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Someone's not a happy camper flier! Kristen Stewart should be lovin' life as a single lady, but instead it looks like she's feeling down in the dumps. … Read more…

23 comments to “Kristen Stewart Won't Turn That Frown Upside Down At LAX!”

  1. 1

    Or maybe she's just tired from flying however long it takes from wherever she was in Europe. And as an added bonus she gets the pleasure of being blinded by paps<3

  2. 2

    You know what might make her smile, Mario? Getting to punch a scumbag like you in your gorilla face.

  3. Louis says – reply to this


    She clearly is jet lagged after a 10 hour flight from Germany. Leave her alone for god sakes. She just got home. She probably has gotten past Rob by now and is only interested in sleep. I know Rob wants to think she is pining away forever and will only think about him forever but sorry dude, You are replaceable. She deserves better then your cheating arss.

  4. g says – reply to this


    Come on, why do you think she looks so miserable, because the paps are probably screaming at her, asking her questions about who Rob is dating etc. Think about it, how would you feel if every time you were out someone is constantly asking questions about your past boyfriends or ex-best friends. Just leave her alone, there need to pap laws in US and Canada

  5. Lisa says – reply to this


    Kristen is probably just exhausted and jet lagged from filming two movies back to back and then flying home. Or maybe she has been enjoying being in Europe with fewer paparazzi around and now that she's home she knows the paparazzi will be hounding her again! Why should Kristen smile so some scumbag paparazzi can get even more money for pictures of her?

  6. 6

    sour old thing looking like mommy now

  7. 7

    When is this insanity about Kristen and Rob going to end. Stop dreaming! IT'S OVER, DONE, FINISHED, FINITO. Stop posting these ridiculous posts.

  8. 8

    I like how you pick the few pictures where she isn't smiling, making her seem like a miserable bitch. Fuck you Perez. Any btw even if it was, she just came from fucking working for how long now in Europe? She's probably tired and jet-lagged asshole.

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    What frown, she always looks stoned or just plain stupid.

  10. 10

    That is a long miserable flight, flew Frankfurt to LAX nonstop once on Lufthansa, and we got upgraded to business class (I suspect thru my late husband's business associates in Germany). It was a good flight but took me three days to get over jet lag and I was a LOT younger than. Not sure I could do it now. So I don't blame her for not smiling after such a long flight.

  11. mae says – reply to this


    i saw that video. the flashing lights the screaming. And after being on a plane for hours. And who the fuck walks around smiling? Another thing i hate is the fact that people think she cant be happy with out rob. Don't get me wrong I'm team Robsten, but she don't need him!!!!!!

  12. so ridic says – reply to this


    Good God, leave her alone!

  13. 13

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  14. mm says – reply to this


    She looks jet lagged, but beautiful. She just finished filming two movies back to back. The on in Europe filmed in multiple locations, the girl is tired.

  15. mm says – reply to this


    She looks jet lagged, but beautiful. She just finished filming two movies back to back. The on in Europe filmed in multiple locations, the girl is tired.

  16. Jenny says – reply to this


    She looks EXHAUSTED…..gezzzzzzzz. The world does not revolve around R Putz……and if I were ever a famous American actress (never happen) but still I WOULD NOT LIVE IN THE USA. No privacy or respect and the paps need to get a real job. There needs to be laws to protect these Actors and Actresses. Look at history…how many have been injured, sued and killed either by crazed fans, the paps or crazed stalkers?

  17. Knorman says – reply to this


    Not only is she one of the world's worst actresses, she is also unbelievably ungrateful for all she has received - especially with the Twilight series. There is a special place for people like her.

  18. jj says – reply to this


    Kristen is jet lagged man seriously after a flight lasting longer than 10 hours. You wouldn't be smiling either. She interested in sleep after being busy these past few months; filming her two movies.

  19. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Re: g – And how do you know what Rob is thinking.? Are you a mind reader of someone you have never met? No one in their right mind will agree with that.

  20. Auj says – reply to this


    Maybe she should give Rupert a call and he can come see her and put a smile on her face.

  21. 21

    Oh jet lag bullshit! At her age after 10-12 hours on the plane I was still as fresh as a daisy. It was the second leg of the journey that usually got me (another 10 hours after refueling). But please! Ten hours on the plane (and I doubt she travels economy class) is NOTHING! Granted she was working but we all bloody do, and most of us works harder than she does (for much less, I must add).
    The fact is that she always looks like that. For goodness sake I've seen photos of this girl for some time now and I can't see much change except perhaps an occasional forced smile. But that's ok! It's her style, she sticks with it and I say - go for it girl! I just can't stand it when people try to explain something that really doesn't need any explanation.

  22. KB says – reply to this


    Okay I am noticing something here. All pap pictures show her never smiling and that is not possible the way they are everywhere, so I am wondering how many pics of her smiling and looking happy end up on the cutting room floor.

  23. 23

    Re: Bella2u – oh fuck off, I'M SO SURE YOU DID. What are you a super human? Because not everyone is the same so don't try to put your ideals on everyone else. Just because you did doesn't mean everyone else can. And my ass you work harder then her, or most of us for that matter, doing what dare say?? Because you have no idea what its like to be an actor and how physically and mentally straining it is/can be. Oh, and it's her thing right?, because she just has a naturally resting bitch face? These photos don't represent her, if you watch the video of it or look at the rest you can see why anyone would look miserable trying to come home back to America after all this and getting these reactions. That doesn't make her ungrateful or a miserable bitch it makes her human.
    Your explanation that doesn't need explaining stinks. Maybe we do it because we're sick of people like you and like Perez, it's hard to see someone you like get shit-talked for no reason.