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Miley Cyrus Goes Completely Topless In EVEN MORE Risqué Photos Shot By Terry Richardson!

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miley nip slip terry

He just keeps posting them, we keep waiting to see how much farther they will push the envelope!

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson are starting to become quite the controversial team. Today, the duo are releasing a slew of new photos that they shot together, presumably during the time that Terry directed her music video, Wrecking Ball!

In the first set of shots released today, Miley left nothing to the imagination when it came to her bottom; now, it's her top that's seeing a lack of privacy!

If you want to see Miley in all her topless glory, then go ahead and check out the uncensored NSFW photos… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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tumblr mu28dx8wqd1qa42jro1 500

[Image via Terry Richardson.]

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84 comments to “Miley Cyrus Goes Completely Topless In EVEN MORE Risqué Photos Shot By Terry Richardson!”

  1. Chowonthis says – reply to this


    just keeps proving Sinead letter more and more true… prostitute!

  2. Eizza says – reply to this


    Keep digging that grave. People are SO turned off by her.

  3. Eizza says – reply to this


    P.s. She looks horrible in these pics.

  4. 4

    her people need to get her away from Terry.

  5. 5

    Will Hugh Hefner offer her a Playboy spread?

  6. 6

    "I love to do things that censors won't pass." - the beloved goddess Marilyn Monroe
    "Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed. " poet William Blake
    Keep bringing the controversy, Miley!!
    There is no shame in the naked body.

  7. Stephi says – reply to this


    It's actually kinda sad.

  8. blech blech says – reply to this


    So tasteless! Terry Richardson is a creepy perv.
    Nothing wrong with getting naked, but have some class

  9. mlignton says – reply to this


    next… amdonna was doing this in the early 90s.. well she was always ahead of her time-… seriously perez this obsession with miley?????wtf hannah montana???

  10. mel_78 says – reply to this


    hahaha wow!! she is just doing the MOST! thristy little bitch she is. keep doing it hun, eventually it wont phase people. does she not realize she looks like she is trying too hard! why the need to leave nothing to the imagination. RIHANNA WANNABE.

  11. betty says – reply to this


    too many miley posts!
    i will not be coming back to this website

  12. Suus says – reply to this


    I'm so sorry for her.

  13. holly says – reply to this


    She's really pretty but this is not the way to show it

  14. 14

    Terry Richardson is such a piece of trash. he takes pictures of all the pieces of shit of Hollywood.

  15. 15

    OMG i can't believe that i finally saw her nipples!

  16. cKasper says – reply to this


    terry richardson resembles a creepy pedophile that no one probably gave the time of day in high school.

    I could not even watch the miley special last night…she seems like a self centered spoiled kid who has all these brothas egging her on telling her what she is doing is hot and cool…kind of like the rich kid trying to fit in with the tougher kids. she is worth 150 million and spent the past decade working in LA and living in luxury..trying to act like a thug cuz she bought a gold necklace on south st. in philly last summer. #ridic

  17. 17

    You know what, her CD will go to No. 1, her singles will, but her self-respect and her reputation are permanently in the toilet. This is a true example of selling yourself for money and fame. She's a horrible role model.

  18. Cira says – reply to this


    Not one bit sexy. She looks like a horses ass with that tongue sticking out. Be wild and crazy Miley, you keep looking and appearing like a jerk. What a turn off.

  19. lezzie says – reply to this


    The winking thing with the tongue is looking "Amanda whatever her name is". Does her tongue automatically come out when she winks? She is looking rather insane with that
    stupid look on her face while revealing her giblets, niblets, what is left to see on this girl? Maybe she needs some lithium or something to calm down over herself..she is getting very creepy over her own body.

  20. Leanne says – reply to this


    God…..I don't care. I am so sick of Miley Cyrus. No talent, not attractive and so trashy. I would be so ashamed if this were my 20 year old daughter. No wonder Liam got out. Let's talk about something else now.

  21. 21

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  23. Eliza says – reply to this


    Self respect has nothing to do with how much, or little clothing you wear. If someone feels comfortable showing skin, and this makes them happy, then that IS self respect. Does a man posing shirtless have "no self respect" all of the sudden? You people all sound like a stupid, old, broken record. Breasts aren't inherently sexual. In countries where its customary to have exposed breasts all the time, no one is even phased at all by them (including men sexually).The fact that all of you play so strongly into the double standard, removes all credibility from the statements you make.

  24. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – At least Marilyn Monroe did nude pics, but with the kind of class , style and grace that Miley will never possess.

  25. 25

    Re: chillax62 – Because Marilyn Monroe is a mature very classy goddess. God bless her ♥Legends Live Forever♥

  26. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Eliza – Oh really? No pun intended, but please Let me tell you this. In most countries in Europe the women go the beaches without the bikini tops on if they want, I do agree with you on that one, but what does this have to do with Miley being… sorry for the word…. "I have no words for this disgust". if you call this Self respect acting like a self centered half educated child, fine for you. It's a free world and people have a right to revolt to this kind of nonsense. Look at the latest picture of her with nothing but a red tissue in between her legs… it's tasteless! I'm a woman and god knows i love to tell when i see a beautiful woman. but what this girl is doing goes beyond class or self respect! But aight, you think others are being hypocrites telling their minds? Non, it's called being honnest and straight to the point. Miley could have a big thing coming for her, but what's with the new rachet attitude? FFS she's ot even sexy anymore! She looks like something being coked over! She needs to get off the shit she's smoking and get some serious help before it's too late!

  27. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Amen to that!!!!

  28. soflexthemusclesman says – reply to this


    Ah, its great to be westerners! This is a sign that women are TRULY free. If she was an oppressed woman in saudi arabia … she'd be covered from head to toe like a foil wrapped chocolate easter bunny. Nudity is symbolic of women's freedom. Its just a shame that all you women can't be more free and fight for your right to go topless on beaches. More power to feminists who are fighting for women's freedom to bare breasts in public. Toplessness is not just for us men. WHO WE THINKS WE ISSSS?

  29. 29

    looking a little "early Amanda Bynesy" Thank God AB is gettng the help she was screaming for. Miley, this isnt even a little interesting….Check out please!

  30. soflexthemusclesman says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – "My class is bigger than your class. Nanee Nanee".

  31. Lil Birdie says – reply to this


    Lorde has got it all now. She is tops now and the Ratchet is sinking. Ironic that an understated song with an inexpensive Indie Video and a total lack of narcissism knocked Molly off her Drug infested self imagined pedestal of a wrecking ball. College students all across America make fun of Miley. With good reason. They seem to now prefer to listen to someone real with real life experiences behind her. Oh that's right. Miley is calculating. She knows her audience. They are the children. She is after the young- young minds and wants to get their attention with all the childrens toys she uses to masterbate. Sinead went lightly on her in my opinion. She is a movement all right. A Bowel Movement. No matter how many number ones and number twos she does, she wont be able to get out of the toilet acting and thinking the way she does. Proud druggie that she is. The human body has long been a work of beautiful art and she thinks she is original. She is not ok and needs real help. Her mommy is ROT there with her. Get away from the enablers Miley. Get away while you still have your life. You CAN stop. You are no better and no more important than anyone else on this planet. You don't have better taste or better judgement. You are not an important movement. Get Help. If you don't stop the mania…..you will only get worse.

  32. Katie says – reply to this


    Nice Nipples Miley Lol. Not.

  33. Sarah says – reply to this


    Sometimes you have to take a moment when you're high as hell and think, "Is this really a good idea?"

  34. hahahwtf says – reply to this


    lol at the ugly nipples

  35. Lean says – reply to this


    Terry Richardson is a perv.
    Those are so tasteless!
    Really, were is the art in it?
    Art is one thing, a slutty model and a perv photographer is another.

  36. Wow says – reply to this


    So she didn't read Sinead's letter… So sad… She's prostituting herself for free.

  37. Wow says – reply to this


    Unrelated to Miley (?): once I googled Terry Richardson porn, and there he was, a picture of him showing his ugly d*ck.

  38. 38

    spoiled gross little slut

  39. ohmy says – reply to this


    Oh and remember way back when she was dating that older guy and the entire family was always going to church together and said they were so spiritual. Sure did backslide on that one didn't you skank.

  40. alexis says – reply to this


    People keep trying to say well Britney and Madonna did things like this, well heres the difference Britney and Madonna did things that came off as risque, not trashy. Miley is coming off as trying way to hard, we all know you aren't a little girl anymore.

  41. Wow says – reply to this


    Re: soflexthemusclesman – She's an oppresed woman in USA. She's worth $150 million, plus all of the money everyone else does for watching her naked. So free…

  42. Alphonso says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn
    You made an apt comparison…Marilyn Monroe died at 36 reputedly from a drug overdose and at the time was under the delusion that she would marry President Kennedy…she became a frightened, depressed, deluded nutcase by letting herself be exploited through her sexuality…When that began to fade (she got older) she crumbled…So, keep at it Miley! Become another Marilyn Monroe…Pathetic!

  43. Brooksie says – reply to this


    Sad, lost child. I heard an interview where she says she's in charge of what she's doing. She's no more than a female Justin Bieber. Hanging with the wrong people, believing her own hype.

  44. EW says – reply to this


    EW!!! Pancake nips GAGG plz let that be the last time those come out.

  45. dude says – reply to this


    Re: 70sEltonJohn – Maybe not but there is a ton of shame in purposefully trying to exploit your naked body for attention.

  46. Mark says – reply to this


    I support her and I really love her new album and sound. I didn't like her before but I started to respect her after she came out and did her thing and really didn't give a f<ck about what other people thought or said.

    But this, this is starting to be too much and a bit scary and shocking. I'm all for being sexy, wearing skimpy outfits and being sexual in a music video, but she takes it to a point where it's not "fierce" anymore but tacky. She was literally NAKED on a wrecking ball and now look at these pictures. They look like leaked trashy selfies or something. It's one thing to pose nude in a beautiful, classy shoot, with her back turned and a nice side-shot of her face, or even a sexy nude shoot in white sheets or something, but these pictures are extremely tacky and alarming.

    It is shocking to me to be honest.

  47. 47

    She is a beautiful girl. The shots are lovely.

  48. liv says – reply to this


    She has nothing close to pancake nipples… they look average sized, she just has small breasts.

  49. 49

    Miley looks great in these photos! Looking forward to her new album and the wait is almost over.

  50. jab says – reply to this


    Re: liv – it's all relative.. and coin test says yes

  51. Matt says – reply to this


    I love you Miley I love you french news lol on kiss u love Perez

  52. 52

    I love you Miley and I love you french news kiss u Perez thanks

  53. Adelino says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who noticed her dirty leotard? She has clitty litter all over the front.

  54. 54

    And yet nobody disses the photographers who shoot playboy.

  55. seesIT says – reply to this


    Snail trail.

  56. ddt666 says – reply to this


    Put it back on ! Please, put it back on !

  57. Geo says – reply to this


    Sinead YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING IN OR ABOUT AMERICA or ANY AMERICAN. Stay out and apologize to the Pope. You POS

  58. 58

    Love her body:

  59. 59

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  60. june says – reply to this


    so skinny

  61. Bryce says – reply to this


    Re: alexis – so just cause shes showing herself she cant be spiritual? The Bible says a lot of people where naked, adam and eve where naked for the longest time so everyone on here needs to gtfo yourselves your just jealous that she has more balls than most people on here seriously if you dont like it the why come to the page? just dont come to the page and honestly i think she is beautiful no matter what.so just quit whining and leave kai thanks bye

  62. numb from the dumb says – reply to this


    for crying out loud girl just get it over and done with and go make a few porn films and get it the hell out of your system.

  63. IHead says – reply to this


    People can be shocked, but you must admit Miley's shock and awe publicity stunts are making her ever so richer and every time the haters click their mouse over her name she is wining.

  64. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: Geo – Shut up dumb ass!

  65. susan says – reply to this


    ah okay, so Terry Richardson is this scrawny, balding, short, creepy old man who who takes photos of this disturbing woman/child's body in hotel rooms and evidently doesn't even know how to use the red eye feature in iPhoto? They look like the two saddest loneliest people on the planet.

  66. Lan says – reply to this


    She is missing folks off because she won't play Hannah Montana and she is tweaking all the way to the bank….lol keep doing your thing Mileythere shock sounds like a cash register OH MY CHACHING!!LMAO

  67. jdkygdhhddh says – reply to this


    miley is the sexiest person alive today all yall bitches need to shut up. I would fuck her every second of every day.

  68. lynn says – reply to this


    just sounds like a whore trying to defend a whore to me.

  69. lynn says – reply to this


    just sounds like a whore trying to defend a whore to me…your boobs are not maent to be shown to the world….and are you seriously going to compare a guy being shirtless??? wow.. you make no sense and the fact is, is that she is disgusting. period.

  70. lynn says – reply to this


    your an idiot. free does not mean being naked to the world and acting like a slut. god has everyone forgot what it means to have class???…fact is. sluts are useless in this world, all they do is spread their bad influence and STD's.

  71. TOM@AOL.COM says – reply to this



  72. EPJ234 says – reply to this


    Why doesn't she just do some porn movies and get it over with? It seems like she's inching more in that direction every day. That's all she's good for anyhow (and her tongue would serve more of a purpose)…

  73. GOD says – reply to this



  74. Ezekial Ochivarian says – reply to this


    She is very cute

  75. Swaggins says – reply to this


    10/10 Would bang

  76. Sara says – reply to this


    Hmmm NO boobs, tight ass, big dick..

    the other shots only here!
    (copy and paste to your browser if not clickable!)

  77. Lover55 says – reply to this


    Why would Huge Hefner offer her a spread in Playboy,he only hires class not trash.This stupid looking shank will crash and burn way before her time.She fell into the murky cess pool of lame chicks that have no talent so they expose their bodies to makeup for their useless brains.Thank goodness Liam H. hit the bricks.

  78. 78

    I wonder if she'd like to talk about her relationship with Daddy.

  79. Anonymous says – reply to this


    No, there is no shame in the naked body - however there is shame on cheap/tacky photography (rule 101, don't use flash when pointing at a mirror/window, tut tut Terry, and you call yourself a photographer?) All of Terry's "shoots" involve young models/starlets posing in the exact same way, with over-use of contrast and just no aesthetic appeal or artistic technique.
    Now Marilyn Monroe, she could be butt naked and still hold class, elegance and femininity. Every photo of Miley topless just reminds me of 15-year-olds trying to take naked selfies to sext their boyfriends with LOL
    Miley's just an attention desperate kid who never matured because their dad decided to overtake her childhood by living his own dying "star-dom" through his child (nice parenting skills there).
    She's gonna end up like Heidi Montag.

  80. Natalia says – reply to this


    Es natural asi que me parece muy bien, ella no necesita de 20 cirugias para sentirse linda, claro si fuera mega operada igual la criticarian, asi que ni hablar, ella se ve muy bien.

  81. پٹھان says – reply to this


    What a bitch. Her career will be over soon.

  82. Amber432 says – reply to this


    bunny clinton's weekly poop (BLOG) is much more cool. it doesnt have miley or kim k in it

  83. soso says – reply to this


    Geez, I guess Liam broke her heart really bad, now she's doing this nasty shit…have some class…

  84. Tag says – reply to this


    I think Miley is sexy as hell but she has a wasted talent.