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Amanda Bynes' New Specialized Malibu Rehab Center WAY Cheaper Than UCLA!

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A deal's a deal!

Now that Amanda Bynes has been formally diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder , we're SO relieved she is finally getting the treatment she needs AND at a reduced cost too!

The troubled starlet's current treatment facility in Malibu is charging $60,000 a month — less than half of UCLA Medical Center's mega bills!

Still, Manda's people insist that the switch wasn't because of finances, but simply because the new digs specialize in her very particular complex psychiatric issues and double diagnoses.

A Bynes fam insider explained:

"[Money is] absolutely NOT the reason for the move. Amanda is worth $3 million … even if she was broke, her parents, Lynn & Rick would mortgage their house, sell their cars, if that is what needed to be done to pay the medical bills. She doesn’t have any health insurance through the Screen Actors Guild because she isn’t eligible as she hasn’t worked in several years. The good news is that Amanda is adapting very well to her new surroundings and treatment plan.”

Thank goodness for all those whopping paychecks from her Nickelodeon days, right??!

Regardless, mental help can come with a SERIOUS price tag!

Does anyone else see something wrong with the fact that most normal folks would NEVER be able to afford such major costs for necessary care??!

INSANITY…literally! LOLz!

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7 comments to “Amanda Bynes' New Specialized Malibu Rehab Center WAY Cheaper Than UCLA!”

  1. Delloooobooo says – reply to this


    EVERY GIRL I HAVE EVER KNOWN.. who went to some mental treatment facility for drugs or mental malady .. got laid in it.
    (I know 2). Crazy males are the most resourceful at figuring out how to get laid behind locked doors. Of course, the two "sick" females I know.. are alot older than me in their 50s. So they were back in the days before cams everywhere. One told me that her ward had a tv room and it was as far from the nurses desk as you can get. The girls use to go back there to have sex with one guy. The same guy over and over. And she was one of them.
    The crazies have all the fun.

  2. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Lies, all lies. Don't believe any of it. First of all, no one (except Amanda, her parents and her accountant and manager) knows what Amanda is worth. Don't believe a thing you read. Secondly, I'm sure her parents don't care what it costs - they are going to do whatever to make sure Amanda gets the best help possible. And don't believe her diagnoses either - "she has formally been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenic". Who 'formally' diagnosed her out loud to the public? Only her parents and doctors are going to release that information. I highly doubt they have called and press conference and announced that information. For everyone else to state this information is a violation of HIPPA and every person that works at that hospital knows it. Leave the poor girl and her family alone.

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    Real nice Perez - this poor girl has been diagnosed with a severe mental problem and you mock her with this GIF. I guess mental deficiency runs in your family too.

  4. steve says – reply to this


    So now in america you can grab any one and proclaim that he or she is mentally ill …

    and even if she are she is still free person and have rights for free speech etc …

    this is just a ridiculous circus going on …

  5. Mel says – reply to this


    Ya know… Perez… We get you don't care that a lot of people think you are cruel and fake (It takes the heat off ones own insecurities after all, doesn't it?), but seriously? This is wrong… Leave the girl alone. Mental illness is not a choice, and when someone does in fact become ill, then these individuals should be off limits.

  6. 6

    Read yesterday it was $50,000 but anyway I hope she gets the help she needs.
    I have a cousin with bipolar and it is tough, every once in awhile she needs the meds adjusted. She lost her job due to having to go on disability for a month when going thru this.

  7. Lila says – reply to this


    I think this is so sad. So young and have this horrible disease. I hope she will get a better but she will never be all good. So so sad, and that people dont understand and have now idea what this is. Shame on you you ignorance people!!!!