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Guess The Celebrity: Bare Booty Poppin' Edition!

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guess the celebrity bare booty

Everybody loves a little a** in the air!

But who was it this time that shared their derriere all over Instagram? Well, knowing the ladiez these days, the possibilities are limitless! Miley Cyrus? Rihanna? Taylor Swift? LOLz!

We'll give you a few hints to narrow down the long list of lovelies whose bare bottoms can't stay away from the web!

Our butt bumpin' babe has been known for some questionable fashion choices in the past, and this revealing romp isn't exactly out of the ordinary for her. And while she might seem like a durty girl, we do know she at least brushed her teeth this morning…

…although, we can't promise it was with toothpaste!

Think you might recognize that fine figure? Or are you too addicted to it already to even think? Is this spectacular a** your drug??

Well, then you probably want to find out who this rump belongs to…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

kesha guess the celebrity bare booty

It's Ke$ha!!!

She might be better known for drinking her own urine, but apparently urine does a booty good!

In fact, gurlfriend might've just started a new trend!

Ch-ch-check out more of her recently racy Instagram pics (below)!

[Images via Instagram.]

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10 comments to “Guess The Celebrity: Bare Booty Poppin' Edition!”

  1. kristin231 says – reply to this


    Maybe I'm old fashioned, but why cant the ladies just keep it in the bedroom.

  2. megan says – reply to this


    Re: kristin231
    Agree. its not normal to walk around showing your nips and ass everywhere. it puts off the wrong impression.

  3. 3

    Failed attempt at attention.

  4. 4

    Wow. What a loser. Desperate plea for attention. Her answer to Sinead O'Connors letter to Miley?

  5. 5

    Umm eeew, I'd rather see lady caca's clown face! that ain't sayin' much!

  6. SJ says – reply to this


    Its a fake butt. It ends where the black line is across her butt. I have seen another picture of her, in a different position and the color of the fake butt is lighter than her actual skin color. There are pictures of her backside and that is NOT her backside.

  7. 7


  8. MoccaTheCoccaRocca says – reply to this


    Re: kristin231 – Look. Times change. Society is never going back to the oldie fogy days of whining about Elvis shaking his pelvis. Young babes are more sexually liberated than ever before And thats a great thing. America is one of the most sexually repressive societies outside the middle east…. and it its good to see people picking at that wall of repression and crumbling it down. Many years ago, there was a politician in a european country who tried to outlaw topless beaching because "it offends muslim immigrants" and I thought "then outlaw immigration of them if they dont like our ways. We dont NEEED them in order to be a successful group of people. Dont oppress USSSSS westerners in the name of non westerners. Those people are escaping oppression supposedly. And leave them out of it. Its jealous WESTERN WOMEN you are pandering to, you POLITICIAN". anyways. My only complaint is that people call this "doggystyle".
    Its MONKEY STYLE. hooo hooo hooo hooo [chest beating!]. We are proven by science to be MONKEYS (actually apes. we dont have tails).

  9. MoccaTheCoccaRocca says – reply to this


    This position is how some of you righteous people chose your religions. Your religious dads saw your religious mom one day and thought "wow, what i wouldnt do to that on a saturday night in my truck" and she was like "wow, who ISSSS that guy looking at me so intently? I'm getting goosebumps of arousal" and then they met and talked and then she…. got down gorilla style and before you know it… YOU WERE BORN and became as religious as they are. Gorilla style chose your religion for you. You put no thought into it yourselves. Respect the Gorilla style position. If I could make statues, Id specialize in making statues of women in this position and sell my works to homeowners around the world. Gorilla Style gave birth to the human race. And gorilla style chose your religions FOR you (taking all the guess work out of it). Yes. I love gorilla style. I wish I could invent a religion that worships… gorilla style.

  10. JustMe says – reply to this


    religious or not, self respect, but the main photo isn't bad.