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Every Glee-Tail: Demi Kissed The Girl, And She Liked It!

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Over and over – we know you Dantana fans just can’t get enough of this GIF.

And who really could blame you? The chemistry these two share is literally burrrrrnin up the joint!

Last night, part two of Glee’s mega tribute to the Beatles found one Gleek in a highly-anticipated liplock, one other lady Gleek winning prom queen and another getting some huge, life-altering news – and we’ll clarify right now, it’s good news.

Good news for a person who sorely needs it.

Read all about it RIGHT HERE!!!


When You’re a Funny Girl

tumblr mu4ikie9jq1qclplbo8 250

We know, we know. You wanna hear about Demi. But give us two seconds of your time, because Glee has done what the universe has yet to do:

Lea Michele is to play Fanny Brice on Broadway!

Okay, so it’s more like Rachel Berry, but it’s close enough for us! At the episode's end, Carlise Cullen showed up at the Stardust Diner to share with Ms. Berry the big news. Her reaction made hearts sing and faces brighten with, well, glee and somehow, we know that had to be the same reaction Lea had when she got her big break in Spring Awakening!

tumblr mu4lkecgyx1sd5847o1 250

Now, let’s just hope things actually stay in the vein of Smash season 1 as Rachel mentioned, and less of Smash season 2. Rachel belongs in Funny Girl, not Rent!

Stephen King Presents…

tumblr mu4hoglrug1qfcdl6o1 500

Back at McKinely,it’s oddly already prom time and four of our fave singing sweeties are nominated into the prom court, including Tina Cohen Chang, who the writers are finally giving some attention to. (Which is more than we can say for her friends! Like your next class was more important than her version of Revolution? Don’t think so!)

But things get a bit nasty when newbie Mini-Santana-Wannabe, whose name we did not catch, decides to sabotage the festivities and put Tina in horror-iblly familiar circumstances. Like, the kind you’ll be able to see in theaters this weekend with Chloe Grace Moretz. Yeah, poor Tina gets Carrie’d by a bucket of red slushie, but her friends rally around her in the end to pick her up from the fall. Mini-Quinn, uh, sorry, Kitty, even gives her her pretty in pink dress. And thus, prom night continued uneventfully.

P.S. – Anyone else think it was weird that Mr. Schue was nowhere to be seen after Tina was mega-slushied, but he had time to stop at the photobooth? Yeah…

Dantana is ON!

tumblr mu4lih1hir1swlefro2 250

Sorry, Britana fans. Your time has passed. Long live the sapphic love between Satana and new girl Danielle. We watched as their eyes met over a bottle of ketchup. We sighed as they sang to the rising sun over the New York skyline. And we squealed a little when Demi-Dani threw caution to the wind and leaned in for her first kiss with Santana.

Twitter exploded, then put itself back together again, only to implode once more when this happened:

tumblr mu4iy1ruqi1sjhfwzo2 250

Touching noses? Could ya’ll be any cuter? Thanks…

Lingering Questions…

Did Santana book a commercial?

She sure did, and check out her best line:

tumblr mu4hxnpzfn1qfx9mto6 r2 250

Did Sam end up taking Tina to prom?

Negative! Tina when solo and Sam creepily fell in love with the new school nurse, Penny Owens. (Like Penny Lane, but… not.) We're pretty sure there are rules about this, but Principal Sue seemed cool with it. Speaking of which…

Did Sue give anyone any good nicknames?

Our personal faves were Samgelina Jolie, Busted Timberfake and Nipples The Strippin Clown

Did Ryder forgive Unique for "catfishing" him?

NO! They still haven't addressed it! And, we're pretty damn sure that they danced together in the final number. We realize there are more pressing issues to address, but it would be nice if we could get on this one sooner rather than later please!

And with that, the Beatles are wrapped. Now, we move onto…

tumblr mu4gu9bhqw1qddboao5 250

The hardest episode of Glee in history. CLICK HERE to watch the promo for next week.

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