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Miley Cyrus Bares Her Bare Lady Bits For Terry Richardson! See NSFW Photos HERE!

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miley terry richardson

She's wearing so little, you can basically see her bikini line…

Oh yeah, AND HER VAGINA! Cover your shame, girl!

Miley Cyrus must feel super close to Terry Richardson!!

For another photoshoot, she was flaunting her ladybits and sexuality like there was no tomorrow — you gotta see 'em all (below)!!!

P.S. - CLICK HERE to see other images from their latest photoshoot!

P.P.S - CLICK HERE to watch Terry's director's cut of Wrecking Ball!

[Image via Terry Richardson.]

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98 comments to “Miley Cyrus Bares Her Bare Lady Bits For Terry Richardson! See NSFW Photos HERE!”

  1. 1

    That Terry Richardson guy looks creepy sorta like a sex offender.

  2. 2

    Wow, she's even more pathetic than I originally thought. Thank God Liam and his family don't have to have this white trash in their lovely family.

  3. 3

    Cover your shame ?If it was a guy, you would have asked for more.

    By the way, Perez, a vagina is INSIDE a woman's body.

  4. usa says – reply to this


    proving more and more she's nothing but 3 holes.

  5. gingerroot says – reply to this


    Miley's the new Borat

  6. 5698L says – reply to this


    no wonder why Liam left her. pimped out prostitute.

  7. jenyking says – reply to this


    e needs more than Jesus at this point. You know, those collars that dogs wear around their necks when they get neutered!"?

  8. mel_78 says – reply to this


    what a whore! the guy looks creepy as shiet and im glad liam left her slutty dirty ass!

  9. ps says – reply to this


    prostitute nothing else

  10. pepe says – reply to this


    whore Sinead was so right

  11. CHOWONTHIS says – reply to this


    what a shame… when is enough for her? she has so much influence on those girls that grew up watching her on Hannah Montana. You can still be yourself and have respect for yourself at the same time… I can see why Liam wanted out… how embarrassing.

  12. mlignton says – reply to this


    boring… nothing new–. enought already

  13. lezzie says – reply to this


    Gets sicker everyday..why do celebrities think we all want to see their "parts"? Isn't enough people buy their music, make them rich and famous? Seems like the more they
    succeed, the more vulgar they become, we have to look at their nipples, crotches, sexual moves…like music crosses into porn somehow. Is that they become turned on by themselves, their power? It's so ugly what she's doing, enough already, and keep that slimebag dirty tongue in your mouth. So repulsive.

  14. lexxi says – reply to this


    She looks stoned out of her mind. Playboy is probably going to be next.

  15. Debs says – reply to this


    What a shame she has no respect for herself and less for her fans that have been following her since Hannah Montana days.

  16. 16

    well she has succeeded in leaving hannah montana behind. hannah montana is dead and gone and buried and all thats left is this skank named miley.

  17. 17

    OMG what the hell is wrong with her????? Her panocha is out of wack.

  18. Debs says – reply to this


    Re: lezzie – I could not agree with you more. What a waste of celebrity. Instead of using her fame to better the world she is using it to show how vulgar and repulsive she can be. Does she not have a publicist that advises her on her public image?

  19. whatever822 says – reply to this


    shes the next amanda bynes.

  20. Seriouly?What a shame! says – reply to this


    I don't like.
    It is said that the ridiculous does not kill. I got my confirmation with Miley.

  21. mi says – reply to this


    Re: netopia – he is a certified sex offender/pedo.

  22. 22

    its funny how she tries so hard in pics to make her butt look big.

  23. mlignton says – reply to this


    she is empty

  24. mlignton says – reply to this


    its funny… one day madonna will be gone and we wont have another one like her…. miley pls…. another gaga no

  25. Dex says – reply to this


    2 bit hooker! Liam better be glad he dumped this nasty ho bag.

  26. 26

    wonder if daddy is still proud.

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    When you look up the word WHORE in the dictionary, or google the word WHORE, her picture appears…..Gawd - I can smell all her cuzins from here…..she truly is sinking lower and lower…….wish her fug face would just go away ….

  28. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …..she has awfully wide thighs …..

  29. motor says – reply to this


    Remember the controversy around Terry? There was basically a mutiny on the shoot because the girls were so disgusted by him.

  30. Chelsea says – reply to this



  31. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Gosh someone make her disappear! Y'en as marree!!!!!!!!!! Help! Perez please go back to talking about real stars with no mishaps or identity issues!

  32. 32

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  33. richardsonperv says – reply to this


    terry richardson is a disgusting, vile, perverted pig that gaga Loves to work with - right up her alley.

  34. Anna says – reply to this


    Re: Dex – Oh please stop! Miley Cyrus has nothing to do with Madonna. Madonna is very different. She often had political messages. Make your homework! She controlled the sex-thing and others, not the other way round! Yes, sometimes it was too much sex. But she had talent and good songs with messages!

  35. 35

    I feel sorry for her. She is obviously very immature and has very little education. Hope she gets it together. She's really an embarrassment!!

  36. Jaden says – reply to this


    She has to be on drugs.

  37. madamepervsellout says – reply to this


    Maybe Miley and her perv friend want to see all females walk around with a piece of cloth up their koochies (wow so cool -um not - weird yah - stupid - beyond) - how can anyone respect her for posing like this unless u r a perv yourself - appears she is having some serious issues about self worth- we get it that she is in good shape, but what we all want to know is what is between your ears as whatever is left is rancid and stinks - like her koochie.

  38. tacogirl says – reply to this


    OH Yeah….That's One Classy Lady!!!…..Maybe she'll Post pics of herself going to the
    bathroom…now That would Be really Sexy….She's just So spcial….

  39. Kristen says – reply to this


    i actually feel nauseas looking at this. she is grotesque.

  40. oneskankyfish says – reply to this


    Re: tacogirl – Agree and likely the next set of photos is going to be her showing us how she inserts her tampon then how to lick the toliet bowl.

  41. urnutsgal says – reply to this


    Kiebler Elf kiddy porn - not mah thing.

  42. 42

    What's the purpose of the photos? And what are the white spots all over her azz? And what will the poor girl do when she has nothing left to show which must be right about now?

  43. @v@ says – reply to this


    Vanity isn't becoming.

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    She's too young for this crap. It's like kiddie porn. Richardson makes big money off of his sexually objectified subjects. Wanna buy a watch?

  45. 45

    And she wonders why people call her slutty.

  46. 46

    Might want to edit out the dried up stain in the crotch area.

  47. Demi's Fat Ass says – reply to this


    I don't want my breakfast anymore. Thanks harlot.

  48. Nome@home says – reply to this


    Porn audition shots? We've seen it all before & its not very good so pleeeeaaaasssee put it away.
    She's giving me wrinkles with all the grimacing I do when I see her,

  49. Jessica says – reply to this


    She is really disgusting! It's like these porn-pictures of abused childs!
    I'm not interested in any of her songs. I just don't like her! Even if she would have a good song. I wouldn't pay for it!

  50. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Grotesquely disturbing.

  51. Zaina says – reply to this


    I know shes "an adult" but her parents are such push overs.

  52. shay says – reply to this


    so sick of this girl making the news when it's all trash. next.

  53. 53

    She has an awful figure she looks like raw chicken. She really needs to put it away. Not just because it's something she should keep private because it's disgusting. That guy is a nasty old man.

  54. 54

    Re: lezzie – She's a wanna be celebrities don't do things like this just whores who have to continue being whores to keep things going

  55. 55

    Re: Jaden – She said she was

  56. 56

    Re: Debs – She has the same manager as Britney

  57. Paul says – reply to this


    Hot Hot Hot!

  58. 58

    what a nasty skank

  59. 59

    is she still daddys girl

  60. Carl says – reply to this


    OMG! It just keeps getting worse! It's like the more negative criticism this girl gets the more she tries to shock. That's what those naughty adolescent girls do who are deemed special needs, by their anti social behaviour - it's really a cry fro help. Somebody help her! A good slap for a start might be of benefit!

  61. Eve says – reply to this


    I was looking for her labia in that pic but couldn't see them…she's built like a child. Obscene!

  62. linz says – reply to this


    why is no one talking about the discharge stain? Yuck. Btw that photographer looks like a sex offender. Major creeper.

  63. 63

    The Photographer is no more than a pedo, then the photographers who shoot 18yr girls who do playboy. At least Miley is of age.

  64. david-w says – reply to this


    Ironic?… But maybe this what Sinead O'Connor was warning Miley about.

  65. JJ says – reply to this


    wow, thanks for shaving for us skank !!!

  66. D says – reply to this


    [re=6547327]Re: overthere
    Cover your shame ?If it was a guy, you would have asked for more.

    By the way, Perez, a vagina is INSIDE a woman's body. [/re]

    Uh its inside and outside, outside being the most important for a womans pleasure, I feel sorry for your girlfriend

  67. 4561 says – reply to this


    hmmm..i really liked miley when she did this new transformation thing … but it seems the girl is getting out of hands….. she really needs to slow down

  68. carrie says – reply to this


    Why does she do this? She's Miley Cyrus! Many women would give anything to have what she has. A family that loves her, a career that is seemingly successful, a contract with RCA and more than that, all the money in the world. She doesn't need to do this. She can do better!

  69. truthhurts211 says – reply to this


    The hot slutty mess that keeps on giving……

    I am glad she keeps baring her sexy parts for the whole world. Yes its is desperate but entertaining as well.

    And her ”ghetto”speak is so sad it is hilarious…immaturarity personified (Miley is everything that is dumb about America at the moment).

    But she keeps us entertained,got to give her that!

    You got the start listining to you fans Perez….hardly any positive Miley comments here. She is just not good for your reputation!

  70. Rangga says – reply to this



  71. DULCE says – reply to this


    am i the only one that sees the white stuff on her vagina ?

  72. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    After the shoot the little SKANK prolly scratced her clean vajay like crazeee…being itchy and all with its freshly-shaved face… :)

  73. 73

    am i the only one that sees the white stuff in that lil thing thats covering her vagina??

  74. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    HA! her pupils are huge and red. homegirl is on SUMTHIN!!

  75. 75

    i feel really sorry for her it must be really hard to be daddys girl. at one point and for someone else to take her spot. she acts like if she has been raped , idk why but i feel like if she fucked the guy that took this pictures .

  76. Dane says – reply to this


    Yeah, there's a cum stain on that little strip of red between her legs

  77. Emily S says – reply to this


    At this rate, all she has left to show us is her birth canal. During her next PAP she may as well have the doctor instagram it.

  78. Flower says – reply to this


    Seriously, this little girl needs to put her vagina away… These latest camel toe pics, are just plain gross…

  79. BB says – reply to this


    She wants to be Rihanna so damn bad. She looks stupid.

  80. Thalia says – reply to this


    Thanks for the free sex shows. Now men will know they can just get it for free. They don't even have to pay for the show anymore….you are all free. You give it all away for free. Wow!! this must make you feel really good…you are worth nothing and everyone gets free access. Thanks again girl!!

  81. Miss Kae Oz says – reply to this


    Re: overthere
    Thank you. I agree with you here.
    NOT a fan of this chick, but not a fan of this type of female bashing either. These photos are awful, her music is not much better, but everyone feels they need to deride her because a female dares to be overt in her sexuality.
    It is like we are still suffering under dark age mentality and morality.

  82. Alphonso says – reply to this


    I don't believe it is female bashing at all…if you put yourself out there, you need to be prepared for what's going to come back at you…
    The male equivalent of this display by Miley is Borat…We all know he was just a joke…Miley is putting herself in the same category…

  83. 83

    These pictures are sadly reminiscent of the quality of cheap porn, but I am still surprised at the high amount of puritanical bluenoses there on this site. And referring to a woman's vulva as her "shame". Your precious fictional virgin girl Hannah Montana is done. Time to move on to your next child virgin fantasy. Perhaps the next one can have a marriage arranged before she sullied by unclean relations.
    Get thee to a nunnery!

  84. 84

    Free porn.

  85. ShermbDerLanky says – reply to this


    Re: Debs – Better the world??? you cant better a world that cant even so much as handle a young confident sexy woman acting sexy and dancing provocatively. That kind of world is beyond hope. If a woman's sheer sex appeal and beauty can set the jealous world off in anger…….then ANYTHING can. I am SERIOUSLY starting to understand why the arabs cover their women. Its not because of sexism. Its to save themselves from the earful of whining women (and hypocritical porn loving men) going "WAAAAAAA. she is acting… SEXY!! why cant she have body issues like me?"

  86. shermbDerLanky says – reply to this


    Re: netopia – Yah, but, In his defense…. white women say that about EVERY OLDER white male who stands within 5 feet of a young woman (regardless if he's her husband, client or friend). Women's entire existence is spent bashing young sexy women and any male who likes them (especially if males are over 33). Women will never call a male a cougar. Just "pervert" or "pedo". Thats why Ashton's nikon commercials are him taking pictures of women who arent 21. its so society's women would see him as a boy toy and not a "creepy" girl toy craving cougar man.

  87. 87

    what is the point miley? what is the point?

  88. 88

    i just think miley has the most amazing body (her legs are out of this world).
    sometimes she makes herself look a little awkward but thats wat makes her who she is and i like her for it. people are being way to harsh on the comments and those people should start looking at there own lives instead of judging on other people without having met them in real live! its just way to easy!

  89. kurt says – reply to this


    her ass looks great
    all girls should dress like that… very sexy
    I'll buy to my girl a similar bodysuit and I will have a lot of fun….
    enjoy live and don't be a nagger

  90. 90

    It literally creeps me out that she is using Terry Richardson for every shoot/video she can….all of his shots are way too sexual. Where would someone like him be without Photography? Oh yeah, on to catch a predator… the stuff hes done to some models is unreal, I don't understand why anyone likes him. He can get some good shots, but most of them are really perverted.

  91. Cassandra says – reply to this


    Miley should do what Miley wants to do! And no one should tell a woman what she should wear and do. She's got an awesome body, so why not flaunt what your momma gave you!

  92. 92

    Ugh, what a disgusting slut. I wish this waste of skin would disappear

  93. 93

    Actually, I hope she comes to her senses soon and sees what a gross piece of trash she is. Hopefully she`ll have a mental breakdown from the shame

  94. Sara says – reply to this


    Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..

    the other shots only here!
    (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!)

  95. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: netopia – Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..

    the other shots only here!
    (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!)

  96. chris says – reply to this


    terry richardson has no talent, Snapshot aesthetics my ass anybody can do that if they are a fame whore.

  97. 97

    Serious issues here.

  98. Brian says – reply to this


    I think miley has achieved #1 nastiest skank and then some.