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Bethenny Frankel REJECTED By Old Real Housewives' Co-Stars! Will Bethenny Survive??

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Bethenny Frankel's not feeling the reality TV love!

The former Real Housewife of New York has been ousted by her ex co-stars!

Seeing as her new talk show's going "soft" in the ratings, Bethenny was hoping to get some help from Jill Zarin and/or Alex McCord, but neither of the feisty ladies wanted to take a bite out of B's daytime TV sandwich!

So salty!!!

But we wouldn't expect anything less from the east coast spitfires, now would we?!

A Bethenny insider spilled:

"Bethenny is feeling pressure from network executives because ratings from her talk show have been less than stellar. Both ladies turned down the invitation to appear on the talk show. She didn’t want to invite Jill and Alex to come on, but she really needs a ratings boost, and thought having them come on would generate a ton of publicity. Bethenny was stunned that they both said no, she really thought they would agree to come on the show. Bethenny’s bosses suggested she call Jill and Alex personally, but she absolutely refused.”

Ehh, it would've been fun, but who needs them??!

Those ladies should feel so lucky to have the honor of sitting on her couch!

Bethenny's proven in her personal life AND her uber-successful business that she can conquer ANYTHING, including a couple of mean girls!!!

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13 comments to “Bethenny Frankel REJECTED By Old Real Housewives' Co-Stars! Will Bethenny Survive??”

  1. 1

    I'm not surprised her show is tanking. I never watched her on reality tv and I only know her from her recent appearance on Ellen and I watched her talk show twice. She's just really unlikeable and I won't be catching her show anymore. She just seems so fake, self-centered, loud-mouthed and wants all the attention. Can't stomach people like her.

  2. 2

    Seems to me she has gotten as far as she has by ruthlessly stepping on anyone who gets in her way, all with this sugary fake bubbly persona. Fake can only take you so far.

  3. 3

    The reason her show is so bad it's cuz she sucks, too much Bethenny…she better in small doses, That voice…oy vey

  4. Denise says – reply to this


    BETHENNY EVER VILE is still disgusting! She is the one who was the MEAN GIRL to all of the housewives and acted like she was so much better when everyone initially reached out to help her. And that same thing played out with Jason's family where Bethenny showed so much disrespect. GET HER OFF TV!!!!

  5. Dottie says – reply to this


    Bethanny I use to like you until I saw how you treated your mother in law. Your personality changed after you got married. All of a sudden Jason was treated like a sperm donor. The baby is beautiful. She looks like her father. I think you have daddy issues and you need to get help. You have plenty of money why are you denying Jason his share.He really pushed your career.

  6. 6

    She's running out of people in her life. That's what happens.

  7. 7

    so proud of Jill and Alex. I never got over how bad she treated Jill, but thats bethanys way that is coming back to haunt her. she is a social climber, once she don't need you, you're gone. Little Brynn would be so much better off with Jason and his WONDERFUL parents. Bethany always dissed her mother but after years of watching her we ALL know it was Bethany all along. Hey Bethany maybe your schrink will come on, I'm sure he's still in your miserable life.

  8. 8

    I used to be a huge huge bethenny fan, but when I saw how selfish she is to the only family she has I can't stand her now. She's SO selfish.

    Jason was fantastic to her, we should all have a partner like that. And she discarded her him for no reason other than she was bored with him. Brins ONLY other family are her grandparents who are the best, and Bethenny fights to have Brin see them as little as possible.
    Bethenny ruined her daughters life. Brin will now grow up in a broken home because of Bethenny's craziness which was unnecessary.
    Jason was very sweet, supportive, smart, good looking, hard working and had a hot body. What more can you possibly want?

    Bethenny is a dummy, i can't stand her and who would want to watch a show from a woman who is so selfish?

  9. 9

    LOL Bethenny sucks and karma is a BITCH!

  10. 10

    We love her show. She interacts with the live audience and has greatly improved on her listening skills with her guests. I think you are wrong. The ratings are not bad for a NEW show. I did not want to see air head Alex or bitter bitch Jill on her show. I bet Ramona is smart enough to show up.

  11. Ave Jayne says – reply to this



  12. sandyw says – reply to this


    Tanking?? I love this show. The only daytime show I watch.

  13. belle white says – reply to this


    This womand is just a boor. I know her show will tank and I hope it does so quicklly.