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EXCLUSIVE CONTEST! Paramore Announces Fabulous Fall Tour & You Can Win Concert Tickets Right HERE!!!

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Hold onto your hats, rock fans, because we're about to blow your mind!

Srsly, we have the most AH-Mazing Paramore news EVER!!!

First, the brilliant band just unleashed a slew of totally delicious fall tour dates!!! Woo hoo!! Hayley Williams and her boys are embarking on THE SELF-TITLED TOUR and will be visiting a town near you faster than you can say, "that's what you get when you let your heart win!"

But wait, there's more!!!

Speaking of winning, we have an EXCLUSIVE! opportunity for perezilicious Paramore fans; it's an opportunity to WIN FREE CONCERT TICKETS!!!

Wowzers!!! The calendar says October, but this is what Christmas feels like!!

Fuh-fuh-find out when the band is playing and how you can win tickets…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Ready to win? It's super simple!!

Leave a comment below telling us which tour stop (listed below) is nearest to you and why YOU deserve a pair of free Paramore tickets!

We will choose the best answers, but don't forget to login with your e-mail address so we can contact you if you win!!!

Good luck!!!!


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229 comments to “EXCLUSIVE CONTEST! Paramore Announces Fabulous Fall Tour & You Can Win Concert Tickets Right HERE!!!”

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  1. Jonathan says – reply to this


    Toronto, ONT - Nov 20th.
    I would love to go to a Paramore concert because I've missed there past tours and now I'm in T.O. and would love to see them! My sister's birthday is just before that and that'd make one heck of a birthday surprise!

  2. Courtney says – reply to this


    I am in love with paramore and I have never been to a concert before! October 19th in Anaheim with Paramore would be a night to remember for my first concert ever!

  3. briza says – reply to this


    I would love to see Paramore in Austin, Texas November 1st. It would be an awesome birthday present, since my birthday is later on in the month, and it would be my second time seeing them. First time was in.. 2005 when I was 16-17. I fell In love with Hayley's voice from the moment I heard All We Know and have not stopped following since. It has been amazing to see how big they have gotten, and they deserve it. When I first saw them, it was a very small venue called the White Rabbit in San Antonio.. I was front row, even got to record it. I watch the video from time to time, and still can't believe I got to see them. It would be an AMAZING to have the chance to see them again after so many years.

  4. Mandy Norman says – reply to this


    My daughter Hannah is turning nine this week and had one request to take a friend to see Paramore at the Independence Missouri stop of the tour. Hannah has special needs she has ADHD and we are seeking help for possible bi-polar syndrome. Hannah is brilliant, extremely artistic, and very funny. But unfortunately she struggles with anger, depression and has a hard time socially. Music is one of the few things I have been able to share with my daughter in which she finds solace and happiness and is a way for us to bond which is difficult for her. I gave her "Brand New Eyes," and she memorized every word. Paramore is her favorite band and looks up to Haley because she says that "she doesn't take no nonsense from boys." Paramore has been a great role model for her and has given us a chance to spend time together in a loving way in which Hannah can come out of her shell and show emotion. I am incredibly proud of my daughter and wish more of us could have her sense of self. She doesn't care what other think of her, even sometimes to her detriment. I hope everyday that she continues to have that sense of self, and that she looks to women like Haley, Gwen, Janis, Patsy, Dolly (and hopefully me,) to know that who she is no matter how different is perfect.

  5. Adam says – reply to this


    I would love to see them in Anaheim, CA. I have been a fan of this group since Misery Business. I've never been able to see them live but this would be an amazing opportunity. Last year I lost my best friend and went through a very dark period in my life and getting through it with their latest album helped me relate and reflect. When I heard their song "Last Hope" it was an instant favorite for me. I was recently diagnosed with HIV and everytime I hear this song it makes me think of no matter how hard life is there is always light in the dark. Paramore you're amazing! Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win tickets!

  6. 106

    Chicago - Nov 24

    I've been a HUGE fan of Paramore since the "All We Know is Falling" days when they were playing at super small venues. In fact, I got to meet Hayley outside of a club in San Diego where they had a gig. Since then I've seen them in every single tour they've had and since moving to the Midwest this will be the first time I see them! I hope you pick me because I absolutely love them and I want to see ho Chi-town brings it. Thanks!!

  7. lindsey says – reply to this


    I love paramore!! My friends already have tickets to the concert but I couldn't go because of finances :( #brokeCollegeProblems. Hook me up with a ticket to the Farifax, VA November 9th show so I can share this great experience with my friends. #roadTrip #butterflies

  8. Marelly says – reply to this


    I'd love to go to Austin Tx Nov1 show!!! I'm willing to do the traveling since I don't live in the US but please give me a chance to be there!

  9. Aaron says – reply to this


    I have been a Paramore since "All We Know Is Falling", after the line up changed I wasn't too sure how I felt about them with all bad press going around. I recently was listening to the latest self titled album and it is AMAZING! I have no doubts that they will be around for a long time and still have that Paramore sound we all know and love. The Los Angeles date at the Honda Center is the closet stop to me and it would be awesome to win to see this new Paramore sound live!

  10. Caitlin Sims says – reply to this


    I would love to see them Friday November 15th in Worcester, MA!! My best friend Chelsea and I absolutely love Paramore. From their heartfelt lyrics to upbeat tunes, I love every song they have ever written. I would be honored if I won tickets!

    All the best,
    Cait xo

  11. joanne tortola says – reply to this


    I'd love to go to the NYC show at MSG. I've loved Paramore since they began and I'd love to see them play in an arena setting! Both of the opening bands are some of my favorites as well! Also, it's my boyfriends birthday the following week and I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing Hayley ;)

  12. lex o says – reply to this


    san diego oct 23

    hi, my names les, i recently came out and i have my amazing boyfirend to thank . jawn is the BIGGEST PARAMORE FAN !! not to mention that we met on the 23 and this will be the night of our 6 month anniversary. im a good boyfirend and i love my boy. id do anything for him, please help me help him. and he ofcourse will DIE and i will remain the BEST bf. LOVE YOU PEREZ AND PARAMORE xxxo

  13. Maia Levin says – reply to this


    November 4th would be the best day of my life, if I were to win these tickets!!!! I've followed Paramore since the Warped tour '08 days and they have honestly shaped me and inspired me to always get up when I'm down and to believe in love! When I heard they were breaking up, my world almost stopped…but knowing that they are still a band regardless of their past problems with ex-members, continuously gives me hope! I love this band soooo much and I really hope I win, thanks :)

  14. 114

    Fairfax, VA! I want these tickets Perez! First because I am a huge Paramore fan, but MOST IMPORTANTLY because my 16 year old son is an even bigger fan, he shares my love of music. I am severely ill, have been out of work for 6 years. I have several disorders that cause me to be in pain and suffer daily including a tumor condition and my son is one of biggest supporters, he is amazing. He is the most thoughtful, concerned teenager I've ever known. He is a good student and a great big brother. For his 16th Birthday I wasn't able to afford to do everything for him that I wanted to due to my illnesses and medical costs, so he requested new Paramore posters. I framed them and repainted his room. It would be AMAZING to win these tickets and take him to that concert! I'm crossing my fingers!

  15. Alexis Parker says – reply to this


    I'm closer to Anaheim, Ca. I don't mean to come of as rude but I know I deserve these concert tickets. Paramore has done some much me, for example, they have helped me through very dark times in my life. I've been listening to them for about 7 years, but I have never been to any of their concerts and it is a dream of mine to get to experience them live. Hayley Williams is and will forever be one of my role models. She shows me that I can be who I am and shouldn't have to be ashamed. I believe this is a sign/chance for me to have one of my biggest dreams come true.

  16. 116

    Houston, TX. I have loved Paramore since 2006! They're helped me transition through every rough period in my life- most notably joining the US Air Force. Every obstacle I have faced, whether in military or not, I've had their songs playing in my mind to power me through. I have a dream of meeting Hayley Williams one day. She's the best voice in the game- period. Not to mention lyricist.

  17. Marya says – reply to this


    Anaheim,Ca. Been a paramore fan for years. I love Hayley she is so awesome and talented. They need more radio play. Love this band so different from others. Love to win some tix!

  18. 118

    (Houston, TX) I would like to add, as well, that I've been married for 3+ years, and have 2 youngins… my daughter is 2, and my son is 5 months. My husband and I can count on one hand how many dates we've had since the children came about… let's not even try to access how much alone time! Because of us being military, we're isolated from family. So it's just us and the babies. I wanna go to this concert BAD but cannot afford it. I need to dance, sing. I need to be apart of the moment. I have seen Paramore once live, and it was the best concert I've ever been to. I saw them right before I went to boot camp- that was in 2009 in Charlotte, NC. They were on tour with No Doubt, and ALMOST stole the entire show. :)

  19. Maeson says – reply to this


    November 24. Chicago, IL. Why? Well, I have been listening to Paramore for a couple years now and haven't seen them live yet! Well, actually, I've not seen anyone live… And no matter how corny this sounds, they literally saved me, and changed my whole perspective in life… I always have something witty to say, and of course, when it comes down to it, it's just… gone-_- I just really love them. Okay? (y u no indiana paramore) Thank you:3

  20. Daniel F says – reply to this


    I would love to go to the San Jose show. I have been a huge Paramore fan since I first heard them back when I was in middle school. A lot of their songs have really inspired me to be who I am because they speak so much about empowerment. I have never seen them live, and it would really be a great chance to do it!

  21. Camelia Sanchez says – reply to this


    I've been a fan of Paramore since I was in middle school, now as a college student Paramore is still my favorite band. Their music has helped me through some of the hardest times dealing with loss and major depression. I literally don't know where'd I'd be be without their music and inspiration form just dealing with my everyday relationships to my faith and confidence in myself. I actually seen Paramore for Fueled by Ramen's 15th Anniversey show in New York and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life, waiting for them for hours standing up for what felt like forever to experience the amazing energy and love they give in every song was so worth it. I wanted to see them in Madison Square Garden this year but I couldn't afford a ticket so I would be truly thankful to see them again because I am one of their biggest fans!

  22. Megan says – reply to this


    I took an extra job to help pay some family bills - I work every day in October but 1 (including my sister and my birthdays). I would love to get tickets to the November 23rd show in Minneapolis (and a day off).

  23. Jessica says – reply to this


    Orlando, FL

    I deserve to win because I'm here in Orlando working my a** off! I need a night of fun! I'm a full time student who has made the Dean's List for three years straight now, and I'm training to become an Elementary School teacher. I'm also working at a portrait studio, and it's the holiday season… My life is crazy right now, I'm so busy, I don't even sleep. I love Paramore, I've been listening to them since I was 12 years old, and I would love a chance to see them perform again.

  24. 124

    Vancouver BC!!
    Because me and my best friend since grade 7 (I'm turning 21 tomorrow) saw them 5 years ago opening up for No Doubt, and now that best friend has moved away to Vancouver for school & I haven't been able to visit her, it would be such a treat for us!

  25. Stacy Sitton says – reply to this


    I'm writing for my 4 year old daughter Myka….. I've had her listening to Paramore since forever :) she would be so excited to see them in concert bc she loves singing their songs.plus it would be her first concert. We live in Kansas City Missouri and Paramore will be here October 29th
    Thanks… from Myka's mom Stacy

  26. Karla says – reply to this


    Paramore is such a great band! and they sing incredible live I bet!

  27. Ken Price says – reply to this


    I would love to see Paramore on November 13th 2013 in NYC! I've never made it to see them and seeing them would bring me so much joy! Hayley is one of my biggest idols. I would love to see her and experience the whole band live and take it all in. I've grown up with Paramore music and this would be the icing on the cake!

  28. Tiffany C says – reply to this


    Oct 19th Anaheim, CA! I would like tickets because I've been a fan of Paramore ever since I first saw their "Emergency" video on TV! Being a full time college student is tough already with its limitations, but being a broke college student is even tougher! If I do win, I hope to bring my boyfriend as this could be our first concert together :)

  29. 129

    October 22 Fresno, CA! That the day of our wedding anniversary! Our wedding song was Only Exception by Paramore. As a fans of their music we would love to spend our wedding anniversary celebrating it to the music we use to celebrate our love to each other. It would truly be an amazing anniversary gift!

  30. Carla says – reply to this


    ANAHEIM!!! I would love to see Paramore! Every time they've come to town I've missed them:( Hook a girl up!!!

  31. 131

    Re: Mandy Norman – I hope you get the tickets, your daughter sounds very deserving.

  32. Mira says – reply to this


    I've been out of the country for too long, running away from something, and while I've been away Paramore i the only thing that's made me content with how things turned out to be. 'Brand New Eyes' Actually saved me so many times. They're the voice that makes me turn my back on the thoughts that slowly creep on me from time to time. It's always been an absolute dream to actually get to meet them. Can you make my dream come true, Perez? - Fairfax, VA.

  33. 133

    Oct19thAnaheimCA. I owe my life to Paramore, quiet literally. For years now ive endured through a very severe eating disorder. Nearly a year ago, I grew so frail I was hospitalized, I sat like a stone as the doctors told me I was days away from dying due to my diseas. I became numb, to everything. One night I did something I haven't don't for sometime. I threw on my headphones and whispered along to the Lyrics "Im just trying to find my way but it might not be here where I feel safe, we all learn to make mistakes… You are not useless, we are just misguided ghosts" These words that might seem so simple to others sparked a whole new world inside of myself. I might not be perfect, I might even be a little bit of a "freak" but thats what makes me.. Me. I no longer feel the need to drown in my sins. They've been mine and my sisters favorite band since the beginning, with the tattoos to prove it. Id love the chance to dance all night with the same band who turned my world upside down in the most kick as of ways.

  34. Nashali says – reply to this


    I would LOVE to go to the New York, NY show! I've always loved their sound and have always wanted to go to one of their concerts but never had the money. I'm in college studying Biochemistry and it would be great if I could take a break and enjoy the music.

  35. Helena says – reply to this


    Hello!!!!I!!!! and ohhh myyy goosshhh. I would love you even more FOREVER!!!! if i got to go see them at Anaheim, CA. I love Paramore. Their lyrics are soooo empowering, I think many can relate to them. From there old disc to the new albubm. Paramore is just the best of all. I Believe and know I Deserve this because I've never been to a concert before and knowing that i get to see Paramore live would be THE MOST INCREDIBLE LIFE EXPERIENCE EVERR!! sorry it's just i'm like I'd love to win. Plus, I could not afford it anytime soon so being able to get this would be AWESOME. Plus their songs never get old. I know that each and everysingle day I always blast on my music walking to and from school. And I always have it at home. Hahaha I always sing to my mom horribly. But hey, I don't mind, especially the song One of those crazy girls. Paramore is just INCREDIBLE! Please Perez, can I get this???? Sorry it's long but i'm in love with them. I will be a Paramonster for life.Hope you pick me:D THANK YOU FOR GIVING THE PEOPLE THIS OPPURTUNITY.<3

  36. Morgan Eckel says – reply to this


    The nearest show to me is San Diego on October 23rd and i would be beyond thankful for the opportunity to see Paramore. I've loved them since the beginning and i havent stopped playing their new album since it was released! Haley is a huge inspiration to me and it would be a dream come true to see Paramore live.

  37. 137

    WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE WHY I DESERVE TO WIN THESE TICKETS. Living in Canada MY ABSOULTE FAVOURITE BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD…PARAMORE.. doesn't come here very often!!! I've been with them since the beginning since they released all we know is falling in 2005, last time I saw them it was like taking a time machine back to 2005 with WHOA one of my FAVOURITE SONGS. most recently, I got a paramour tattoo to show much undying, lifetime support for my NUMBER ONE BOOS HAYLEY JEREMY AND TAYLOR. PLUS, exams start beginning of december so to be able to see them in MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 18 would be the perfect pre-exam stress break I need right before finals start. PLEASE PEREZ, HELP A SISTER OUT, SEND HER TO SEE HER FAVOURITE BAND.

  38. 138

    Re: atokadmae – PARAMORE* clearly my autocorrect isn't a fan..

  39. Isai says – reply to this


    My very first concert was to this indie-like Christian band for which as a little kid I grew up listening to very religious music because of my parents beliefs. However sometimes when you grow up you begin to realize that music is music and that is what I learned through paramore. I absolutely love paramore and I have loved paramore ever since I heard Whoa off of All We Know is Falling. Paramore has introduced me to a whole different world of music and I can't think of a day where I can't say I want paramore 'now' because 'i'm still into them' (corny and overdone but it's true. It would mean the absolute world to be able to see them live among so many different people who love them as much as I do. Paramore is coming to Atlanta, Ga the 27th of November and it would be a perfect thing to be thankful for the day of Thanksgiving.

  40. Carley Feil says – reply to this


    I have been following Paramore since their first album. They performed at our local Pizza place basement called Jerrys Pizza in Bakersfield when they were just starting. I seriously love Paramore. I have been to 2 of their concerts before both in Bakersfield and now they're coming to Fresno which is where I am now and I can't afford to get tickets so i'm pretty bummed but thats why this would be awesome.

  41. 141

    Words can't describe how excited I got when I read about this contest! I have visited your site, practically everyday, for the past 4 years. I love getting to read about my fav, and let's be honest, not so fav, celebs everyday. My husband laughs when I tell him the new gossip I read about on your site. In all honesty, I'm kinda a fangirl. I've listened to Paramore since I was 16 years old (I'm now 22). Hayley is one of my idols. She exudes confidence and strength; she is a great role model for young girls. Their music has gotten me through some very tough times and helped me celebrate the wonderful times in my life. The last time I got to see Paramore, I was still in high school, lol, so it's been a while. I was hoping to go to the Nov. 21st Detroit concert for my birthday, but in reality, it's a pipe dream for me (I'm a mom, I work full time, I go to school and I have a crappy car :P ). If I could win these tickets, it would mean the world to me.

  42. 142

    In fresno ca, me and my co workers were just looking into it. It would be awesome if i won. Been there fan since they started !

  43. Johnny M. says – reply to this


    I'm dying to go to the Anaheim Oct. 19th show! I fell in love with someone while listening to the song "The Only Exception" and it's probably my all-time favorite track by anyone ever. To see them perform it live would be a surreal experience for me… I feel like Paramore albums are like the soundtrack of my life. I've been hurting for money a bit in this tough economy, so getting the opportunity to see these guys live for free would make my year. Thanks Perez! :)

  44. sue says – reply to this


    Dear Mr. Perez and staff,

    I think I deserve to go see Paramore because I absolutely LOVE every one of their songs. Although a long time has come since their freshman debut, I am proud to say I am still one of the many loyal fans who still genuinely gets excited over their new albums. They have really uplifted me through tough times and made me strong enough to offer the same strength to others. If I won, I would die. So please don't give me the tickets. I'm just posting a comment here because I couldn't resist the urge to let you know how much I love them. Okay I'm kidding. But only about not wanting the tickets, because let's face it, that action would seem utterly impossible if the opportunity ever arrived! P.S I also love the opening acts! Metric & Hellogoodbye!! What is this, freshmen year in highschool? (memories!) Oct. 23 San Diego *wink wink*

  45. 145

    Anaheim, Ca. I NEED THESE TICKETS TO SAVE MY PRIDE! Round one. My Gf of 6 years became a fan of Paramore along with me from the get-go. I took her to a concert in Hollywood 4 years back, an epic night for us. Finally! In a sea of chaos, standing 3 feet away from a band I idolized, in my zone rocking out, my Gf starts blacking out!! Leaving me with the only option of walking away from pure bliss mid show! : (Round two. Out with my Gf at the Grove LA to watch a movie. We see Hayley walk into the restroom so my Gf forcefully drags me to the restroom to be a total groupie! Ew! Furthermore I nervously make my way to the sink to wash my hands. My Gf with no hesitation walks up and ask Hayley if she was from Paramore. Hayley being the most awesome down to earth girl says "yeah" and starts chit chatting like my Gf and her were BFF's! Me, pretending I didn't exist in this embarrassing scenario finally built the courage to chat as well. Then before leaving I awkwardly started hugging her as I'm asking if I can give her a hug! :| She was cool enough to say "sure, I love hugs" even took a picture with us which I refuse to show to anyone lol Till this day my Gf apologizes about both days!

  46. Joseph says – reply to this


    Chicago on November 24!

    I have been listening to Paramore since I was a tiny little teenager and have yet to see them live. I am 23 now. In some odd sense I grew up with the band not only in the way that you listen to them throughout the years, but literally grew with the band especially given their ages. This sounds kind of creepy, actually, but I think that is what good bands do. I feel as though I know Paramore better than I know my closest friends. They hold a very special spot in my heart and mind. To see them live, to see how happy and content they are, to see that spirit of love and music in-person would be an enthralling experience that would stick with me forever.

  47. 147

    **NEW ORLEANS** is the show I would LOVE to go to because I live here!!! They're playing at Voodoo this year! Voodoo is great experience to begin with, but add Paramore and it's even GREATER! I've been hooked since I saw their video "Pressure"! I've seen them once at the Arena here in NO, but I was far away. I would really enjoy seeing them up close and personal at Voodoo :) xo

  48. Matthew says – reply to this


    I would like to go to the Anaheim show on Oct 19. Their latest album helped me through a lot of personal struggles. I deserve a break!!

  49. 149

    Anaheim, CA

    I think I deserve to see Paramore LIVE because, besides their being one of my favorite bands, their music has gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life. Their new album especially has helped me get through dealing with my sister's drug relapse, which caused us to hospitalize her for a month and she is now in a sober living. As a young adult, the added stress of having to help take care of my 4 year old niece who doesn't understand the situation has taken a toll on me emotionally and physically. Paramore's music brings me joy and the chance to see them live would be a welcome reprieve from the stress and responsibility of my daily life, something that I do not usually get to have because of the emotional obligations I constantly feel to put myself second to others.

  50. 150

    The one in Chicago is closest to me cause i live in Chicago ! I deserve to win because i have never been to ANY concert before cause my parents always say there's not enough money. This would be the best FIRST concert ever ! I LOVE Paramore, i remember listening to them when i was like 8 or 9 and now im 15 and still in love with the band !!

  51. Jennifer Perez says – reply to this


    The closet show and the one id love to attend is Anaheim, CA ! I've been a long time paramore fan, 7 years, i practically know every song! Paramore is one of my top favorite bands, i look up to Hayley, i only wish i was as badass as she is :P I always know the latest paramore news, i love them, I cant afford tickets to see paramore, and when they announce a tour i just never have money or someone to go with, its a huge dream and wish to see them! i want to go to a paramore show so bad, im a massive fan <3 I Will Take The Train/public transport if i have to! i need this amazing opportunity! I'm losing my home and perhaps going to be homeless next week this would make me terribly and completely the happiest person ever <3 <3 love you PerezHilton

  52. 152

    PARAMORE AT SAN JOSE, CA IS OUR DREAM, apart from being together <3
    I WANT TO SURPRISE HER for our 2 year anniversary and we also would love a treat after our midterms! I watch their concerts on youtube and i wish i was in every single one of them with her! She loves PARAMORE as much as i do. PLEASE HELP US ROCK OUT ON OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY. p.s perezhilton.com is the reason i dont get sleep at night ha.
    Jojo + Ali = Same Love at Paramore <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  53. 153

    PARAMORE AT SAN JOSE, CA IS OUR DREAM, apart from being together <3
    I WANT TO SURPRISE HER for our 2 year anniversary and we also would love a treat after our midterms! I watch their concerts on youtube and i wish i was in every single one of them with her! She loves PARAMORE as much as i do. PLEASE HELP US ROCK OUT ON OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY. p.s perezhilton.com is the reason i dont get sleep at night ha.
    Jojo + Ali = Same Love at Paramore <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  54. 154

    I would love to go to the November 8th Philly show. I really love going to concerts. They're def my escape whenever I need to get away. I've been a Paramore fan for years and it's been one of my goals to see this amazing band live. Pls pick me so I can finally check this off my bucket list ! :)

  55. 155

    I'd love to go to the show in Vancouver! My best friend is a HUGE Paramore fan but couldn't afford to get tickets, and she's done so much for me over the years I'd love to be able to surprise her by taking her to the show!!

  56. Isabella says – reply to this


    I have been following this band since forever. Every album they ever wrote, has sold me and my ears. I hope I win this so I can see my favourite band rock Toronto's date on Nov 20 and be thankful for this bands existence

  57. Elle says – reply to this


    I would love to go to the Seattle show on Oct. 15. I would love it if I won these tickets because I've been dying to see them since elementary school(I'm in highschool now) & would like to see them live. This would be an awesome experience/memory!

  58. 158

    *Detroit, Michigan* To see Paramore live would be a dream, and pure heaven in the hellish part of my life I'm going through currently. (I think everyone has such a part in their life.) Paramore's lovely tunes always make things better, from the rockin' hits of "misery business" and "decode" to the soul-searching ballads of "only exception" and "hate to see your heartbreak." Hailey's three-octave voice never fails to give me chills–the first time I felt that sensation was on the track "All I Wanted" when she sings acapella. Hailey herself is a great role-model, a good girl with an edge. Paramore's skillful instrumentalists make Paramore ROCK. This is a band that's always done what it's wanted, and I love them for that! Can I have a night of pure bliss, Perez? Maybe I'll win this contest because "for a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic" and it'd be nice to have a break from my life's current "misery business…" :D

  59. 159

    Oct. 30 at St. Louis Missouri.
    I have Followed this band for about 7 years. And realizing that this is it. this is the best music we have nowadays, it is about the only music I will listen to. When I want to hear music, Paramore is my go to. Even if i probably have heard there songs 1,000,000,000,000. lol C: I have been through all the ups and downs of the band right with them, when they broke up it was like i lost a family member, and then seeing them announced concert dates in MY CITY. woah that was almost to much. but with the economy these days everyone is on a tight budget, I have been entering and haven't won anything. :C so maybe this is my chance. woh hoo!!!! Knowing there stories and stalking this band like a creeper. :) Just knowing what they have overcome and knowing that if you feel horrible you will make it and there are better things to come. I think I deserve a pair of tickets because Paramore is more than just a band its almost a way of life. It would be amazing to meet hayley or the band because they are such an inspiration to me! IT would BE AMAZING IF I WON. I think i might die(not literately though :) )
    thank you perez for giving me an opportunity to go win tickets to see paramore. it would be amazing if i won!! a dream come true! C;
    congrats on your baby boy. i wish all goes well. god bless

  60. Shelby says – reply to this


    Nov.21, Detroit Mi.
    My boyfriend and I are long-time fans of Paramore, and would love to see them in concert. The last 4 months have been difficult for my boyfriend, not only has his uncle that he was very close too passed away suddenly a 4 months ago. His grandma also passed away last month. I wanted to surprise him with tickets, but I just can't afford them right now. I know this would cheer him up!

  61. Daniel says – reply to this


    Closest event to me is Anaheim CA!! I've been a huge Paramore fan since their debut album All We Know Is Falling and an even bigger fan after Riot! i fell in love. Silly dream of mine is actually to see them live in concert, i have been wanting to see them live since forever unfortunately i cannot due to a lack of money. I really love their style and the new direction that they have taken with their music. It would truly be a wish come true to see them in concert! (did i mention i've have the biggest crush on Hayley? ._.)

  62. 162

    I'm closest to the Anaheim show on the 19th of Oct. and i'd love to win tickets to go see them live because i've loved them since "misery business" (which is the first song i've ever by them) and they are still one of my favs to this day!

  63. oscar ceniceros says – reply to this


    I'm nearest to the October 27th show in Houston. I honestly would love having this opportunity. As cliche as it may sound, I absolutely adore Paramore and it really would be a dream come true to actually see them up close. Also my friend is visiting town that same night and she, being the most craziest, insane Paramore fan I've ever met, it will definitely send her into complete shock and surprise. If I do get the pair of tickets, i'll probably record her reaction of me telling her we're gonna go see Paramore and put it on Vine. It will either be her on the floor saying "GTFO, NO, OMG" and/or her just screaming like a hyena. But nonetheless thanks for doing this awesome promotion, you rock!! xoxo.

  64. Branden Myers says – reply to this


    Paramore is the first band I listen to inspires me to create my band & passion to write rock music!

    Tickets can be to ANAHEIM, CA or San Diego Show

  65. Tanya-Maree Dixon says – reply to this


    When are they coming to NZ - I would have loved to go! Even almost 50 years olds love them!

  66. 166

    I would love to see them at Madison Square Garden on November 13 especially since this is their first headlining show there. I'm also a little embarrassed to admit that as a New Yorker ive never been to the Garden so this would be a great first show. Paramore is my favorite band and seeing them at this historic venue would be amazing.

  67. Mary says – reply to this


    I'm from an area near Ft. Lauderdale, so that one is closest to me! Honestly, I don't deserve to go any more than anyone else here. Sure, I've been listening to Paramore for years and years and years and I absolutely love their music. It's gotten me through A LOT. But the same probably goes for everyone who's posted on here. I've never been able to see them live, and still would not be able to on my own on Nov. 4 when they come here, so it would just be amazing to get to finally get the chance to :)

  68. aly says – reply to this


    Houston is the city where I would be able to see the concert. The reason that I think I would deserve to go is I'm about to get into nursing school. This is the last concert that I will be able to go to for awhile and it would be amazing to see such a great band!!!

  69. Victoria says – reply to this


    Oct 15-Seattle: I have been a Paramore fan for years, and see them every time they come to Seattle, I've seen them at least 6 times, and their music helped me through being bullied in school. This tour I will not be able to see them because, this past Friday, the day before my birthday, the engine of my caught fire and was totaled. I am now paying out of pocket for a new car. I was on my way to a Maroon 5 concert with my friends, which was cancelled, over 2 hours after the concert was scheduled to start, which we sat through in a rain storm outside. This has been officially the worst birthday ever and it would just make it all better if I could get tickets to the show. I'll take the bus, I'll hitchhike, I'll walk the 25 miles to the show I don't care. It would seriously mean the world to me!- Victoria

  70. Jamie says – reply to this



    Paramore is my favorite band and has been since 2006. I've met my best friends at Paramore shows that I've attended across the country. When I was 19 my father passed away in 2009 it changed my life and truthfully I didn't know how I was going to get through it. It was my Paramore friends and their music that got me though it. That same year I got "It's not faith if you use your eyes tattooed on me. I was the lyrics that helped me though my loss. I live in Utah and would love a get a chance to see them on this tour since the SLC show was canceled.

  71. Kenneth P says – reply to this


    Nov 15 Boston, MA
    I've been a fan since '06 and have consistently missed their Mass tour stops for one reason or another (weddings, etc.), so I'd want a combination of all four of their albums to allow me to see certain songs live that they may not be playing any more along with an encore of My Heart (with screams) and All I Wanted (closing song).

  72. Carry says – reply to this


    I'm 17, so I can't attend to PARAHOY… I must be in Austin Tx on november 1st at Paramore concert because is one of the hings I must do before dying. I have dreamed (literaly) that I am in a Paramore concert and Hayley points her finger to me… don't let my dreams go to trashcan please! Also I've been Paramore fan for a very long time, sice All we know is falling. :)

  73. Ailani Patino says – reply to this


    I would love to see them oct 19 in Anaheim at the Honda Center and also because Paramore saved my life they inspired me and have helped me all there songs have helped me go through a lot they are my heros <3 and my idols

  74. Kate Clough says – reply to this


    Hey man! I wanna win tickets to see Paramore in Fresno, Cali! I should win this spectatculr prize because I grew up with Paramore and me and my friends LOVE them to DEATH. It's been my dream to see them live and if I win, I'll probably throw up! Sooooo, if you think Paramore is KICKASS you will pick me!!!

  75. PARAMANIAC6893 says – reply to this


    I'd give anything to see Paramore on 11/13 in NYC! I've been a massive fan since the very beginning and will be until the very end. Paramore holds a special place in my heart because it's because of them that I met the love of my life. We met at their NYC Terminal 5 show on 9/7/11 & have been together ever since. We hit it off immediately because of our love for them, and I sang her the song that made me think of her on our first date..The Only Exception, our favorite song by them. My girlfriend is an even bigger Hayley fan than me, she dyed her hair what she calls "Hayley Red" and cut it like that. We haven't been able to go to a show together for a while since we're away at college, & this would honestly make my life! It would show our relationship came full circle, the place where it all began: With Paramore. They're not just a band; they're role models who make REAL, beautiful music and I owe them everything because I met my love because of them. PLEASE PEREZ, I would do anything if you gave us the opportunity to go back to where our love first started. Thank you for the opportunity!! xx

  76. KrissyL says – reply to this


    Bethlehem, PA - please pick me?! i love Paramore! I'd love to be pulled on stage to sing with them. This mommy and her hubby never get a night away from the kids. (married 13 years on NYE together for 17) it would be wonderful to have a date night like the old days pre-marriage/pre-kids. I've had health issues and could not pursue my dreams of being a singer in a successful band. It would be amazing to, for just one brief moment, know what it could have been like -might not happen but I would be closer than ever.

  77. Adriana Darling says – reply to this


    Paramore has been there for me since the beginning. Their music is so beautiful and just fun to jump around to. It get's me excited about life and makes me really just want to live. I won tickets to see them a few years ago, and was not able to go :( I was literally heartbroken. If I won tickets to the 11/23 Minnesota show, I would probably just roll on the floor and start crying and still not believe that I would actually have a second chance at seeing freaking Paramore :)

  78. Alicia says – reply to this


    I am closest to the Nov. 17, Uncasville, CT show. And I would love to go because Paramore's music really speaks to me. I don't know what it is, but it's something about this band that just really gets me. I love Paramore, I love music, and I would love to go to the Nov. 17 Uncasville, CT show!

  79. 179

    Nov. 4 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  80. 180

    My teenage daughter loves the band and I really need to make her feel special on her 18th birthday. Please help me take her to the Seattle concert. Thanks Perez for making my day:)

  81. Karissa says – reply to this


    I would love to win because Paramore and hayley herself are my IDOLS! and it would be my first ever concert and paramore is my favorite band of all time

  82. Amira Diana says – reply to this


    The nearest show is Kansas City on Oct. 29
    and i deserve it because I have been a fan of Paramore since the beginning and I have dedicated my life to them. Hayley Williams is my biggest Role model and I am just absolutely in love with them.

  83. kelly says – reply to this


    montreal 18 nov they are a true inspiration for me. Their songs help me during hard time. they are my favorite band for so many years! Hayley is a real role model in my life. with her positive thought i'm learning to love myself and to be who i am not what people want me to be. please i really need these tickets!

  84. JoAnn Sleeper says – reply to this


    The one nearest to me is BB&T center in Sunrise FL on 11/4/13.
    I would love to win the tickets because I've been a fan for a while, their music has been such an inspiration to me and seeing them live would be a dream come true. I love them SO much, it would mean the world to me seeing my idols live. They mean so much to me. plus I've been a fan of hellogoodbye for many of years and this concert seems to be special.

  85. Victoria says – reply to this


    I would love to go to the November 13 New York City show because I've never had the chance to see Paramore before, or experience the wonder that is Madison Square Garden, but I can't afford the tickets. I want to take my best friend because Paramore his favorite band, so it would be a great early holiday present. I also love Hellogoodbye so it would be amazing to have the chance to see this show.

  86. Anna Smith says – reply to this


    I have loved them from the very beginning and would love to see them in Seattle on Oct. 15 this Tuesday in Seattle.

  87. Elle says – reply to this


    The nearest Paramore concert is on November 9th. I am absolutely in love with this band, they've been with me through everything, and I can't thank them enough. I just want the opportunity to see them live, to be a part of the crowd, to sing along and to finally feel free. I've looked up to them forever and I can't express how much this band has been there for me. It's more than just music.

  88. 188

    Im a HUGH fan of Paramore!!!! I think I deserve to go win these tickets because in the summer of 2013 my friend told me that we were going to go to a One Direction concert and she lied…… and I cried for 3 days straight!!! I really want to win tickets because me going to this concert would amazing for me whoever goes. Well that's why I should go to this concert.

  89. 189

    also I live in Griffin Ga but the concert is in Atlanta Ga on Nov. 27…..

  90. Michelle says – reply to this


    I NEED TO SEE PARAMORE NOVEMBER 20TH IN TORONTO. The first time I saw paramore was in the summer of 2007 at Vans Warped Tour. I was 13 years old. Paramore has been pretty much the only thing constant in my life for the past 7 years. They got me through my awkward high school stages and that is saying a lot! haha I would love to see them again! They are my favourite band and their self titled album is brilliant. I am in university and am strapped for cash, but would love the opportunity to see them live again!

  91. jerry says – reply to this


    Re: Helena – oh my goodness yes

  92. Tanya Stratton says – reply to this


    I love Paramore. I do admit that there is a fan who is waaaaaay more deserving then I am. Her name is Sydney and she is my little sister. We do not get the bonding time I wish we could since I have work and school. I promise if believed that there was anyone in the world whom I felt wanted the tickets more I would not be commenting on here. My sister has never been to a concert before due to my parents and my financial situation. We are struggling and she does not get the freedoms most teenagers do. When she told me that Paramore would be in town soon, I knew I had to find a way to get her to that concert. I have been flooding the radio stations with my calls and she has entered a contest at her school. No luck thus far. Please I ask of you, if you had a softball superstar, excellent grade-point average, and superb housekeeper as a sister, wouldn't you do anything to try and give her a desire she deserves? She has been a die hard fan since she first saw twilight. Please help me out.

  93. 193

    I wanna go to the Anaheim show!!! The moment I heard this song crushcrushcrush, I knew that this band is the ONE. They are unlike any band I've heard. I followed Paramore ever since. Their new self titled album, Paramore is the Best Album I have ever listened to. I only dreamed of seeing them live!! PARAMORE!!!

  94. 194

    I'm dying to go to the Dallas show!! :) Paramore was one of the first bands I listened to when I was younger, and now that I'm older their music has helped me through some tough times. The self titled album is their best yet; songs like Moving On and Last Hope are so empowering. I know the concert will be just as awesome and I'd go in a heartbeat if I had the money but I'm a broke student D:

  95. Selina Falcon says – reply to this


    Fresno, CA - October 22
    I'm not going to lay out a sob story. I'm just going to be real. I love Paramore. They are one of my favorite bands and have been for a really long time. I love every album, every song, every lyric. I've never been fortunate enough to see them live, but I'm hoping that will change. Help me see one of my favorite bands, Perez.

  96. Hope Malone says – reply to this


    Tuesday Oct. 29, Independence Events Center, Independence, MO

    First off I want to thank you for even reading my email. The reason that I would really love to win tickets to see Paramore is because they're one of my boyfriends favorite bands. Our two year anniversary is November 1st. I don't have the money to be able to buy him the tickets so we can go but this would be the gift I would get him if money wasn't the issue.

    Thank you,
    Hope Malone

  97. Eco says – reply to this


    I am in Orlando, Florida and I deserve to win free tickets because of my best friend. I met her in high school when I was still in the Philippines and I noticed her everyday listening to Paramore's songs. Like, she knows every lyrics of the songs. When I moved to Orlando, I missed her a lot so I started listening to Paramore's songs because it reminds me of my best friend. By then, I cannot stop listening to Paramore and fell in love with the band. I deserve this ticket because I promised my best friend that I would take a lot of photos during the concert and if I ever meet Hayley and the band, I would make a special video for her (like Hayley greeting her) So all in all, this concert is just for her, my wonderful best friend.

  98. Heather M says – reply to this


    I would love to go and see Paramore with Hellogoodbye!! My two favorite bands that all their songs mean a lot to me. I've been a huge Paramore fan since they first came around, I've never been to a concert before and I would love my first concert experience to be watching these amazing bands on stage!! <3

  99. Heather says – reply to this


    I'd love to go to the Boston show of Paramore with Hellogoodbye and Metric!! Love Paramore, always have and always will!! I'd love to see them and I think I could really use them not just for me but so I can bring my best friend who has never ever been to a concert before. She loves Paramore and I think as a perfect surprise she'd be the happiest person to see her favorite band as her first experience! Please, the boston show on November 15th would be amazing for my best friend, and myself.

  100. stephanieo says – reply to this


    November 13th NYC
    Paramore has been my band my fave band for the past SIX years, I've grown up with them. I got to see them once when I was 12 so it's been four years since then and I've been dying to see them again ever since, but unfortunately haven't had the chance. It'd be really great to win!! (▰˘◡˘▰)

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