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If you're hangin' around Kristen Stewart right now, you might wanna cover this up!! Cuz though we hear she's pissed about Robert Pattinson moving on so … Read more…

9 comments to “Robert Pattinson: Why He Chose Sean Penn's Daughter Dylan Over Everyone Else!”

  1. Farla says – reply to this


    They are HOT together! Shes totally his type and thats he never claimed to be with the twilight showmance ever!

  2. lulu says – reply to this


    I don't think he has chosen her. But let's see where you guys are going to take this. Maybe we should ask the three girls/women, he was with at artic monkey concert. Nice picture of Robert with those three girls. No Dylan in sight. Because they probably know more than all of these new sites.

  3. chill out says – reply to this


    Perez, you said the same thing before and now you are saying the same thing again. Change the CD!!!

  4. bwahahaha says – reply to this


    What a flippin joke. Like he is so mature himself. That's why he needs to put this load out there so he doesn't look like such a creeper dating 22 year olds. If this is really on, and I'm not so sure, it's because she is hot and has big t*ts. Oh, and maybe can help his career.

  5. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: bwahahaha – His career is fine. KS fans love to say he needs someone to help his career. When it was Kristen who benefited from being with him! She has the personality of a donkey. Being associated with him made her more likable. He's working with great directors. He doing the kind of work he always wanted to do. So shove it. Besides, how would dating Dylan "help" his career? She's not even a actress. Her parents are famous, but so is Rob. Geez. What a bunch of a-holes KS has for fans!

  6. sandy says – reply to this


    Re: bwahahaha – There is nothing creepy about a 27 year old dating a 22 year old. You Kristen fans are so jealous and creepy! Move on from Rob already, he's not dating your princess anymore!

  7. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Re: bwahahaha – Omg, you people are just as clueless as Perez.

  8. KB says – reply to this


    Wonder how long it will be before he is walking around with a blackeye because daddy is not going to put up with any bullshit?

  9. Cajma says – reply to this


    I feel Rob is just dating a little bit to get people off his back about KStew. Every one knows that there is something still going on with him an KStew an that still Love there. So don't go try to feed us this garbage about all these women he is seeing. It is a bunch of crap an everyone smarter than that. It is all a big show with a bunch of good actors, amen……..