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Even beautiful people have trouble, trouble searching for their perfect other half! After a number of failed relationships to some of the worlds most fam… Read more…

14 comments to “Taylor Swift Is Still Searching For Her 'Perfect Fit'”

  1. BarneyTheWolfDogCat says – reply to this


    Just stick with rich males, girl. Dont be lured into the hands of poor guys with cliche bait like "money cant buy love". Rich girl poor boy ALWAYS ends in disaster. ALWAYS. Poor males call older males creepy but in reality POOR MALES are the creepiest of all humans.
    The general guideline I tell my sisters is "poor guys are creepy. Date one and you are OUT of the family"…."but, some poor guys are nice"… "YOU ARE OUT OF THE FAM…"…. "I didnt say i was going to date one. Gosh". Just find some rich boy or man. Cliches cant buy love and happiness.

  2. 2

    She is dressed like Elaine Stritch

  3. jay says – reply to this


    I'm the perfect guy for her. I'm waiting babe

  4. danalex says – reply to this


    Taylor is an amazing artist and person. I really like her

  5. pon says – reply to this


    she will find her perfect fit obvi.c'mon she's perfect.

  6. 6

    Maybe looking for some pants might be a good start? nitenick is right about the Elaine Stritch look, btw.

  7. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Arrogant, stuck up slut.

  8. jenn says – reply to this


    @Barney who taught you your morals? Satan?

  9. MB says – reply to this


    Re: BarneyTheWolfDogCat – I'm not rich, I'm not poor either, not that I'd ever date Swifty, but as far as the average "poor" guy yeah, he's going to want to be near the fame, and the money, and the status, and her friends who he thinks are also hot but are actually complete untallented twits (not that Swifty's lame status with pre teens and teen girls means shit anyway, hahahaha) all the bullshit. But the guy who has no clue who she is, is going to be better than the lame "rich guy" who is superficial, fake, and probably an asshole, looking for a trophy…. a proper rich Barbie, on his ken arm. Either way there is middle ground, but I think swifty needs a guy with like no hairs on his face, his face is so shiny it looks waxed, a guy who gets weekly haircuts, hangs out at the country club with a sweater tied over his shoulders. Not a working class guy. A guy who is due to inherit his money, who might even kill his parents for their insurance, but get caught and thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

  10. paul says – reply to this


    "are you my other half" - Yes. I am.

  11. broohaha says – reply to this


    natural chemistry? sexual chemistry is different to having compatibile personalities and tolerance levels. people dont break up because they were a "perfect fit". people stay together because they like being around the other person on a regular basis or cant be bothered to split & just decide to stay miserable. but then you did contradict yourself after you claimed to have dated harry in april of 2012 accused him of cheating then went back out with him 6 months later all the while singing we are never ever everrrrrr getting back togetherrrrrr. taylor needs to quit making excuses for herself and not turn reuniting with unfaithful exes into a good thing ("perfect fit") just because she did it. she wants a perfect fit but she has yet to find a man who can tolerate her.

  12. --- says – reply to this


    Taylor is amazing. she is a strong girl. i love her

  13. 13

    I was married for almost 33 years to a very bright engineer and a good person to talk to, that is what she shoudl be looking for.

  14. emily says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – rude.