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Bu-bu-but what happened to that steamy kiss we saw last week?! Was that a spoiler alert just to come? Judging on these new pictures from Revenge, it s… Read more…

Barry Sloane shirtless in Revenge episodeBarry Sloane shirtless in Revenge episodeBarry Sloane shirtless in Revenge episode

3 comments to “Revenge's Barry Sloane Goes Shirtless In New Photos! Hunky!”

  1. HaveAseat says – reply to this


    Revenge is so boring, this show hasn't been the same since it first came on, its never had a meaty great story to begin with, this show was more a one movie theme than a full show… it will get cancel soon. Am going to give it a month to see if it get better and if it doesn't, off my TIVO it goes!

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  3. Anthony Rhody says – reply to this


    I cannot believe you have a story on the gorgeous Barry Sloan and Charlie Hunam pulling out of "50 Shades" on the same page but the light has not gone off: Barry Sloane is the best choice, of known actors, to play Christian Grey!