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Even though she's Canadian, Nina Dobrev is concerned about healthcare for all, especially her American friends! In this new pic, the Vampire Diaries star… Read more…

7 comments to “Nina Dobrev's Canadian Boobies Go Topless For Healthcare!”

  1. 1

    Nina…I don't care what Canada has. This is America. And you are a rich celebrity. All these celebrities asked by the Obama administration to spread their cause will not be affected by this. NORMAL Americans will. People who are barely scraping by will be adding another cost into the budget they can barely afford as it is, or face that lovely $750 fine…a fine that gets them nothing.

  2. Siena says – reply to this


    The one thing all of these actors are misinformed on is the fact that Obama Care is going to raise the cost of healthcare by 70 to 110 percent for those individuals that actually pay taxes and make money. It is a fact, if you ask anyone who currently pays their own healthcare or is on a family group plan that they will either be forced into a higher priced plan or those on group plans will be forced to stay in them even if they qualify for a voucher if there cost does not exceed nine percent of their salary. Your average 21 year old will go from paying under a hundred dollars a month for a plan to over 250 dollars. What will happen? I will tell you, young healthy adults will opt for no healthcare at all and just take the penalty (hidden tax, called a penalty). So, doesn't that just do the reverse of what it is suppose to do? Reform yes, government run healthcare "no." Oh, and those from Cananda….please look at the size of Canada's population vs. the size of USA's. Please.. that's like comparing Vermont to California. What works for one place does not work for another.

  3. Heather says – reply to this


    How is paying at least double what you used to pay for insurance fair??? This is breaking people!!!

  4. fedup says – reply to this


    She should have written underneath - "Or get fined!" haha

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – Paying five times what B.C. Canadians pay for two people for the cheapest plan.

  6. 6

    I have a very nice Medicare supplement and the best part it is free! You only pay for stuff like ER and in hhospital stays, sure hope I do bot lose this plan. I cannot afford Obamacare, so they can put me in prison since I cannot pay the fine. I am retired and on a fixed income.

  7. ashley says – reply to this


    I used to LOVE Nina Dobrev…now only like :(