this picture has done is easily shift the focus from the larry drama to some model paige with an ugly ass taste in clothes! Somebody posts larry porn on lotties instagram and BAM 2 days later this is on the internet!

  9. ltl says – reply to this


    Re: tinydancer – I don't need to laugh at you. I don't believe everything I read, but c'mon, every woman Harry has ever been linked to isn't a lie. It's pretty obvious the guy is straight, or at least into girls. You can tell that just by watching him interact with women he fancies. It's blatant. You'll be waiting a long time for his love of Louis to come out. Like forever.

  10. ltl says – reply to this


    Re: Aria – The delusion lol. the only people that care about larry drama are tumblr fangirls, no one else takes it seriously. Especially people in the real world. The media don't give a crap. They'd believe harry was shagging grimshaw before they'd believe the nonsense you're pedalling! It certainly doesn't require any kind of response!

    I don't usually respond to this shite by the way, but sometimes, I can't help it because you're literally all delusional as hell and you can't even see it. It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

  11. whybother says – reply to this


    Re: Natalie – As if you know whether the rumours of true or not. He's not going to announce every time he dates or fucks a girl. It's not actually any of our business! Just because he hasn't had a serious relationship and made it public, doesn't mean he hasn't seen anyone in the last 3 years!

  12. Natalie says – reply to this


    Re: whybother – but the thing is he denies it. the thing is the media lies. the thing is they say he slept with 410 women in a year, and gq magazine cornered him and kept pestering him, and he said he's only slept with 2. no i don't know harry and i can't be one hundred percent about his romantic life, and while i agree it's not our business, i don't see any reason not to believe the things HE himself has actually said.

  13. Natalie says – reply to this


    Re: ltl – if the only people that cared about louis and harry were fans, then why does the media talk about it so much? why do people go out of their way to bring it up, why do they go SEARCHING for comments about larry just to deny them and tear them down. it's fishy as hell and it's too bad you can't see it.

  14. Stylinson_lovechild says – reply to this


    Um, the same day Rumors were spread about the 'Larry Marriage' this came out. Good job management.

  15. 1D Detective says – reply to this


    HE WAS IN AUSTRALIA. THE PIC WAS TAKEN IN NEW YORK. IT'S FAKE AND WALTER DID IT FOR "FIVE MINUTES OF FAME". They all used Harry. He gave them free tickets to a 1D concert and they all posted (which were soon deleted) vids on instagram and youtube of them at the concert calling them "gay" and saying "f*ck one direction" and basically they went there to make fun of them. They are all fake and used Harry. That is why Harry tweeted "You my friend are not my kind of pal."

  16. Mavish says – reply to this



    I just wake me and the first thing that I see is Harry and Paige are … ??? WHAT THE HELL! That is what is happening? Everyone said that Paige and his gang used Harry to be famous?

  17. Alaina says – reply to this


    this is clearly a set up! why release the photo now…oh because of Harry's tweet

  18. B says – reply to this


    EVERYONE… Harry is a 19 year old young man. He is not going to go his whole life not dating. He is a polite gentleman and was probably dating Paige. They just weren't officially together I'm guessing. It is his life. He can date if he wants to! Seriously. And just because it looks like they were kissing (more than likely that they were) doesn't mean anything. It looks like she threw herself on him anyway. And just because they kissed doesn't mean he went further than that with her. It's already hard enough for him to find a decent girl he will actually like because he is so famous. I wish all these fans would understand! Let him live his life! MANY MANY MANY guys his age do this. But just because he is super famous… he can't? We are all still human. We all need love. We all need to date. We all need to make mistakes to learn.

    And to those immature kids who even leaked this picture for attention… grow up. And to those people who believe "Larry" is real… grow up. No wonder Harry & Louis' relationship isn't the same. It's because of you immature delusional people who made it awkward for them to even show any slight move of bromance.

  19. mavish says – reply to this


    Re: B – i love your comment B !

  20. p says – reply to this


    it's fake

  21. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: ltl – Have you heard of the world called bisexuality or pansexuality are you this ignorant? A man can be interested in both genders. Blown out of proportion? you really haven't really looked into it then, no straight man looks at another straight man the way Harry looks at Louis', I bet straight guys sleep naked together, or he also admitted to snogging before they were forced to shut up…or the jealous moments, no straight man has boner over another man. I believe he plays for both teams but Louis' plays for ONE!

  22. anna says – reply to this


    Re: KatieRe: Katie – You are totaly obsessed about their sexuality. You try to force own preferences on them, and then make graphic comments about it, stating Your wishfull thinking and fantasies as they were proven facts. It is discusting. You are discusting. When they were sleeping naked together? When they admitted to snogging? And all this ,, jealous moments" also exist only in Your over-heated head and other ,,deleude freaks" like You. Tinhatting is not better than stalking, the more people doing it, the worst it get.

  23. Wow says – reply to this


    Re: B – Wow that's a whole load of supposing for a situation you equally know nothing about. Yes, it's obvious Harry does PR stunts, they all do, it what keeps boybands in clover, always has. Yes, some things aren't staged but everyone is jumping to the conclusion its an intimate moment but you conveniently can't SEE what they're doing. They could be talking or laughing. She could have just sprung at him for a hug.

    We really don't know. Any time he's seen with a girl he's dating her or bedding her. And if you believe this story so badly then he'd have to have been cheating on Kara Rose who he was said to be dating then as well, in New York. It's ridiculous. I just think everyone is up in there trying to get their five mins of fame with this guy, using him as a ticket and taking advantage. Maybe he's a bit too slow to see it, or maybe, because it's only ever friendships and nothing more (a few friendly hugs and kisses) he doesn't let it bother him because he knows there's nothing to see here when all's said and done. Idk, take your pick.

    Bottom line is we just don't know.

  24. Wow says – reply to this


    I love how people just swallow it's a kiss and passionate too, when you can't even see what the hell is going on there. Lol.

  25. anna says – reply to this


    re: Aria ,,How very convenient! Just when the larry thing was getting blow out of proportion again" and exactly was that moment when Larry thing was not blow out of proportion? ..Harry and Louis get married in Australia!" ..Louis and Eleanor broke up!" ,,Paul confirmed Larry!" There is no week goes by without any ,,Larry-breaking news!" (all of them worth the same: less than a goat shit)

    re: Natalie: ,,stop shaming people for what they believe in" You can belive in Jesus, Buddah Allah etc. but who Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson is in relationship with is matter of facts not ,,personal belives". You turned something so stupid as ,,shipping" into relligion, God, this is so pathetic…

  26. one says – reply to this


    Re: emma – agree :)

    about Harry and Paige: they are young, they both didn`t cheat on anyone, hope they had fun (but I don`t think it was big deal anyway)

  27. Ariana says – reply to this


    OMFG HARRY!!! Yea btw I like how that jacket is like RIGHT on his face wow!

  28. obiwanjewnobi says – reply to this


    sorry but he's already happily taken just like tinydancer said. gold star.

  29. Lizzie says – reply to this


    Harry has made out with boys before, he was seen in london doing so before 1D, I know people who saw him, people I trust. He may be bisexual or gay, either way, he does like boys. It's a ridiculous thing that these guys in Boybands have to pretend for as long as the group exists. So many boybands had guys come out after years and years of success. WHere there is that much smoke there is fire. Come out of the closet boy! Be a role model!

  30. Moarweaw says – reply to this


    Well he is a ugly bastard and he tries to get any girl.
    One direction puts shame on GOOD brit bands

  31. Vanessa says – reply to this


    So what? Just because Harry is famous does`nt mean that he can`t have freedom to date who he wants or sleep with who he wants to. All you delusional directioners think that Harry is all yours and that he HAS to stay single becauase YOU can`t get your hands on him. GOSH people these days. We know harry has gone out with lots of women but that does not mean that he will never find love. Love comes in all sorts of shapes and forms and Harry is just adjusting to it. Omg give him some space he is only 19 guys.

  32. Heman says – reply to this


    Something about the skeletal figure makes me want to vomit. I prefer a thicker woman and care less about either of these kids.